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Terry charged by FA

Chelsea defender John Terry has been charged by the FA

Chelsea defender John Terry has been charged by the FA

John Terry has been charged with using alleged racist language towards Anton Ferdinand by the Football Association.

A fortnight after being cleared in court of racially abusing QPR defender Ferdinand, Chelsea captain Terry faced being sanctioned by the FA over the same incident.

Terry immediately denied the charge in a statement released to Press Association Sport, saying: "I deny the charge and I will be requesting the opportunity to attend the commission for a personal hearing."

The FA said in their statement: "Chelsea captain John Terry has been charged by the Football Association with using abusive and/or insulting words and/or behaviour towards QPR defender Anton Ferdinand, the FA have confirmed.

"It is further alleged that this included a reference to the ethnic origin and/or colour and/or race of Ferdinand."

Terry was found not guilty of calling Ferdinand a "f****** black c***" during a five-day trial that ended two weeks ago, with District Judge Howard Riddle ruling there was reasonable doubt whether the words were intended as an insult.

Terry has always maintained they were not, insisting they formed part of a denial to an accusation of racism from Ferdinand during Chelsea's Barclays Premier League defeat at QPR on October 23.

He was acquitted on that basis but the FA refused to drop their own investigation into the matter, which they had put on hold as soon as Terry was charged with a criminal offence.

Whereas the prosecution in Terry's trial had to prove his guilt beyond reasonable doubt, the FA disciplinary commission can reach verdicts purely on the balance of probabilities, a much lower burden of proof.

27/07/2012 18:30
Now here's a conundrum, The FA said in their statement: "Chelsea captain John Terry has been charged by the Football Association with using abusive and/or insulting words and/or behaviour towards QPR defender Anton Ferdinand, the FA have confirmed.  After following the hearing at a high court, we have all read they were both abusing each other, yet only one is charged, is this racism ???.
28/07/2012 07:50
Lets keep portraying  whites as racist and blacks as the innocent underdogs. The real racists are the FA  Trevor Phillips and his race board, those that run the brainwashing race awareness course's, the Black Police Association, and no doubt many more dubious outfits, and not forgetting the brainwashed pro black, white, whites that   are even against their own,  the usual clap trap from them, you can't say this, you can't say that its racist. Get over it, and get a life.

 Does it really matter what Terry said? I have  heard it all before from the other side since the late 1950s, when this country was, and still is being flooded with immigrants, rapists, gangsters, child molesters, and all other forms of low life.

Some people may think Terry was ok in what he said , but  the more you try to silence people by calling them racist then incidents like this one, will only get worse its called free speech, and not just for non white's.
28/07/2012 08:46
Who is going to charge the FA with racism?  I don't see any suggestion of Rio Ferdinand being charged after his 'choc-ice' comments or Anton Ferdinand being charged over his comments to Terry.  I am not a Terry fan but this stinks of a witch hunt.  Racism charges should apply to all races. Actions like this will only serve to make racism worse.

The race card comes out at every opportunity, I had a few words with my next door neighbour for throwing a bed, mattress and chair and other rubbish on the land between our 2 houses in full view of all the street, I asked him how long it was going to be there and he went off on one shouting and swearing at me.

3 days later he was banging my door accusing me of going to his house...knocking on the door...and calling his kids black b****rds, I wasn't even in at the time of the alleged incident, I was at the hairdressers so I called the police...guess what? they went to hear his side of the story first and then accused me of committing a 'race hate crime' they would not check my whereabouts at the said time and it had turned into me calling his WIFE the name...suddenly its not his kids I've supposedly called names.

the police said they were not going to arrest me 'this time' but i asked them to take me to court and get the truth out in the open but they wouldn't hear of it as the neighbour 'didn't want to take it any further' meanwhile there is a crime recorded against my name and if he feels like it he only has to reach for the phone and accuse me again and thats me arrested.

I have taken aid to all parts of Africa and India (at my own expence) at least 15 times so to be accused of racism is really sickening. 

28/07/2012 12:56
There's a long list of derogatory slurs and terms used by ethnics against white people and its there online for all to see. Shame we cant all simply ignore all this nonsense and stop being so sensitive. Problem is that white people do not complain whilst many ethnics are always ready to play the race card and see racism coming out of the woodwork. All that this nonsense achieves is the capacity to create divisions even more than already exists.
27/07/2012 18:57

I'm not a fan of John Terry, he is ignorant, he is a moran, he is an idiot.

If he had any brains, he would not be swearing like a trooper in the first place, and would have just focused on his game, that's what winners do.

He's a good captain and footballer though, he was penalised correctly by being stripped of his captaincies.

Having said all that, this is all going way too far, it's a circus. No-one deserves this sort of clown justice and media witch-hunt.

It's either both who need to be disciplined for bringing the game into disrepute (Anton was equally guilty), or neither. This is blatantly unjustifiable.


28/07/2012 10:32
There are "racist bigots" on both sides actually Jah Army, and unfortunately, there are even "racist bigots" from every colour & creed in the world.
27/07/2012 18:51
OMG will it never end, the only people who loving this are the fat cat lawyers and solicitors, change the record.
 i am NOT a Terry Fan. as far as i can see they are a load of grossly overpaid, under worked silly little boys. give me a mans game RUGBY LEAGUE, they don't argue with the ref, feigne injury or try to get someone else sent off, and when you look at the crunching tackles that go on they just get up and get on with the game. Footballers a bunch of powder puffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
27/07/2012 18:43
What a complete joke the FA are making themselves into...............Suarez was hung drawn and quartered by the FA immediately getting a 9 game suspension yet Terry was allowed to continue playing for Chelsea and England in the Euro's even tho his alleged abuse was being taken to a court of law................a bit of a head scratcher this 1 
28/07/2012 08:07
how many times dose a person have to prove himself not guilty, ive heard of double jepody, but this is totally stupid, why do the gin swilling idiots at the FA, think there above the courts of the land, would the gin soaked idiots be doing this if Mr Aton Ferdinand was white, , no i doubt it, there Racists, in Reverse 
28/07/2012 08:34
So the man who started the slanging match, get's clean away with what he said? How intimidating is that. Talk about storm in a tea cup being blown out of all preportion. What a waste of time & money!
28/07/2012 11:52

you people make me laugh!! when suarez got done for which was nothing more than than a difference in language cultures, you all jumped on board saying he should be banned and kicked out of the league and the only evidence in that case was evra's word. now that AN ENGLISHMAN is being done for racist language which was in clear view of the camera and visable for everyone to lip read your all saying its bulls**t and the FA are in the wrong? the fact is the FA are not doing him for racial abuse there doing him for using racial language and the fact it was on the pitch. do you really think its acceptable for someone who was england captain at the time and probably a huge role model for kids to be behaving in that way? IMO most of you are extremely bias just because hes english, if he was from anywhere else you would all be up the FA's ar*e. also wheres ferdinand's ban for using the word choc ice? cause i can guarentee if a white person called a black person a choc ice they would be getting a criminal charge!!

28/07/2012 07:44
if the comment was the other way ie black on white it would never have got this far, or in deed this much press. the pc world we live in just proves that the lunatics are running the asylum! there is no such thing as free speech anymore and very soon freedom of thought will be monitored too!!
28/07/2012 08:38

Yes Patrice, Rio and Anton can get on with playing in peace until another opportuntiy to play the race card arrives.


Frank Harrison


The FA kangaroo court found Suarez guilty. Presumably if they say Terry's evidence is more conclusive then they convicted Suarez wrongly. What punishment do you think Ferdinand should get for the abuse he gave Terry? Let me guess....nothing?


A lot of Terrry haters  are blinded by the obvious here, if the FA convict Terry, which they probably will. A very strong precedent is being set in this country whereby ethnic minorities can say whatever they please to whoever they please and they know they wil not be charged. Becuase they know the PC halfwits in authority would never dare to charge a black person with any racial related offence.


So all you lot applauding the decision ought to be careful what you wish for. Yes Terry was wrong, but so was Ferdinand. Yet we all know there's only going to be one person punished.


 Now that we have had the Terry saga, how about the so called footballers who writh about


 on the ground pretending to have been fouled yet they had not been touched, I think the


Video should be looked at after the game, and any wrong doer should be punished and


 banned for several matches, and the Club should loose some of their points, as there


 seems to be several matched being won with this sort of cheating, I think this sort of


  action would bring the game back to good results for the supporters as well as clubs. 

28/07/2012 08:46

Wayne Thickett

A very balanced view and post Wayne that I would wholeheartedly agree with if we were confident that the same procedure would be followed if the situations were reversed, i.e. if AF had called JT a white so and so. But we all know it wouldn't. For a start, that off duty cop wouldn't have bothered reporting it, JT would have ignored it and if anyone had brought it to the attention of the authorities f**k all would have been done.


 These fat tw*ts at the FA are so eager to have their dense heads patted by idiots like Garth Crooks and the CRE that equality and fairness means nothing to them.


Oh for god sake leave the guy alone, him and Ferdinand swapped a few words so what, and now the FA is getting involved and will muck it up as usual just to show they are still there. Its funny that racism is only when a white person say's something, I have lived among all sorts of coloured people and they did not spare me any  dignity so what, its all these so call professionals making our lives better or so they think. We have wasted enough tax payers money on this case lets move on for the sake of the game (FOOTBALL).  
27/07/2012 19:52
John Terry was found not guilty of racial abuse, however he admitted to saying the words above and therefore the FA are completely correct in charging him for using abusive and/or insulting language.

The fact is, this should never have gone to court and should have been dealt with by the FA in the first place.

28/07/2012 10:24
It seems that worst possible sin one can commit these days is to hurt someone's feelings. Name calling might be childish but worse is that there's people out there who like to take offence on behalf of others with a wholesale censorship industry on the lookout for politically incorrect speech and thoughts. Yes Stewart Pearce, racism is seen as a white person's activity. A black person using derogatory abusive and insulting racist language against a white person will ALWAYS be excused and never ever prosecuted. In any event, John Terry has already been tried once in a court of law. Since when is the FA a court if law? 
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