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Song heading to Barcelona

Arsenal have agreed terms with Barcelona for Alex Song

Arsenal have agreed terms with Barcelona for Alex Song

Arsenal have agreed terms with Barcelona for the transfer of midfielder Alex Song to the Spanish side.

The 24-year-old Cameroon international will now travel to the Nou Camp to agree personal terms and undergo a medical, Arsenal announced in a statement on their website.

Barcelona confirmed in a statement the fee for Song will be 19million euros (£15million).

The Barcelona statement read: "Barcelona have agreed a deal with Arsenal for the transfer of Alex Song to the Nou Camp. The fee is 19 million euros

"The Cameroon international midfielder will sign for the next five seasons with a release clause of 80 million euros.

"On Monday he'll have a medical and then join the rest of the squad for the official team presentation at the Joan Gamper Trophy."

Barca, who begin their Primera Division campaign against Real Sociedad on Sunday, face Sampdoria in the Joan Gamper Trophy on Monday evening at the Nou Camp.

18/08/2012 20:37
We are becoming the laughting stock of the prem . Getting all this money is fine but what good is money to supporters who alreadypay the dearest ticket prices in europe. Fans should not have to pay silly money to watch second rate players . Why do the loyal players alwayshave to be the ones that most fans want to leave .
19/08/2012 08:27
It gets harder and harder to back Arsenal on all these sales, ill forever be a Gooner but for the first time i have no interest in spending my hard earned cash on either watching a game or buying a shirt only for the profits to go to board members rather than team building, i thought at last we were spending to improve only to see Song and Van P sold to balance out the out lay, i never ever thought id want it but now id rather our Russian and David Dein than the Yank and his yes men, COME ON ARSENAL SORT THIS CRAZY MESS OUT PLEASE.
19/08/2012 11:18
Peter Hill-Wood banked £4.7m for his shares from Arsenal, Lady Bracewell-Smith banked £116m and Danny Fiszman (R.I.P) banked £117m... none of that money has gone back into Arsenal, I wonder how much Stan Kroenke has banked???

Hill-Wood said that as directors, "protecting the ethos and spirit" of the club was "a key responsibility", it sounds to me protecting their bank balances is more important than investing in quality players & giving fans value for money.

It now seems Arsenal's 'self-sustaining model' has served Hill-Wood & co. very well, while ticket prices have gone up for the fans. :/
19/08/2012 11:54

I find it crazy how many supposed Arsenal fans are calling for Wengers head, the man is a World class manager and he has made your club into a success story. There are only 2 clubs who can boast that they are perennial top 4 finishers and CL qualifiers.

Wengers hands are tied and they have been since the announcment of a new stadium and all investment has gone towards the Emirates and paying off the debt. You can tell that the debt has nearly paid off as he has spent a small fortune by Arsenals standards since January, and can only hope once the stadium is completely paid off they can look at increasing the wage budget as that is what is holding you back at the minute.

RVP has waited a lot of time for Arsenal to win trophies and of course he wanted more money as well, who wouldnt when they see players for other clubs with possibly less ability being paid almost twice as much. Alex Song is a bit of a c4nt in my opinion, he has recently come through the ranks and has proved to be a good player but atleast RVP gave you several years. Arsenal are better off without these players who would cause problems within the club and hopefully now with 40million in his back pocket you might just get a couple of class players to fill Songs position and bolster the backline.

I'm a Utd fan and very much respect Arsene Wenger, his philosephy and his style of play. Give him time and the silverware will come back and after all when football in this country collapses every team will have to take Arsene's approach.

He is world class and without him at the club things will only get worse.

What the hell is Wenger supposed to do when players want to leave Arsenal ? The massive problem Arsenal have is they cannot pay massive salaries to their stars, so their stars demand transfers. Sorry, but Arsenal are a nursery club for the big clubs like : City, Barca, United, Real, Chelsea. Arsenal, your players do not love the club, they love their pockets.
18/08/2012 20:57
this is worse than losing RVP.....thank god he didnt go to utd as well!

RVP to united ya ok.let him go if he dont want to wear the shirt. But Alex SONG is a rock and the backbone of the side . how can you let him go |||||| he will be harder to replace than rvp. I have stopped going over there coz these players dont give a f--k about the club and the directors care less.  money money money, thats all they bloody want. how much can i get into my pocket... was offered a season ticket last mth £1420.00 behind goal upper tier . they must be joking  .yaking the piiiissssss

i have had enough of it and will spend my hard earned money  on other things ......

19/08/2012 09:47

I can't believe Wenger has sold what I concoder to be his second best player behind RVP. Not only that I think Song was the only holding player they have. People will mention Frimpong and Wenger likes Diaby but the rest of us don't. When Diaby gets injuried again we are in trouble ..plus he's not a holding midfielder. Wenger used to sell his players at 27+. now it looks like he's selling people in their prime. Wiltshire will be next.

18/08/2012 21:12

Quality, quality, quality, gone. Song should have been the heartbeat of the post RVP Arsenal, young, hungry and with technique and abillity. The Gunners missed him today with a tepid 0-0 draw. Note the 80M buy out clause in Song's Barca contract, they know a good thing when they see it! Take note the Arsenal board, if you want to keep your best players get them to sign contracts that will keep the vultures away. Instead he's gone for a song (sorry, couldn't resist).


Players Wenger has sold to Barca: Overmars, Petit, Henry, Hleb, Fabregas, Song.

19/08/2012 09:24
Arsenal is my team, I no, stop laughing? but can all the Arsenal Players bloody learn to kick a ball in between the Goal Post;s, when shooting, and not everywhere else. They earn enough, so please, get it right???  
19/08/2012 00:48
Such a good player whose worth was strangely under estimated by Arsenal but not by Barcelona who have immediately slipped an 80 million euro buy out clause into his contract.  

His ability to see a pass and make a timely interception will be difficult to replace though how Wenger managed to steer Arsenal to third place last seasons given their poor start makes me reluctant to make any predictions about their fate this time around.
18/08/2012 23:49
.........poor old arsenal.........with song going that leaves walcott as your best player.........but look on the bright side.......all your best players run down their contacts and leave........he'll be gone at the end of the season.......all joking aside.....as a united fan I enjoy watching arsenal......they always play good football under wenger and I can't see that changing anytime soon......arsenal have a good squad and should be up there this season.......
19/08/2012 09:03
i remember when arsenal used to sign the big name players the likes of malcolm mcdonald tony woodcock paul mariner steve williams charlie nicholas and the list goes on and on but in that time we won one fa cup and then came along george graham got rid of overpaid big name players and brought through the likes of merson thomas the great rocky rocastle adams martin hayes ray parlour and blended them with some bargain buys introduced a wage cap and we won many things ok admittedly we never conquered europe but we can only blame liverpool for getting english clubs banned from europe at that time.. my point being arsenal have been a very succesful team without bringing big overpaid stars we have gained success through the roots and turned young unknown players into world class players but if you turn a player into a world class player you have to expect other teams who would rather buy there success to come in and offer very high wages to win a trophy or 2 i truly believe in the arsenal way and i really think these so called arsenal supporters who seem to think that just because a few world class players leave its all doom and gloom let me remind you these players were unknown before arsene wenger showed them to the world in wenger i trust and will always trust in the arsenal way
19/08/2012 06:30

Selling Song then keeping Diaby and Arshavin and the likes of Djourou, what a joke.As a gunner im frustrated with the running of this club.Song made Van Persie and Fabregas better players and its a shame whats happening.Wenger and Gazidis are playing with our brains.Song wasnt in his last year and he wanted to stay, so why was he sold especially after losing our best player Persie and with Jack Wilshere who never played last season?Song could play defence too and i bet Barca will sometimes play him in place of Abidal like they did with Mascherano.Arsenal fans have been too loyal and its time to stand up and protest like Man U fans did with the yellow and green scuffs.If he meant to keep Van Persie then why isnt he buying a replacement? I never thought i would say this about Wenger but that fool is a liar and him and Gazidis should go now.Running our club like a chicken business.Pierse Morgan should use CNN to lead our revolt.Enough is enough.

19/08/2012 10:56
Arsenal fc are a business now ... fourth spot is the only trophy they aspire to win every season, every thing else is a bonus, wenger and the board are too arrogant, too stubborn and too money orientated to see things any other way, surely the way they are running our club is counter productive - the fans are'nt stupid, why the hell should we invest in a club that refuse to invest in us?
I personally don't blame the players for leaving, why would they want to stay at a club with no real ambition in winning trophies?
I have no faith in the present structure at our club any more.

19/08/2012 06:54
Oh well another sorry season start. Did Wenger even try to keep Song? I am amazed that Arshavin is still on the team sheet ...he added absolutely nothing last year...more of the same this season probably as well.
19/08/2012 00:43
Wenger has even sold the bags under his eyes.
19/08/2012 01:04

Now Arsenal fans, are you going to say that he is doing it for the money now?

It is going to take some time before we see that Arsenal club with the vision and fluent passing that I always enjoyed watching.

18/08/2012 20:10
are Arsenal closing down...by stealth..lol
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