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Terry cleared of racism charge

Chelsea captain John Terry leaves Westminster Magistrates' Court after he was cleared of hurling a racist insult at QPR player Anton Ferdinand

Chelsea captain John Terry leaves Westminster Magistrates' Court after he was cleared of hurling a racist insult at QPR player Anton Ferdinand

Footballer John Terry has won one of the biggest battles of his sporting life after being cleared of hurling racial abuse at another player.

The wrong result would have wrecked the Chelsea defender's England career, destroyed his reputation and potentially cost him a fortune in sponsorship and other deals.

But instead, he walked out of Westminster Magistrates' Court with a not-guilty verdict, though without the full backing of some footballing figures.

The 31-year-old was acquitted of a racially aggravated public order offence by Chief Magistrate Howard Riddle at Westminster Magistrates' Court.

It was alleged that he had called Anton Ferdinand a "f****** black c***". But Terry claimed he was sarcastically repeating a slur that the QPR defender mistakenly thought he had used during a Premier League Match last year.

After the verdict, Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck said: "We are pleased that John can now put his mind to football and go back to training and do what he's done for many years."

Dan Morrison, Terry's lawyer, issued a statement saying: "He did not racially abuse Mr Ferdinand and the court has accepted this."

The Football Association said it will now "seek to conclude its own inquiries" into what happened, but Paul Elliott, an ambassador for anti-racism campaigners Kick It Out, said the whole episode had painted football in the worst possible light.

The former Chelsea player said: "There's no winners in this situation. Football's a wonderful way for people to express themselves, break down barriers, challenge a lot of areas around all forms of discrimination and prejudices so it's very sad we're here witnessing this sad and sorry outcome."

Former footballer and BBC presenter Garth Crooks said Terry should still face action from the FA. "I believe it was wrong of him to say these words under any circumstances - and though Terry has been found not to have committed a criminal offence, the FA must now decide whether the former England captain should be charged for contravening its own rules."

14/07/2012 11:58
Yes there are many sports where bad mouthing your apponent is part of the 'modern' game and there are many sports where it is NOT tolerated at all, and is regarded to be against the 'spirit of the game', or in old school language 'un-sportsman-like conduct', almost a forgotten term these days. This has nothing to do with PC, human rights or health and safety, it's about the slow degrading of respect for each other. When we were kids we were all told it's wrong to bully other kids by calling them names and making them feel small, at work we don't do it, but somehow the standards have slipped and abusive language is common place on the football pitch and also here on msn. These guys Ferdinand and Terry are just a symptom of the society they come from, they are acting no differently to what we might witness in many town centres on a weekend. Start with foul and abusive language and it soon gets out of hand. Refs have the power to nip it in the bud just like shirt pulling at corners and diving but they seem reluctant to act. I agree, if the FA pull Terry up on misconduct or disrepute charges then they should pull Ferndiand too. There are no winners really, it all stinks, the words gentleman, sporting conduct and role-models are rapidly becoming meaningless. The FA have an opportunity to make an example of both men and buck the trend of acceptable verbal violence in football and in the stands.
13/07/2012 19:28

Who cares what Garth Crooks thinks the man is prat over rated as a player and as a pundit

14/07/2012 01:54

What a terrible couple of months for all the Chelsea haters on here! First, Chelsea confirmed as European Champions, then JT found not guilty of racist behaviour.


Now all the sad losers like Alli B & Greg Hotmail can't accept a courts decision and want the FA to charge Terry as well!


Give up, he's innocent and it's been confirmed in a court of law


Gillian, you should be proud of the British Justice system. It would be time to be ashamed of it if convictions were handed out on the dubious evidence and one sided supposed racial equality in this case.

You know, I know and everyone else knows if AF had called JT a white C**t then the CPS wouldn't have wanted to know.

14/07/2012 09:18
British court of law could not find JT guilty yet some people still are not happy. If the FA seek to ban JT they should also look at the foul and abusive language directed at Terry by Ferdinand, which is what started this circus off. FOUL AND ABUSIVE LANGUAGE IS A SENDING OFF OFFENCE IN THE RULE BOOK, IT IS ABOUT TIME THE REFEREES TOOK ACTION - THE NAME OF FOOTBALL IS LYING IN THE GUTTER.
13/07/2012 19:48
Terry has slithered out of another controversy he truly is a slimy snake who cannot be trusted in any walk of life!!! Unless that is you hide your misses and cover your ears whenever he appears, Why cole spoke up for him is anyone's guess.//??? I for one will celebrate when he retires from football and slithers away,
14/07/2012 11:33
Fortunately the verdict (INNOCENT) although you wouldnt know it seeing some posts on here,  has arrived at in a british court of law and JT was not tried in the PC brigades Kangeroo court. even now they seem unable to accept the British justice system and the ruling by the law of our land.

 Any abuse that happened that day was started by Anton Ferdinand and I am glad one post mentions  "why should anybody be placed in a position where they are being abused"
The referee ought to have nipped this in the bud and booked and warned Anton Ferdinand about his conduct and abuse against John Terry on the field of play or else sent him off. John Terry should not have been abused like this in the first place.
13/07/2012 19:55
Terry has had is trial and he is innocent of these allegations brought by Ferdinand, now lets get on with the football. Terry does not have to answer to the FA as he has been found innocent. It is wrong of Crooks to try to influence the FA into taking action against Terry and he should be brought to task about what he has said.
13/07/2012 23:38
If  Terry contravened the FAs rules then Anton Ferdinand also contravened the FAs rules by his own admission with his gutter mouth and goading, he doesnt come out of this smelling of roses and should face the same charges as John Terry if of course any more charges are levelled at him.

As Terry has been found innocent of racism in court then the FA can only try to charge him with swearing to appease the PC brigade, as both players were guilty of this and Ferdinand started it then its only fair that they both get punished or neither one gets punished. I hope there isnt going to be double standards and positive discrimination occurring.

Im no Terry fan.  The man is a chav, pure scum and a low-life. You can take the man out of the gutter, but not the gutter out of the man.  But this was the right verdict.
The banter that went on between the two goes in in most sports.....rugby, ice-hockey, grid-iron, basketball. Even cricket, where they try and give it a measure of respectability by calling it "sledging".  As a sportsman, if you can get under an opponents skin and effect the was he plays, its a result. And remember.....its not against the rules of the game. This was the result of ones man's complaint made after he watched the incident on tv.  he should have better things to do with his life.  Where will it end? God only knows?
Ferdinand and Terry both dished it out.  The problem is.....the PC brigade, human rights campaigners etc...are ruining this country. Im just suprised the health & Safety lot didn't try and muscle in on the case.  To coin a phrase slightly ironically ....you have to be whiter than white these days when your in the public eye.

13/07/2012 20:56
Terry was never going to be found guilty,there is no way they could have let an England Squad player be found guilty of racism.Sadly football is full of racism in every country.
14/07/2012 02:24
no controversy in it bf-only telling the truth-And glad terry got off
14/07/2012 11:46

I have no axe to grind with either side in this matter and IF Terry did indeed racially abuse Ferdinand then he should have been punished.  HOWEVER, I belive that the whole 'race' issue is starting to get out of hand with accusations being made at the drop of a hat.  The problem is becoming almost as bad as 'diving'.

My main issue is that the whole issue of racial abuse in football (and in society) seems to be primarily aimed at white players / people.  Can anyone recall a case of a coloured / black player being accused and or prosecuted for racial abuse or provocation?  Until this bias is addressed, racism will only get worse

13/07/2012 19:21
Jutice has been serverd just like England's football team rubbish .... I though Davie Jones died in bed
13/07/2012 18:55

 WOT A JOKE.....!!!!!!  "please tell me some one else read his lips....???

"are we to beleive, this silly story that he was repeating, wot another player had said"....!!!

     L.M.H.O...... Wot  a 2face,t country we live in........!!!!!!

13/07/2012 19:11
justice has been served. End off. 
14/07/2012 20:22
Salford Steve your'e the **** mush. Then all Anton had to do was defend Terry wasn't it. If you think for one minute after his tweeting and remarks Rio wasn't in some way pushing Anton then your head is so far pushed up your own arse,you can't see the light for sh*t. This whole thing could have been stopped.It was a waste of tax payers money and if you weren't so biased you would see that. so bugger off with your insults and save them for your mates while standing on the street corner watching the birds go by.
14/07/2012 18:10
Baresi Frank is on the right path. I cannot believe Anton waited (or even wanted to) pursue the issue. I think Rio had had a lot to do with it. JT lost the England Captaincy ( as suspected) but it backfired on Rio when Cappello quit and RH didn't pick him for the Euro's. You think about it, how can you be personally offended after you have admittedly verbally abused a player through out the game. There are no queensbury rules in a situation like that. If your giving it out you have to take it back. Now all we'll get is 2nd rate QPR defenders and a fat Garth (too many free nights out) Crooks keeping this mess alive. And if and when  the Eff All suspend Terry I hope they don't show their PC prejudice by not giving Anton the same punishment. Still one thing is for sure the judgement certainly stuffed it up the arses of the PC posters,didn't it.?
13/07/2012 23:15

It is now down to the FA to charge Terry........Suarez got found guilty without any concrete evidence...If they do not find him guilty, then they are making a total mockery of their Respect campaign.....All the kids will be going round repeating his crude vulgar sentence.....as a non-guilty fa charge will be as good as telling the youth of today that it is ok to say these words to other players on the pitch.......

13/07/2012 19:24
I  can  not  believe   this   takes  number  1  spot  on  UK  news,  is  there  nothing  else  on  the  news   to  talk  about..    Who  cares  if  Terry   says  bad  words  to  ferdinand,  
if  i  call  a  black  guy  bla  bla  bla,  and  if  a  black  guy  calls  me  bla  bla  bla,  
who  cares.... 
14/07/2012 14:45
i  had   6   replies   :)..  i  am  a  dikched,  sh1thead,  moron, sexist..
i  am   truly  the  professor  of  talking  bullocks!

haha....   this  makes  me laugh...  I  have  never  had  a  problem  with  black people,
i  never  look  at  skin  colour,  But  i  have  seen  the  only  people  who  have  a  real  problem  with  their  colour  are  black  people.  and  the  stupid  white  english  feel  they  need  suck up and  do  and   say  all  they  do  and  say..  best  thing  is   for  all  to  ignore  colour..
why  make  a  problem  out  of  colour,  Its  only  skin,  its  not  people... 
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