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Spurs offer support to Gascoigne

Spurs have offered their support to former player Paul Gascoigne

Spurs have offered their support to former player Paul Gascoigne

Tottenham will do everything they can to help Paul Gascoigne overcome his battle with alcoholism, manager Andre Villas-Boas said on Thursday.

Gascoigne has been admitted to a treatment centre in the United States after he started drinking again. The former England and Spurs midfielder is reported to have received financial support from former team-mate Gary Lineker and celebrity friends Chris Evans and Piers Morgan towards the £6,000 a week fees that the clinic charges.

And Tottenham, where Gascoigne spent four of his most successful years, have offered to support the 45-year-old through their trust, which was set up to help former players who fall on hard times.

"The club is helping with the situation through the Tottenham Tribute Trust," Villas-Boas said.

"I think it's extremely sad for a player who represents so much for Tottenham's history.

"Tottenham have made themselves available to help the situation. Hopefully Gazza can recover."

Gascoigne, who played nearly 100 times for the club and lifted the FA Cup in 1991, has suffered from alcoholism for large parts of his life.

He looked in good health when he was guest of honour for Tottenham's game at one of his other former clubs, Lazio, in November, but he was pictured looking worse for wear last weekend at an event in Northampton.

His agent admitted following the publication of the pictures that Gascoigne had started drinking again.

07/02/2013 15:17
im not sure what to think of this, he has some very kind and thoughtfull friends, but he is the only one that can take control of his life. i just hope that after all this he really makes sure that he doesn't turn to the bottle again. Just goes to show all the fame and money in the world doesnt make u happy :(
07/02/2013 15:33

But for how long?....... Remember George Best!.... who was given a new lease of life, with a Liver transplant!... what did he do!... threw it in the bin, when many other more deserving people were waiting for the same chance!... but never got it!...How many times does this guy need 'Rehab',.. and how many times will he throw it back at those who have 'Stumped-up'...... For heavens sake he was snapped supping 'Lager', at the bloody Airport!... what does that say ????

07/02/2013 15:08
He has wasted a lot of chances. Time to grow up and deal with things.
07/02/2013 15:23
It's time to nip this Gazzathon in the bud, too many people jumping on his bandwagon, if he doesn't sort out his life after all this attention and help then he's beyond help, he's already had many chances to turn his life around & a lot of money has been spent on him, it's time to take responsibility Gazza, if you want help then accept it gracefully & be honest about it, don't be leading people along, otherwise you will be drowning your sorrows on your own.

when it comes to george best the bloke didnt want to help himself and i fear gascoigne may go the same way, the question is why? when best was on his death bed apparently he regretted everything he'd done and was scared to death of dying which is understandable, he also wanted people to learn from his mistakes and that is simply what gazza need to take into account.


these footballers are paid to much and a certain appealing lifestyle is presented to them from a young age, partys,clubs,booze,drugs,gambling,women and fast cars, once you have everything and its the norm you lose the excitement in your life and then look to these thing as escapism, you gain an addictive personality, weather its down to greed or just a realease of pressure i dont know but something has to change otherwise other footballers will go the same way.


gazza can only help himself now and someone needs to scare the hell out of him with the concept of death, surely living is more important than a drink, and the way he will go will not be a pleasant one as best found out. i feel sorry for gazza but on the same note its limited sympathy after the chances he's had, he needs to find a way to put life into perspective before its too late, only he can do it, a genius footballer but this just proves we are not perfect and we all have flaws.


good luck gazza, i hope this is your time to shine in life as you did on the football pitch.

07/02/2013 14:59
He has had more help than any one, he will never change so just let him live his life as he sees fit and if he cant see that its damaging himself so be it.
07/02/2013 18:59
surely the picture of him drinking in the airport bar shows he has no interest in changing , give the money to a worthy cause and not a landlords pocket
07/02/2013 18:30
When Gascoine had wealth fame and fortune, instead of using that wealth to help others he simply played the fool. Dont forget his fortune was made from the ordinary man giving his hard earned cash week after week, Gascoine could have given some of that back. Instead he tryed to perpetuate his ego when the fame had gone. So he went into self destruct mode in order to protect his ego. I hope that Gascoine can come through this and get his second chance, but if he uses that chance for more of the same, then he will have learnt nothing from his life.
07/02/2013 16:15
Yes it's sad and I wish him well.  Loved watching him play.  He only has himself to blame of course, but who uf us, hand on heart, given his wealth and fame at such an early age can be sure we wouldn't have gone the same way?  He will have my support all the time he doesn't try to blame anyone else for his own c**k ups.
07/02/2013 16:11
Why !! He has only himself to blame for excessive drinking, I am really peee'd of with this , pandering to his stupidity, George  Best had a transplant  and then carried on drinking , will he do the same?
07/02/2013 15:21
I wish he could get a grip of himself. Shame  he is struggling in this way. He must be unhappy with life at this moment in time.
07/02/2013 20:50
Whilst im sure the whole footballing community can really sympathise and feel sorry for Gazza, he finds himself in a very very dark place, and we obviously wish him well and hope he makes a full recovery,  we have to remember that he has been here many times before.  I think that there are only so many times that he can be helped by people, George Best is a perfect example of that.  Why dont all the hangers on and "advisors" who saw this coming, nurtured the persona, and promoted the gazza brand for so many years dig deep into their own pockets and pay for his treatment.  After all, im sure they didnt have much of a problem helping him to spend his money in the past.  Time for a bit of payback i think!!  Wishing you all the best Gazza, i do hope and pray you can fully recover from this horrible disease.
07/02/2013 16:09

Being as his celebrity friends have chipped in together to pay for his "treatment" and he was seen just hours before going into rehab with a pint in his hands I dont think he is ready to help himslef so I dont see why anyone else should  

Alcoholism is no more a person's "own fault" than having cancer is.
Alcoholism is not about alcohol, it is about the person drinking the alcohol. If alcoholism were solely about alcohol intake, then ALL moderate to heavy drinkers would be alcoholic.
Just as some smokers can live to be 90 with no health problems, whilst others die from smoking related disease, there are those drinkers who are predisposed to alcoholism.

To suggest that alcoholism is a "self inflicted condition" as the majority of people believe is completely incorrect...so do yourselves a favour before judging alcoholics & EDUCATE YOURSELVES by taking the trouble to read up on the subject, because you are living in ignorance.

07/02/2013 21:38
And for the rest of you **** that are putting him down & likening him to George Best, alcoholism is a disease NOT a choice so **** off & sort your own "perfect" lives out !!!!!!!!!! 
07/02/2013 19:40
lets face it he is a drunk has-been wife beater sympathy between shi* and syphilis in the dictionary 
07/02/2013 19:33
i wonder if any one will take a ruddy cooked chicken to him like he did for moat
people have such short memories
07/02/2013 19:50
Starting to get bored of this, how many chances does one person need?? I can think of many people who have real problems and not the Lavish lifestyle Mr Gascoigne has had the pleasure of immersing himself in, if you want to drink yourself to death, mine's a Peroni!!!
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