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Sturridge health concern

Daniel Sturridge is understood to have been admitted to hospital

Daniel Sturridge is understood to have been admitted to hospital

Chelsea striker Daniel Sturridge is undergoing tests for suspected meningitis, Press Association Sport understands.

The 22-year-old is understood to have fallen ill over the weekend and been admitted to St Mary's hospital in Paddington for tests.

Sturridge's condition is said to have improved over the last 48 hours, but his place in the 23-man Great Britain football squad, named on Monday, is clearly in doubt.

Stuart Pearce's squad is set to meet at the Team GB holding camp in Loughborough next weekend, and Football Association medical staff will assess the results of tests before deciding if Sturridge can still play a part.

Pearce has until July 25 to select a replacement should Sturridge be forced to withdraw, with those on the stand-by list believed to include Huddersfield striker Jordan Rhodes.

But immediate concerns revolve around the health of Sturridge, with more details of his condition expected when Chelsea boss Roberto Di Matteo holds a routine pre-season press conference at the club's training ground on Wednesday morning.

Doctors reportedly suspect Sturridge may be suffering from the viral strain of the disease, whose symptoms are generally mild and which can be overcome without the need for medical treatment.

03/07/2012 21:58
Hopefully not too serious and no lasting effects. Get well soon Daniel.

Another young footballer stricken, hope its not too serious and he makes a swift recovery


good luck

03/07/2012 22:59

Hope he gets better in time, good player.


Just don't call up Beckham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ignore the cricitism, stick to your guns Staurt.

04/07/2012 04:08
04/07/2012 07:00
Mambo's Muzzyjr..???? More like MUMBO JUMBO ! Phukken eejit
04/07/2012 09:08

am a lpool fan  as it happens, but love the prem as the nxt person. speedy recovery for D  sturridge.


04/07/2012 07:42
Sorry   to   hear    the  news, sad   that   he  may  miss   the  Olympics. Lets  hope  he  makes  a  full  recovery   and  is  back   in   the  Champions   of  Europe  Blue   shirt   soon !
04/07/2012 09:32
I had viral meningitis at 4 months old and I was close to death. Viral means that the body has to fight it itself, not with antibiotics. Yes, hospital technology is better these days and he is an adult but this is still a serious disease that can leave the patient with all kinds of problems afterwards.. Very best of luck in your recovery son!
03/07/2012 22:53

Wow, somebody actually gave my comment the thumbs down.


There are some weird people about.

04/07/2012 08:31
Mambo's Muzzyjr there are unprintable words that describe people like you.
04/07/2012 09:39
Pleased you made it through John H, a terrible condition, I lost a Neice at 16yrs of age through it. Let's hope all is ok with Daniel Sturridge.
04/07/2012 09:02
mambo....... david beckhams past it pal........ get over it.  we will undoubtably see his horrible mug shot for yr s to come. but not on the field for  G B
04/07/2012 09:49
I see what you mean Andy Bailey, beggars belief doesn't it, you wish somebody well and get thumbs down for it. You are a Man Unt supporter as well, very gracious, not like Danny Clark (Zulu) spouting hatred all the time. I am a Gooner myself but general football lover as well, team loyalty does not come in to it with illness.
04/07/2012 09:48

Alan Thomas...

Evinced by your scatological contributions one might easily come to the conclusion that you may be, perhaps, semi-literate or incredibly idle brained; if one could be bothered to dedicate enough thought to the matter.


In passing...


I guess one will leave it at that. It says it all really.

04/07/2012 10:17
I actually feel sorry for u krettin,,,,, oh there i go again :D
04/07/2012 10:13
I was begining to think this is some sort of dating blott.....ketten 88 there s hope for u after all. u keep describing urself as one....one this  one that . well fear no more my little kitten, oh sorry...kettin, there s a few other sado s on here. T C.

(MAMBO`S  MUZZYJR)      What kind of ****?? W????????????? is he.Should be put down.


Beckham was only an average player and should never have been a captain of England, only his money kept him in the side of Sven  and maybe Bending?????

Hope he misses the olympics....Just be ready for what really matters next season daniel
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