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Silva signs five-year deal

David Silva has committed his future to Manchester City

David Silva has committed his future to Manchester City

David Silva has agreed a new five-year contract with Manchester City.

The Spain midfielder's new deal runs until the summer of 2017, the Barclays Premier League champions announced on their website.

Silva, 26, joined City from Valencia in July 2010 and last season helped the club win the league title for the first time since 1968.

The Spaniard is the latest player to pledge his long-term future to Manchester City, following in the footsteps of England goalkeeper Joe Hart and Belgium and City captain Vincent Kompany.

Speaking about his new deal, Silva said: "I'm very pleased because I've been here for two years now and I feel very happy here at the club, in the city and with all the people.

"I'm delighted to be extending my contract and being here really does feel just like home for me.

"We've won the Premier League title and two other trophies too, and the team is growing and we are now aiming at the Champions League and so that also is another reason to want to stay here and try and win it.

"As I said, I feel very comfortable here and I want to try and win trophies like those."

17/09/2012 16:51
A class player and no i'm not a City fan.
Well lets see, boro. He's been at City for two years , won three trophies and is in the CL for the second time. Not much lack of achievement or ambition in that, is there? And with the players about him he's going to win a lot more. And as he's clearly an intelligent and articulate young man he obviously knows it.

And  jealous as you are, you can't call the wealthiest club in the World small at the same time as you'd claim the most indebted club in the World is big.

Money may not be everything but it sure secures your future..
To think Rafa almost signed silva for LFC but Hicks and Gillette wouldnt pay the £14m.At the time we had Mascherrano,Alonso,Gerrard so Silva would have made us the best midfield in the world.Now since Rafa left we no longer get to CL finals or semi finals which used to be the norm,since Rafa left £200m has been wasted and weve gone downhill.Those people who wanted rafa out should hang your bloody heads in shame.
17/09/2012 18:30
Lots annd lots of bitter manu fans on here i see ....Awwwww !!
17/09/2012 15:51
Great player and good news for City.
17/09/2012 16:46
Good news Silva is staying with City, a talented and formidable force on the field.
Great to see recognized world class players like Silva dedicating themselves to City for the bulk of their careers. Indicates  they have real faith in the club's future.
17/09/2012 18:00

A class player .....   OMG  ...far too many pathetic ...childish & downright jealous comments about everything but the kitchen sink .....No need to watch 'Shameless' on TV ... just .read what the ars*holes write on here & have a good laugh .. 

Gonna be a Manc 1st n 2nd again this year...so .eat ya heart out suckers. 

17/09/2012 17:38
say,a lot when a player wanted by barcelona and  real madrid  choose,s
to stay at man city'
must have shocked the football expert,s on these page,s that said city in decline lol

17/09/2012 18:38
even the special one backing us now
17/09/2012 19:35
rooney spent a million on a racehorse   ,,, kenny spent 35 million on a donkey ,,,, please take me to the seaside ,,, i wanna be rich ...lol
Mr Williams is on form again, i wonder if his nurse knows he`s escaped again?
17/09/2012 18:17
the biggest club,s have alway,s been the richest club,s
17/09/2012 20:41
very good news big player like him he deserve 20 years contrat
of course its only for football reasons the money didnt sway his decision
oi bor bear if Rafa spent £220m over 7 years he recouped half of that just by selling Alonso Mascherano and Torres.Hodgson and the King have signed 19 players between them and with the exception of Suarez theyve all failed.Our only decent players are our defence all Rafas signings,Lucas another Rafa signing and our youth system which was overhauled by rafa to be succeeding now.Rafa also brought all the wealth to LFC by his incredible success in europe.
18/09/2012 07:25
Great player and linking up with Tevez and Augero, well, what a front line. As a Liverpool supporter ive sat and watched them with envy and jealousy. Just as many Man U supporters have, imo.
17/09/2012 17:18
Players only dedicate themselves to a particular club until a bigger payday comes along.........FACT!!
17/09/2012 17:17
Liverpool---ruined by Rafa---all those millions wasted--club now in chaos and decline.
18/09/2012 08:49
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