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Southgate leaving FA role

Gareth Southgate is leaving his post at the FA

Gareth Southgate is leaving his post at the FA

Gareth Southgate is to quit the Football Association after only 18 months - dashing hopes that the former England defender would become the body's new technical director.

Southgate is leaving is post as the FA's head of elite development and has said he no longer wishes to be considered for the role of technical director.

Southgate, who will continue to work as a pundit for ITV, said in a statement: "I'd like to place on record just how much I've enjoyed working at the FA over the past 18 months. It really has been an honour and a pleasure."

20/07/2012 15:05
20/07/2012 14:47
Yes Gareth, I bet it was like working with a bundle of blithering idiots. Don`t know how you stood it for so long.
20/07/2012 18:33

Thank goodness, if you check out his cv as a manager apart from taking Middlsbro up to the premiership and back down again his only other claim to fame was being named manager of the month one time, back to easy money on the telly


20/07/2012 17:09
gareth  has said naff off,he can see how far behind the rest of the world we are,technical director? hang on he,s a defender? its a joke,he gets more money as a pundit & Less stress working for a bunch of yes men control freaks.back2basics with the kids lm afraid,because we have no world class players, cole & hart maybe.the whole set up is a joke.laughing stock of the football world,look how many foreigners there are in every team now?
20/07/2012 22:14
How the hell he got the job in the first place I have no idea.  Probably through he's many contacts in the game.  In my experience very typical of how the English football hierarchy is run.  It's not what you know but who you know.
20/07/2012 13:53

@Chris! first of all the penalty spot is 12 yards out (extra 4 yrds does make a difference). :). And second of all I dont know of many technical directors that can even kick a ball let alone stand a chance of finding the back of a net. lol


Gareth did what he knew best. i.e. made sure the ball went clear from the goal! LOL

20/07/2012 22:11

I go running in my local park,from time to time I stop to watch a youth game.


The parents are shocking, the poor kids dont know what to do

20/07/2012 21:36
looks like team G.B has inherited Englands tired game plan
20/07/2012 20:49
This job is probably more important than Roy Hodgson's-the Euros showed that we are light years behind the big hitters-and a proper structure from schoolboys to youth absolutely needs to be put in place now and Southgate was clearly the wrong man for such a job-think of Commisee (?) in athletics and the results he has achieved. Because boys do not kick a ball around in the street ten hours a day now-because schoolboys are coached by dinosaurs at  local level and because PE in schools is a joke, we need to have a structure in place that overcomes these handicaps. It will take years before a great crop of future internationals comes through, but if we don't sort it out we wwill continue to be the also rans in international football.
21/07/2012 15:52
well the game last night what can i say (JUST PURE CRAP) just like the national team.i blame the coaching mainly english ones was it WILKINSON the last english manager to win a title history says it all
Oh no what are we going to do now lol  .
20/07/2012 21:30

Mike we have a proper structure from schoolboys to youth. Have done for a few years Now. Indeed Southgate is / was very ivolved.

 Leicester used to, possible still do, turn out top flight division players for years on end. had a shoolboy / youth league in operation way before any other county.Yes most have now since 198- on wards.

 Mind it is the ignorant stupid parents that are causing so much trouble at these games. Like the FA said it is a shame we can't educate these Parents....

20/07/2012 17:09
yeah yeah yeah, I guess he has a job lined up for more money lol.
21/07/2012 10:34
and why? because he knows that the F.A. dont have a clue, also the coaching over here is so poor, just look around the world and see how advanced the youngsters are and then look at ours!!! 
21/07/2012 11:43

I don't for the life of me understand why so much time and effort is spent by the FA and other governing bodies.

 I mean on here alone we have umpteen great 'Would be managers / coaches' etc. etc.

 We could for a fraction of the money employ one for each member of the squads, and save a fortune on academies just by giving a few plasterers, bus or taxi drivers, Pen pushers and farm hands etc. who would be better and do a wonderful job.


 All, whether we like it or not, should face reality and accept that they do know a hell of a lot more than anyone else in the 'Street'. Have experience at levels far out reaching any of us.

 I've run youth soccar teams- Parents are a shamble and disgrace, I'm was, or am I suppose, still a qualified ref, and had to see and incur such stupid pig ignorance most weeks and game.

 To belittle, to call the 'Pot Black' is just a realisation of the utter nonsense so many spout. Get real, Whether one likes / admits it or not their knowledge and expertise far out wieghs any on here.

 Yes I do think A. the FA. board interfere too much. Yes I do think that Owners and manager hold too much sway, Indeed Fergie is classes above the others and way out in front in this regards.

 I also know some 'Not so Good' managers etc. may get a job above them. But then they are found out and released.

 Many indeed earn reputations at lower levels and aren't able to carry it through - Our Harry,for examople, and some as player earn great reputations as players and will never be any good as managers. Keane, Bobby Charlton - indeed any ex Man U player, Daglish... yes they get a swallow, often on previous managers back, or the back room boys, or as in Daglishes case being a mouth piece to Robinson etc. So time is for many of us to wake up and smell the coffee, because even these failures know a darn site more than any of us.

21/07/2012 19:19
Same old same old excuses,here we go again and the competition hasnt even started yet,so called prof f footballers not fit yet again,RUBBISH!!!!!!!!!!!!..................JUST NOT GOOD ENUF,is the truthfull answer.Southgate leaving his job with FA,mmmmmmmmmmmm he prob wants out cos he carnt say what he really thinks,the FA is so crap in this country,1966 will never happen again.EVER!!!!!!!!!!
21/07/2012 18:23
England/GB will always have a third rate team, I used to play Pro Football in Germany and Holland and until this Country (UK) take a leaf out of the German or Dutch FA's book it always will be. Over in those Countries they have "A parent Club" like Ajax, Bayern Munich, etc.. and dotted all around the main grounds there are football pitches, the main Club sponsors teams and in return they get first pick of the talent, they then send scouts around the grounds checking out who is what and what is out there, from the age of 6 they are nurtured, taught how to play the game "properly" P.E. Teachers from Schools are constantly in touch with the Parent Clubs and also inform them if there is any players worth keeping an eye on. So there is a constant update...unlike this country where you have to be hand-picked in to some School of Excellence, or whatever, before your noticed, which means about 90% of the "real" talent is getting away....Spain have a similar set-up now with the big clubs, as do France...Yes, countries have their lean spells, as Germany had, but are now on the way back, its why they win things in football and England at this rate never will again.....
20/07/2012 20:39
thank christ for that, but it has to be said, HOW THE HELL DID HE GET THE JOB IN THE FIRST PLACE,.....................OH i known, if your a failure , you will be rewarded by the FA
20/07/2012 17:11
True John and Colin. But they know that Roy is now cleaning up and putting a workable and sensible formatt into place. But perhaps Gareth thought he would get the job when Stu Pearce takes over. Nose put out of place eh.
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