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Suarez reopens racism row

Luis Suarez has condemned Manchester United's 'politicial pwer' in the English game

Luis Suarez has condemned Manchester United's 'politicial pwer' in the English game

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez believes the eight-game ban he received last season was down to Manchester United's "political power".

The 25-year-old Uruguay forward was handed the suspension and a £40,000 fine in December after being found guilty of racially abusing United defender Patrice Evra in a Barclays Premier League match.

"People at Liverpool are sure that it was a way that Manchester United used to put me out of the team and stop Liverpool. In England, Manchester United's political power is strong and you must respect that and shut your mouth," he told Uruguayan television show RR.Gol.

The controversy was re-ignited in February when Suarez seemingly refused Evra's handshake as the teams conducted their traditional pre-match greeting.

Suarez claims his actions were misunderstood. He said: "In England, it was shown the moment when I passed in front of him, but they didn't see that he had his hand low before. Only the media in Uruguay and Spain showed that I wanted to shake his hand.

"Previously, I had promised my wife, the manager and the directors that I was going to shake hands with Evra. There was a chance for the teams not to shake hands like in a game between QPR and Chelsea [following the Anton Ferdinand-John Terry racism row], but I told them I was to shake hands with him.

"'Why not?', I thought, because I had no problems with him. I had been punished because of him, but I had no problems with shaking hands."

Speaking at length about the subject for the first time, Suarez reflected on a difficult period in his career.

"The trial [disciplinary hearing] was so complicated for me," he said. "I had to go to Manchester in a taxi for the trial. I got up at seven in the morning and I came home at nine at night.

"I was exhausted, I was so tired. I wanted to cry, and kick all the things around me. I came home and I wanted to do all that, but I couldn't because my daughter was at home. There were really complicated days, and then things became harder after the punishment."

18/07/2012 07:51
suarez got 8 weeks and a fine .lets wait and see what happens to terry.
what he said was more conclusive every one seen it.
we will see if the fa are fair?

18/07/2012 07:38
Have to agree with Suarez here, the FA went over the top and only on the word of Evra, Man U have the FA in their pocket!
18/07/2012 08:52

Suerez was deemed racist by the FA from video evidence and statement from Evera.  Terry found not guilty in a court of law.  However, the video evidence is plain to see.  Ferdinand will bottle with the FA  like he did it court.


Terry should be found guilty if the FA conduct the investigation exactly like Suarez's.  It's also not the first time Terry has been caught on camera 'allegedly' using racist comments (You Tube).


Let us not forget that Suarez 'allegedly' only used a word that Evera is called by his own team mates, this got lost in all the mud slinging.


The handshake was handbags 50/50.

18/07/2012 08:54
With a record like Evra's, and the things he has been up to in the past, it makes you wonder how he could have been believed. I think Suarez was really hard done by, because if this was a test case,    Terry should get at least the same and even Rio Ferdinand should be given a ban for his ill thought comments about Cole being a ' Choc-ice'.
18/07/2012 12:25
He got up at seven am and got home at nine pm he was so tired and wanted to cry, that sounds like a normal day for a lot of working people what a spoilt brat. 
18/07/2012 10:53
suarez didnt "reopen racism row" he was asked a question in an interview and gave an honest answer. if anything it is the medias fault for constantly bringing the issue up!
18/07/2012 11:31

Ok can anyone either Liverpool or Man United fan admit that had it gone to court the case would have been thrown out due to lack of evidence?

I mean there wasn't even any video evidence unlike the Terry case.....It was basically one man's word against another and how many of you would have like to be found guilty on that?

18/07/2012 13:11

Getting up at 7am and not getting home til 9pm!

Welcome to the real world!

Try working for a living.

18/07/2012 10:09
The man wants justice, whats wrong with that?    He feels hard done by and from the Terry case i can see why.  The man is now labelled as a racist and has every right to seek real justice rather than the findings of a kangaroo court to clear his name.  Evra was allowed a rep yet suarez was denied one?  Go for it mate, take the fa to court and reveal to world what we already know about them.
18/07/2012 13:06

I'm a Liverpool fan and for the life of me cannot see why he is bringing this back up now


New season coming up - you've done your time now just leave it and get on with it - I know it still seems a bit his word against his but if he said it then the ban was correct - There was no need for it


I do think John Terry still has questions to answer under the FA regulations though - If he was seen saying it on camera then the FA do need to act despite the court ruling in law because of the suarez case

All this silly and childish playground name calling business is driving every one nuts. " HE CALLED ME A CHOC ICE"  "HE CALLED ME A NEGRITIO, HE CALLED ME A BLACK HUNT " . I am beginning to think I am back in the playground, when silly little children queued up to tell teacher about name calling, grow up for   *ucks sake.
18/07/2012 11:25
Why can't they all just get on with playing football, that's what they get the big bucks for.   It is now starting to turn into an US verses THEM why?????  RIO is doing himself no favors, what's up is he still pissed at John Terry because he lost the England Captains armband back to him.  Let's get all the name calling and foul language off the football field, the cameras show it all.  Just imagine if all the Refs started complaining about all the names they get called.   GROW UP the lot of you. 
i got up at seven and got home at nine i was exhausted that's what working class do for fifty years these pansies are a joke
18/07/2012 11:00
Im saying thid as a Liverpool supporter, whether Suarez is right or wrong, or Terry as well, its over now and no reason to reignite all this.  In my opinion it brought Liverpool to the world stage, and for the wrong reasons.  Football was dragged through the gutter and it wasnt nice.  The Suarez affair probably cost Dalglish his job, and stopped Liverpool rising up the league tables a few places.  Time to move on and make sure it doesnt happen again.

Of corse this brings out what we all know. Man U fans as well.

Still nothing said regards the dispicable taunts of Evra eh. Saurez is a man, and mans up to the way and what is  -till now - part and partial to the game.

 Again this only highlights the difference between a genuine man, and a cheat striving and twisting with a big chip on his shoulder that uses a 'Race card' for own interests.

18/07/2012 13:03
A complete non story, Suarez gives lots of interviews to Uruguayan press they're always, at least since it happened, asking him about the incident and the ban, his answers have always been about the same, so why comment on one now?
 Couldn't have anything to do with the JT story running out of steam could it??
If Suarez had done what Rio did and tweeted his amusement and support at the choc ice racist insult he would be banned for life.That despicable trouble maker Evra is pure evil.Evra is the racist he started it by insulting south amricans by saying through griteed teeth dont touch me you south american to which Suarez rightly replied well your black.Im in total agreement with Suarez,Man Utd hold all the political power in England,they run the FA,the refs are on first team names with their players.Evra had his hand down at his side yet Suarez was apinted a the guilty partyby the manc loving press.oh how i laughed and laughed when man city scored 2 injury time goals to win the prem to wipe the smirks of the players and maagers whodstayed on the pitch to celbrate
18/07/2012 14:12

Yeah and Terry got away with it and his was worse.


18/07/2012 15:01
YOU have reopened the racism debate not Suarez. Can the media get back to informing us mere mortals of important news? Journalism is not the lazy  gossiping and **** which we can all easily do online. 
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