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Scholes on target as United defeat Wigan

Paul Scholes, right, scored on his 700th appearance for Manchester United

Paul Scholes, right, scored on his 700th appearance for Manchester United

Paul Scholes marked his 700th Manchester United appearance by sending the Red Devils to their biggest win of the season - a 4-0 victory over Wigan at Old Trafford.

Mixing a typically astute performance with some of those thunderous challengers for which he is noted, Scholes also broke the deadlock with his 155th United goal. Few could have been converted in such ease as he tapped home after Ali Al Habsi had pushed Nani's low cross straight into his path.

Javier Hernandez, who missed a first-half penalty, bagged a second when he turned home Alexander Buttner's misdirected shot, then the Dutchman capped a fine debut by driving home the hosts' third. Robin van Persie was introduced 19 minutes from time but it was his fellow substitute Nick Powell who wrapped up the win on his debut, blasting in from 20 yards.

Danny Welbeck created the first opportunity after three minutes. Charging into the Wigan box, the striker was greeted by Ali Al Habsi, who quickly decided to pull out of his challenge, wisely deeming it to be unsafe. Welbeck went down anyway and referee Michael Oliver bought it.

The post-script at least was fitting as Al Habsi turned away Hernandez's spot-kick with a smart, low save to his left.

Wigan should have gone in front when Rio Ferdinand missed Jean Beausejour's cross but Arouna Kone hit his shot wide.

After the break, Michael Carrick's brilliant pass through the Wigan defence found Nani, who drove the ball straight at the visitors' goal. Al Habsi could only push the ball out to Scholes, who from four yards, could not miss.

Wigan clung on for a little while longer but when Ryan Giggs teed up Buttner, Hernandez was able to turn the Dutchman's misdirected shot home.

It was three when Buttner forced his way past Emmerson Boyce and James McCarthy before driving a shot from the tightest of angles, which flew in off Al Habsi.

Powell made a remarkable first contribution for United when he latched onto a loose ball and drove home eight minutes from time.

15/09/2012 21:08
Paul Scholes - Best English Midfielder ever.
16/09/2012 08:52
New signings settling in and scoring goals, the team coing into form after a shakey start, City dropping points, happy days :0)
Williams you idiot.  Firstly, Yes, your right....Scholes is a one man team. He could play anywhere cept goal, and be better than most others. He can pass, head, score, tackle. Brilliant. However........ over the years United have had to overcome losing loads of world clas players. Either through retirement, injury, transfer....whatever. And they ALWAYS replace them. Schmeical, Keane, Beckham, Cantona, Van Nistelroy.  And that's only in SAF's time.  United replaced the world class team that was the Busby Babes.  And then in later years, the likes of Best, Law, Charlton, Robson.
Scholes will retire when HE wants to. He isnt scared of SAF....and has no reason to be either. You pratt.
Looks like those unknown panic buys were just astute buys after doing good homework eh Dave?

Ha not so long ago all the haters were saying Scholes is past it lol
Ha not so long ago all the haters were saying Nick Powell is a panick buy lol
Ha not so long ago all the haters were saying who is Buttner lol
Well I think they all answered those questions today
and what happened to the chumpions, It was only Stoke, answer to peter lloyd. Peter are Wigan not in the premier Stoke too?

15/09/2012 23:00
rooney gives a million for a race horse ,,  kenny gives 35 million for a donkey ... am i missing something here   !!!!
16/09/2012 00:35

There was no mention simply because it didn't happen .

If you are going to write vitriolic rubbish about Utd and our fans at least don't make it up , facts only please .

Very astute buys as SAF does so often

15/09/2012 22:00
since becoming  manager at loserpool  rodgers has aquired a taste for beatles music ,,, his favourite song is strawberry fields 4ever ,,, he sings it all of the time ,,,LET ME TAKE YOU DOWN  COS I,M GOING TO ......eie turd ,,,,,,
williams....by the way. Does the 20 in your profile name represent your IQ?
Williams....you cant even spell Keane...never mind discuss, with any level of intelligence, the merits of Scholes as a player or Saf's  as a manager.  Facing relegation?  Lol. I suggest you check United's league position when Scholes made his come back last season. Your a half-wit. 
The academies wont allow great passers of the ball to develop?  They won't allow hard-ackling midfielders to develop?  They won't allow players to develop with the ability to hit a ball as sweet as a nut?  To have the ability to cover defensive duties and score goals?  
Your a first class idiot williams. 

Now Mr. Williams, I will not resort to your low level. I was rather polite to you and believe me I would not go near your local chip shop. I have noticed however that when you lower class people can not win in a conversation then you resort to name calling and try to psychologically put people down. You would not last very long in an intelligent, challenging debate. GLORY GLORY
Mr. Williams, you reckon that SAF doesn't have a clue, I am sure Tony Williams would know, he would ask the Sheik to write another cheque. Maybe a billion isn't enough GLORY GLORY
15/09/2012 18:57

williams firstly it was robson then cantona then keane,schmeichel then van nistlerooy then ronaldo then rooney then van persie and now scholes!  re one man teams!  getting a bit boring now!  i suppose after today michael oliver the ref is our one man team?? seeing as howard webb rooney didnt play and vp introduced when the damage was done!


any more pathetic excuses for us to laugh at??

15/09/2012 22:41
scholes will still be going when loserpool are in the kirby sunday invitation league ,, thats why they are building a hut on tower hill ,,, for the dugout ,,,
16/09/2012 00:52
I heard chants about liverpool fc, nothing about Hillsborough.

Are we not to have banter at football matches anymore?
15/09/2012 21:54
That's the way it's done! Great result from the boys and the first goals for 2 of our signings and guess what haters a clean sheet to boot. The defence is strengthening as much as the United spirit, there wont be much to stop us now.
I have just read some comments and it was not me. I totally deplore this use of nondeplumes. I am out in the open with a picture of me and my real name. Although I despise Westlake for reasons I will not go into again, unless heavily provoked again, I would not dip to those levels I don't need to.
15/09/2012 22:51
United relying on Scholes ? I thought RVP was our one man team.
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