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Shelvey shines for five-goal Reds

Jonjo Shelvey's double settled an eight-goal thriller

Jonjo Shelvey's double settled an eight-goal thriller

Liverpool escaped with their 41-year unbeaten record against Swiss teams intact but a sloppy defensive performance almost cost them in a thrilling 5-3 victory over Young Boys in the Europa League.

That Brendan Rodgers' second-string side, which included a trio of debutants - two of whom were teenagers - scored five times was something of a surprise considering the struggles of the first-team this season.

They were given an early helping hand thanks to a comical own goal from Juhani Ojala and Andre Wisdom scored on his debut after Raphael Nuzzolo had equalised. But Ojala then headed in at the right end and Gonzalo Zarate made it 3-2 before the match turned around again, when Sebastian Coates headed in and then Jonjo Shelvey scored twice.

Rodgers wanted to give his younger players a chance to prove they were good enough and while they may not have convinced him he will not have to make 11 changes for Sunday's visit of Manchester United - having left the likes of Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez at home - they at least displayed the character he was looking for.

The comedy started in the fourth minute when the Young Boys' defence got themselves in a tangle for no discernible reason. Stewart Downing's right-wing cross did not look to be threatening but Dusan Veskovac headed the ball back across goal and his central defensive partner Ojala headed in.

Jose Enrique's decision to dribble away from the hands of Brad Jones in the 38th minute was bad judgement as he passed straight to Nuzzolo - who drilled in a first-time shot before Jones had time to recover properly.

Wisdom, however, came to his defensive colleague's rescue two minutes later when he produced a huge leap to head home Nuri Sahin's corner.

The second half was less than 10 minutes old when Raul Bobadilla was given far too much room on the right to pick out the run of Ojala to head in at the far post. When Bobadilla outmuscled both Carragher and Suso, another debutant, to send Zarate down right the Argentinian neatly dinked over Jones.

Liverpool needed a quick response and it came within four minutes as Coates' looping header crept in at the far post with substitute Fabio Borini claiming a touch which was barely - if at all - there.

Borini had a more decisive influence on the winner as he picked out Jordan Henderson's run and the midfielder cut the ball back for Shelvey to fire home - and the same player added a similar second late on.

20/09/2012 22:01
To the idiots who sing songs about Munich and Hillsborough and make comments about people loosing their lives are not football fans they are just lowlife. If you think it is big and hard put a uniform on and go to Afganistan and sing your silly little songs to the Taliban...your **** would be running down your legs into your boots
Look boys & girls, can we just dispense with the slagging off, name calling, etc? We all love our respective teams, & we all love going to watch them every week (even when they don't play very well - or why else do you go??). Still, in the wake of the Hillsborough Independant Panel's report, which for me really put things in perspective,  can we not just act like grown ups and be damn grateful that as football fans we are treated with respect (sometimes) and don't have to put up with the kind of treatment that sadly cost 96 football fans their lives? I will be going to the Liverpool vs Man U game Sunday & I promise you if I hear any of my fellow Liverpool supporters singing any anti-Munich songs I'll be giving them an earful or singing them into silence(god knows there are enough other tunes that you can sing!!). You cannot, whatever your stripe, pass off that kind of ABUSE (& it is ABUSE) as passionate support - its not, its MORONIC behaviour whatever side you're on!! I remember my Dad (who was at Hillsborough -and still cannot talk about what he saw that day, even 23 years later) telling me the day he went to sign the condolence book at Anfield the day after, the first two lads he met were Manchester United Fans who had made the journey from Manchester to show solidarity. Not only that, but the FIRST people to show support to LFC, and this was within HOURS of the disaster, were Sir Alex Ferguson & Bryan Robson, who left their Semi final to offer support.
Come on folks - if those two lads could make a gesture like that & if two respected figures like Bryan Robson & Sir Alex Ferguson can do it, why can't the rest of you?
To : EE Hurd, or Turd. I find your remarks about Manchester people being cop killers, highly ignorant and down right offensive. So you are calling all Manchester people cop killers, just because one evil lunatic kills two police woman are you ? Let me tell you Mr EE Turd brain, the great majority of decent Manchester people are shocked and horrified by these evil and senseless killings. Its time you apologised for your perverse and downright offensive views. How dare you insult a whole city, because one nut case goes on a killing spree.

It surely was comical defending at times from both sides, but for entertainment value you couldnt fault it, and for the neutral it must have been fantastic, some good performances from the debutants, Suso caught my eye as well as Wilson, Sahin will become good but had a few wayward passes although his corner led to the goal,


Great game good win for us but its back to the business of Man U this weekend

20/09/2012 21:01

liverpool as a whole and even alex fergurson have for the last week been calling for respect fromboth sets of fans this week and eie herd makes a comment below like that,,,,,and obviously put the one and only thumbs up himself,,,,,SAD,,,,

20/09/2012 21:31
eie herd,,your reply to me asking who am i and man utd 1nil down makes you think im a manc,,,wrong,,im a scouser thru and thru,,your comment was grim,,and u no it,,little boy hiding behind a laptop,,go to a boozer in salford or moss side and say your views??????no,,u aint got the balls little boy,,,wot a mug,,,
21/09/2012 00:04
all the sad utd fans are on here a liverpool thread i wondered why none of them are on the vidic threads
20/09/2012 22:04
Well done Liverpool...a good result,and a great confidence booster,forget what the man.u fans say you are better than that.

20/09/2012 23:09
To the Individual who is afraid to put his real name on this site ste99,whoever you are ....not that I am really bothered,What the hell are you talking about ...3/11 The Arsenal game,are you talking to me or someone else?Or maybe you have had a few to many tonight...I hope that it's the latter, because I don't know what the f... you are talking about....does anyone Know.?
Rodgers was warned about this being a tough game,but we won 5-3 and that's all that matters now we can concentrate on sunday's game.well done guys.ynwa and jft96 and don't forget the young boys thumped spurs a couple of years ago so we were lucky because over the years liverpool have never done well against swiss teams.
20/09/2012 23:27

dennis was talking to turd not u! btw does the fact i put ste not actually give my name away?

im not afraid to put my full name on, im just not stupid enough to put my full name on!


just out of question though dennis you a liverpool fan singing songs on here that were used to abuse utd fans in the 80s to do with munich!  thats a bit sad and pathetic!  and u ask if ive drank too much!


i dont think u are reading the messages very well either dennis as i havent even put a message to u about 3/11!!!  maybe a trip to specsavers??

21/09/2012 07:45
A good game, with LFC making 11 changes. A few really stood out, Andre Wisdom played as a seasoned player and scored a cracking goal. Shelveys hard work is showing results and proves beyond doubt that Liverpool do indeed have goalscorers. Henderson, worked hard in showing the boss that he wants a first team place. Pacheco, placed out of position, worked hard also. 
Many positives from what is a very young team.
20/09/2012 20:33
young boys is right....a game littered with schoolboy errors by both teams..hope enrique is playing sunday
21/09/2012 07:50
Did well to win, entertaining game, good to see Pools strength in depth.
21/09/2012 00:19
well tonights game had good points and bad points we need some decent keepers and enrique was a passenger tonight he needs to improve big time against a class side tonight we would have been in big trouble but at the end of the day i hope all english teams get through in europe and shut the mouths of big heads like mourhino and cristiano ronaldo who seems to think he is the only player for real madrid he should be more like messi who just gets on with the game and doesnt mouth off or think he is always the savior for his team
20/09/2012 21:47
21/09/2012 08:28
Lets not get too carried away. The opposition did not look that good and the scoreline did flatter Liverpool a bit. So saying that, a few players did themselves no harm, Shelvy in particular.
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