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Suarez has reputation - Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers thought Luis Suarez, pictured, should have been awarded a penalty against Norwich

Brendan Rodgers thought Luis Suarez, pictured, should have been awarded a penalty against Norwich

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers fears Luis Suarez has acquired a reputation for diving that will haunt him for the rest of his career.

Suarez put in a dazzling performance at Norwich on Saturday, scoring three goals and setting up another in the Reds' 5-2 win at Carrow Road. But one thing tarnished the Northern Irishman's first victory - yet another refusal by the match officials to award Liverpool a penalty after a foul on Suarez.

"I could tell you about three or four strikers who go down in the box with very minimal contact, and all of them have had penalties this year," Rodgers said. "Everyone in the ground saw it was a penalty. Apart from the referee."

Leon Barnett clearly barged Suarez over and brought his elbow down on the forward's shoulder in the box, but referee Mike Jones did not give the spot-kick despite strong protests from the away players.

Last week Suarez was denied a penalty despite being fouled by Jonny Evans and the week before he received a yellow card for simulation against Sunderland, although replays confirmed the penalty shout was legitimate.

Rodgers' frustration with officiating in Liverpool's games so far this season came to a head earlier this week when he called referees' chief Mike Riley to complain his team were not getting enough correct decisions.

He insists he cannot ponder on the matter for too long, however.

He added: "We just have to concentrate on building our game, developing our football, and hopefully these penalties that we don't get won't come back to haunt us."

Unlike Liverpool, Norwich never looked like ending their winless streak. But Norwich have performed better after their 5-0 hammering of Fulham on the opening day of the season and defender Russell Martin thinks the defeat was not a true reflection of the talents at Chris Hughton's disposal.

"The real Norwich is what you saw in the last three or four weeks - not what you saw against Liverpool," Martin said. "We are deflated at the moment, but we have a work ethic in that dressing room that has got us to where we are over the last few years and it remains the same."

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01/10/2012 15:58
yeh luis has a rep and its that he is a top class player who torments the opposition and gets quality goals,long may he reign over us.ynwa.

Suarez hasnt helped the reputation he has but it was a definite pen on Saturday, the guy clearly fouled Suarez and if it had been anyone else they would have been awarded a penalty,


It matters not though, we got the points we are out of the bottom 3, and now we can look forward to the rest of the season and who knows what may happen between now and May, this diving thing will not go away until the footballing authoroties grow a pair and make some proper decisions on the matter, it effects every team

01/10/2012 16:15

i blame Fergie for giving heads to the refs

01/10/2012 16:37
if saurez was wearing a man utd shirt he would get a lot more penaltys
01/10/2012 08:16

If Suarez has a reputation he only has himself to blame. However i'm guessing that the refs met up before the new season started to discuss strategy among other things. I'm also guessing that Suarez, among others, was singled out for 'special' attention. (If you think this is a conspiracy then remember it came out that Peter Crouch had been singled out by European refs when he played for Liverpool.....so not so far fetched)

Last weeks penalty claim aside, which i think was a 50/50 shout, Suarez has had some legit penalty decisions go against. Fair enough it happens but Saturdays denial of a clear penalty was one of the worst i have seen. He was nearly physically asaulted by Barnett who then protested to the ref that Suarez dived. If that challenge had taken place in the street then Barnett would've needed the number of JT's clever legal team to get him off.

 If refs have colluded to deny him penalties then surley this shows a clear bias and, at worst, a form of cheating?


01/10/2012 16:09
As some tv sports reporters have said  Luiz has taken notice and one instance in the Norwich game he could have gone down and didnt . As for the the penalty he didnt get , outrageous is the only word for it . A good idea just mentioned , i agree get rid of this bunch of refs and maybe get some fairness in the game . Diving is spoiling the game and refs like Halsey who made another mistake this weekend .
01/10/2012 17:19

If he dives book him.


If he is fouled give a penalty.


It really is as simple as that.


No player should be singled out, if they repeatedly dive they will repeatedley be booked or even sent off. A foul is a foul regardless of a player's reputation and if a referee is worthy of officiating a top Premier League game then he should be able to make the right call.

01/10/2012 15:39
This should of been given. i dont care what all the other fans say, surez was fouled and it should of been given. The refs should all be chucked in the bin and newer fresher not **** licking refs should be hired so they can do there job properly and have NO cheating. This was NOT a dive, i dont give a **** what all of you think!!
01/10/2012 09:06

Suarez and Nani had good shouts for penalties on the weekend, both turned down. Hope the Refs  will put a stop to the cheating, and use video evidence after the games as well. Didnt like crouches handball goal against City last week, no honesty in football anymore. lastly, trying to get fellow players sent off has got to stop.

01/10/2012 08:51
It is not about reputations. If any referee gives decisions on a players reputation ,he should not be allowed to referee. Each incident should be decided on it's own merits. If it warrants a penalty it should not matter what record the player has.
01/10/2012 07:23
he isnt the only one the premier league is full of divers in every team its disgusting the way they throw themselves around like they have just been shot

Easy way to stop diving. Any player diving in the penalty box should

get a red card.

01/10/2012 10:44
There is no point for a ref to do not award a penalty if it meits. Just be fair enough for the game. I think that most of the English refs are pro MAN U fans because when watching games, the penalties that have been awarded are mostly the same that they do not awarded to liverpool or Man city and many other clubs. Suarez is not the only diver and we can't judge someone like that. The refs are just spoiling people bet. I have lost many bet because the refs were not fair enough with their decisions. I am asking to the FA to proceed for a total recycling of the refs and dump most of them in the bin. Not because you have been the world cup ref that you think you can't be wrong. I am sorry Mr. Webb, you are really one of the worst ref in the premier league with your decisions against Liverpool, Man city. You never been against Man U and you've never hesitated to take any wrong decision for Man U. It is a fact and the images of the games you officiated as ref are available to watch and show your wrong decisions and how you behave against other clubs when time comes for them to get the same favour.
suarez deserved that penalty on saturday,that leon barnett elbowed him in the shoulder it was clear to see another ref who needs to go to spec savers.
01/10/2012 08:48
If the incident was anywhere else the defender would have been charged with GBH.
01/10/2012 16:31
Referees are too easily influenced by players and if they had balls they would make the decision they see right and forget about reputation or past history of any player. If I was a ref I would tell both teams and their managers BEFORE each match - first time you argue with my decision - warning, second time Booking, third time YOU WALK.
01/10/2012 19:26
Old whiskey nose was the first to brand Luis a 'diver' obviously forgetting Danny Welbeck's ability to fall over in a gentle breeze. Not to mention Valencia's habit of falling over. 
How about the FA for once doing the right thing and reviewing all matches for 'diving' and handing out bans to those found guilty, i'm sure if they ask Mr Ferguson's permission we may actually end 'diving'. Perhaps to simpler solution for the guardians of our game.
01/10/2012 14:34
The reputation of South Americans now precedes them. Just like a white man will never win a racism claim, a Latino going over in the box won't win a penalty. 
01/10/2012 19:31

The way forward is to stop the game and use video  evidence like they do in rugby. This will solve this ongoing problem.What a player Suarez is.

The refs should referee the game not judge a player before awarding anything.I think the defender who assaulted Suarez on saturday got off with it because hes black.The ref should be demoted if hes not doing his job.I would prefer LFC to break away from the prem and form their own league where the refs could be european and they would referee fairly.
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