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Spurs agree Vertonghen deal

Jan Vertonghen is set to become Andre Villas-Boas' second signing at Tottenham

Jan Vertonghen is set to become Andre Villas-Boas' second signing at Tottenham

Tottenham are set to finally complete the signing of Ajax captain Jan Vertonghen after the club announced it had agreed terms on Sunday.

Spurs have been tracking the Belgium defender since last season as he helped Ajax claim their second consecutive Eredivisie title. Vertonghen is due to undergo a medical this week before completing a deal that will make him the second arrival since Andre Villas-Boas took over as Spurs boss.

"We are delighted to announce that we have reached agreement with Ajax for the transfer of Jan Vertonghen, subject to a medical," a statement on the club's website read.

"The 2011/12 campaign was the Belgium international's most successful season to date - being named Ajax captain at the start and going on to lead the Dutch side to their second straight league title.

"The centre back's impressive performances did not go unnoticed as he was named Eredivisie Player of the Year as well as Ajax's Player of the Year in a season that saw him score 10 times in 37 appearances. In total, Jan made 220 appearances and scored 28 goals for Ajax since making his debut for them in 2006."

Vertonghen will bolster a Spurs central defence that has been weakened over the summer following the departures of long-serving former captain Ledley King and Ryan Nelsen.

The 25-year-old is the second signing of Villas-Boas' short tenure so far after Gylfi Sigurdsson agreed a move to White Hart Lane last week.

Vertonghen said of his impending switch to Spurs: "I'm 25 years old and I feel ready to play in the Premier League. I've heard a lot of good stories from my Belgium team-mates, so I think I'm ready for the club."

The defender is also hoping Spurs can keep hold of their key players, such as Luka Modric who has been heavily linked with a move away from White Hart Lane this summer.

"They have a lot of good players and I hope the most important players will stay, but that's my opinion, I'm not one of the directors. I hope the players will stay and we have a good team next season," he told Sky Sports News.


Now that the protracted talks are over, it is a good signing for Spurs, a very good signing

09/07/2012 00:32

Very good signing by Spurs!

Looks like they'll have a decent team next season with a quality manager that wants to play attacking passing footie. AVB should do a lot better at Spurs than at Chelsea, he has the players there that can perform the way he wants.

Top 4 finish is a real possibility for them again next season, let's hope they get the CL footie they deserved this time!!!


08/07/2012 15:08
I am amazed that Arsene Wenger, did not sign : Vertonghen, as the Belgium is straight out of Wengers text book of players. Vertonghen, is very skilful, and has bags of pace, he should be a real asset for Spurs.

wasup Luke


I think he will be a success for Spurs, he is a decent player who is comfortable on the ball, once he settles down and adapts he will be a big player for Spurs

09/07/2012 14:20

S'up Clive mate, how's it going. He should be good, I like the way our defence is looking, I really rate Caulker, so having him as back up to Vertonghen and Kaboul is pretty decent, plus we have Dawson.


Exciting times for Liverpool as well dude, I hope come Xmas I am not saying to myself


" I wish we had got Rogers"


Lots of similarites between him and AVB with the way they approach the game. You never know mate, we could be the top 2 teams in the league, he he, a man can dream can't he?


I am glad we got Gylfi instead of you but I ddidnt really see him being anymore than a squad player (at least intitially) for either of our great clubs. Roumers that he is on 70k per week at Spurs is just plain wrong, more like you offered somewhere between £25-£30k and we offered £40-£45k. TBH I think your offer was fair and you would of got him if you offered the same but I admire Rogers for sticking to his guns.

09/07/2012 14:11
great news ..everyone was expecting a mass exodus once Rednap left but it looks lke they mean business...another real team ready   to fight the Lucky bag teams....not mentioning names...
08/07/2012 15:40
09/07/2012 14:40
I'd love to see us ACTUALLY achieve something other than fourth place. I know as Spurs fans we really shouldn't expect to win much tbh but we've always had the potential there. We're like the Tim Henmans of the Premier League. Newcastle finished 5th last year. They got nothing but pats on the back. We finish Fourth, ahead of Chelsea and Newcastle and get bashed for it, by pundits/writers/opposition fans. Never really quite worked out what it is about Spurs. We looked pretty invincible up to that court case/england manager fiasco. Something happens every year to rail road the season. Maybe a buyout with some ruthless wealthy types is what we need. It's worked at City/Chelsea so why not us? People bash both of them but if the shoe was on the other foot you'd not turn down a £300m transfer budget would you?! I hope sacking Redknapp proves to be the right decision or we'll be saying what if for a few more years yet :-)
08/07/2012 15:37
Thank f*ck that little saga is over with !! Be nice now to ignore the backward, snide comments from those that know f*ckall about good footie and get on with kickin a ball about. 
Vertonghen, is Arsene Wengers, type of player, and Vertonghen, is a lot better than the CB that Arsenal have. Why on earth didnt Wenger sign Vertonghen ? I do very much like the way Spurs, are signing classy new players, at young ages.
John Carter, ( the grumpy one ) I do not buy your theory that Vertonghen, lacks confidence ? how come he was the captain at Ajax, and one of the clubs top penalty scorers ? You Arsenal, and Spurs supporters dont  know how lucky you are to have such talent. My club, Liverpool, have been saddled with players like : Charlie Adam, Henderson, and other plonkers, and I worry for us this season, because the yanks that own Liverpool, wont make anymore money available.
09/07/2012 15:44

Arsenal wanted Vertonghen

Liverpool wanted Sigurdsson

Bale was wanted by just about everyone.


All decided to play for Spurs - I thought there was meant to be a player exodus? All Gooners and Chavs were saying all our players would leave and we will get relegated next year. Dream on. Spurs still progressing. COYS

09/07/2012 15:11
Yet another one that Arsenal let slip - I just don't get how we can be so utterly desperate for good players, yet we consistently will not move for top players who are available and affordable. OK Bryan Ruiz did not set the league alight but he was the sort of player we should have gone for last summer, at around £10m, just doesn't fit at Fulham that well.  Then of course there's Jelavic, Ba, P. Cisse - another 3 TOP strikers who have all impressed at their clubs. Weren't good enough for Arsenal apparently. But Gervinho is? He was more expensive than all of them!
Samba for around £10mil, wow he was have been impressive, but nope we passed him by. Same with Cahill although not too bothered about him.  We are desperate to get rid of the shyte and sign players like Vertonghen, how were we never in for him? Cabaye? Tiote? All these top players Arsene thinks won't be good enough, so instead he signs utter balls or nobody and we're weaker than before.  Our model is not set up for spending, it's set up for 'hoping we do well once other teams have finished spending' - so risky, and the lack of trophies is testament to how good a plan it really is.

We need a RB, CB, back up GK, and attacking mid desperately. Oh well bye bye Vertonghen, I look forward to some random kid nobody's ever heard of who has 'good potential' coming in and taking 2 seasons to adapt :/ what a signing for Spurs. And Sigurddson too, impressive. AVB at the helm Spurs can go places next season, Modric or not.
09/07/2012 00:05
who writes this drivel  Nelson was a 6th month stop gap and Ledley gone ........... now thats news
09/07/2012 15:16
Depressing reading articles like this. Arsenal's Dortmund priorities should have been the following: Mario Goetze, then Shinji Kagawa, (if not both) then Lewandoski, then one of their cbs. Who did we go for? An injured kid called Thomas Eisfield! Hahahahaha I mean that really does say it all.  How can someone with an injury pass a medical at Arsenal yet Ba would fail because of hi knees, even though I believe he hasn't missed a game because of his knees in the last 2 years?

Sorry to go on about Arsenal but this signing of Vertonghen to Spurs is a very bitter pill for Arsenal fans to swallow - probably the bets and most affordable CB we could have got our hands on. Well done Spurs!
09/07/2012 13:40

David - I hope you are right.  He will either be a huge sucess or as HERD says, will be the first manager to get sacked. Big risk. Vertonghen is a great signing, could take him a while to adapt, but from what I have seen he likes to get stuck in, which will stand him in good sted for the toughest league in the world that we all love so much.  Not to have a dig or anything Dave but I thought the RVP comment was slightly disrespectful towards Arsenal fans and AW himself, a man who has supported him throughout his entire career. We will be battling it out again next year I am sure

09/07/2012 16:36
Fair comments Luke - each to there own! Not sure if you're a gunner or not but Koscielny wowed us last season- yes his first was a nightmare but last season he was simply outstanding he really was. If anyone, it was Verminator who had the poor season by his standards. He's a lion and a fighter but last season he just went missing in games and made some daft mistakes that Kos did the year before.  Kos on the other hand was our only consistent defender and he was outstanding. Ask any fan mate they'll rate him around 9/10 for last season. What some people cannot workout is how on the whole Kos and Verm were amazing yet we leaked more goals than the season before - a truly amazing feat!  But our injuries were what killed us - we played more of the season with a make-shift defence than we did with our first or even 2nd choice line up. Verm and Mert in the middle with Djourou at RB anyone?  We were shocking when our defence was like that, but honestly mate, Koscielny was absolutely outstanding on the whole!
09/07/2012 17:01
Rollo - cetainly had a better year than last year but I still think there is a big ? over him. I am bias though being a Y*d
09/07/2012 16:24
John Carter - not sure I agree with you there mate.
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