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Terry forced out of Ukraine clash

John Terry limped out of England's 5-0 victory over Moldova in the closing stages

John Terry limped out of England's 5-0 victory over Moldova in the closing stages

John Terry has been ruled out of England's World Cup qualifier with Ukraine at Wembley on Tuesday due to his ankle injury, the Football Association have confirmed.

Terry suffered the setback during Friday night's 5-0 win in Moldova and England finished the game with 10 men after the Chelsea defender limped out of the action in the closing stages.

He continued to have treatment on Saturday after returning to England but it has been decided, an FA spokesman said, that Terry will not recover sufficiently in time to face the Ukrainians.

Gary Cahill is likely to replace Terry and partner Joleon Lescott at centre-back in the second qualifying match of the campaign.

It would be Cahill's first appearance at Wembley since he suffered the broken jaw against Belgium which ruled him out of Euro 2012.

Phil Jagielka, who partnered Lescott when they were team-mates at Everton, is the other player in contention.

Terry was one of England's most consistent performers at the European Championship and helped his country overcome Ukraine in a group encounter.

Left-back Ashley Cole had already been ruled out with the ankle injury which prevented him from playing in Chisinau and remains on 98 caps.

But Leighton Baines proved a capable deputy against Moldova and scored England's final goal.

09/09/2012 16:42
well he has been letting so many in at the back this season that they call him the rent boy now ....
09/09/2012 15:35
Terry's not playing?
I bet the other players will be checking up on where their wags are during the match!
09/09/2012 15:31
to many old players in the england team .should be building a young team
09/09/2012 16:30
harry cartledge your so right, we should get to the world cup then ditch the old,because the likes of spain,germany,portugal,brazil, will dance round our lot, we are still  not prepared to change with the rest of the world,its all hype about england etc, we,ll fail again&again when it matters. there must be younger players out there somewhere? just hoof it up to carroll, thats all we know.
ex-captpain slow.  If he's caught out of position he's too old to chase any young player as has often been seen.
09/09/2012 19:38
:Could not of happened to a nicer guy:  so all the girls (20+) shouted out in my local today when someone mentioned he was injured, plus a lot off mock spitting by the girls, bless them. 
09/09/2012 15:23

old man of football

he wont be missed

09/09/2012 19:01
Terry out and that makes the Terry haters day. If England lose, who will you blame. Bet it won't be Gerrard, if he's fit that is.
09/09/2012 21:04
09/09/2012 17:36
sounds a bit dodgy to me.He gets injured a few days before Chelsea play QPR and a meeting with Anton Ferdinand again?
09/09/2012 18:06
to donna"the slapper" james! makes no difference because i never said he slept with anybodys wife did i!!!  and that somebody is wayne bridge his now EX BEST MATE! he also had the affair behind his kids and wifes back!
09/09/2012 22:55

u know  i dont like terry at all sometime a monkey could do better then  ha ha  player`s from non league clubs are better then him cahills alot better then him anytime of day

09/09/2012 18:26

@ste99 whats the point of calling me a slapper? You dont know me whatsoever!! Clever little man arent you?!


Terry's a slug.  A low-life.  Chelsea should have sacked him years ago but they have no bottle.  Gigg's and Rooney did the dirty on their wives and got slated for it....yet the southern softies on here defend Terry the slug.   This is a man who is so bone idle he used a disabled parking space cos' he couldn't be @rsed walking to far at the supermarket.   Defend that! This is the man who was charging people to take them round Chelsea's training ground.  Defend that?   Doing the dirt on his wife....defend that!     Then again...he was dragged up not brought up so what do you expect? 
09/09/2012 19:06
no doubt it'll end up being carrick or even cleverley!  considering he had a good game already seen the utd haters slating him john!  rooneys obviously not playing but no doubt sumwhere along the line he'll get knocked and blamed! wouldnt be the first time!
09/09/2012 18:23

England don't try the young one's out they have to win every game.  WHY

Cos if they did'nt they would'nt be seeded then they would have to do what all mediocre teams have to do is try to  qualify they could end in a group with the Argies & germany put all the teams in a pot and do the draw


10/09/2012 11:59
Pity coz Terry has been playing well, we seem to play well too when Shrek isn't on the pitch.
09/09/2012 18:08
Englands chances just improved by 30%
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