16/04/2012 09:27 | By Rob Jones, producer, MSN Sport
Team of the Week - 14/15 April 2012

Simon Mignolet

Simon Mignolet
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Made more saves (5) than any other keeper to keep a clean sheet this weekend.

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16/04/2012 13:00
lol whoever picks this team of the week must be a man utd supporter
16/04/2012 13:02
MSN dont have a clue! Rooney had a terrible game! Paul Scholes was the star Man in that game!
16/04/2012 13:08
Tevez may well have been owesome but he has cost us the Premiership title.And for that alone I wish he was sold on.
16/04/2012 13:22
No the diver ashley young in the side come on whats the thinking 
16/04/2012 13:48
@ tony bray  care to explain your comment? Rafa,Evans and Evra were quality yesterday and although Rooney had a poor game passing wise he still scored 2 and had more shots than anyone else, dont tell me you're a bitter Spurs or Livepool fan :)
16/04/2012 14:23
scholesy shud be there, injustice if he isnt Sad
16/04/2012 14:43
rooney had one of the poorest games he's had all season.. along with the Wigan game before this one... AND HE IS IN THE TEAM OF THE WEEK???.. Now i am a Big Man U supporter and a huge wayne rooney fan but i think even he would admit to his last two games being poor!..
16/04/2012 15:14
They don't pick team of the week judging by the team they support, they pick them by what they achieved stastisticly, stop acting like the MSN t eam support Man United just cause a few made this weeks team.

and for the record, why would Tevez be there if they did?

Grow up.
16/04/2012 15:39
no lescott kompany who were playing away from home too and won there game 6 1
16/04/2012 15:48
Mark Cox, Your manager cost you the title without any help from Teves. Mancini and his delusions of adequacy is to blame for Man city's problems. There is an old saying that no player is bigger than the club, that applies to managers as well!
just heard Ashley Young trains with Tom Daley, and by the look of it its paying dividends,along with is impersonations of Daley every week and those yellowback incompetent things they call refs,Utd are certainly in the diving seat has they, cheat their way to another title
16/04/2012 15:58
What a crock of sh**e.  According to the criteria APPARENTLY used here, anyone scoring a goal at the weekend and making a pass is in the top 11. Aguero scored 2 goals and eight dribbles the second best??????????????????????????? Jonny Evans 95% completion of passes in his own half?? Duh, passes back to the keeper I take it. There are so many good players out there not in the premiership that would beat this lot, pathetic story.
Stella please stick to sewing cooking and other girlie stuff - leave the footie to the blokes eh? And definitely don't try your hand as a comidienne - you'd starve.
16/04/2012 16:34
the cheating thing is getting as boring as the racism thing now... so some decisions go uniteds way.. some dont... ALL TEAMS have the same luck if you look deep enough into the stats. STOP  CRYING coz your team is doing SHTIE this season.. !!!!!
16/04/2012 16:55
I take it scoring high pressure goals under high pressure in semi finals of cups doesn't count unless it was Man Utd you were playing for, judging by this article. Suarez needs to be in with a shout.
16/04/2012 17:12
msn are making these stats up to suit who they want to be in the team i dont know why i bother msn is my homepage i think i should change to something else, it just winds me up so much,what next wayne rooney is in th team of the week for the most throw ins its a load of **** 4utd players and they got totally outplayed by wigan in midweek this has got to be a windup
16/04/2012 20:17

No points for Everton Waiting the biggest chance of the season.

Will someone teach them how to score one goal and then shut up shop

(not fail to turn up for the second half)

17/04/2012 08:22

I wonder who the writer of this article supports Eye-rolling

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