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Terry 'goaded prior to race insult'

John Terry leaves Westminster Magistrates' Court on Monday night

John Terry leaves Westminster Magistrates' Court on Monday night

Footballer John Terry was goaded about an alleged affair before throwing a racist insult at Anton Ferdinand, a court heard on Monday.

Chelsea and England defender Terry, 31, is accused of calling Ferdinand a "f****** black c***" during a Premier League match last year.

Appearing at Westminster Magistrates' Court, Terry sat in the dock wearing a light grey suit, white shirt and pink tie. The court heard that Terry told Queens Park Rangers player Ferdinand to "f*** off" and also called him a "f****** k*******" as the pair exchanged insults.

Opening the prosecution, Duncan Penny said: "The Crown alleges that the defendant, most probably in response to physical gestures being made by Mr Ferdinand which the defendant understood to refer to the well-publicised allegation of an extra-marital affair with a team-mate's wife, shouted at Mr Ferdinand."

He went on: "The Crown's case is that the words were abusive and insulting in a straightforward sense and that the term 'f****** black c***' was uttered as an abusive insult demonstrating hostility based on Mr Ferdinand's membership of a racial group."

Terry maintains he was only sarcastically repeating words that Ferdinand wrongly thought he had used. He is accused of a racially aggravated public order offence, which he denies.

Giving evidence, Ferdinand said: "He called me a c*** and I called him a c*** back and he gave me a gesture as if to say my breath smelled. I said to him, 'How can you call me a c***? You shagged your team-mate's missus, you're a c***'."

This was a reference to Terry's alleged affair with Wayne Bridge's ex-girlfriend, Vanessa Perroncel. Ferdinand jogged down the pitch making a fist gesture to imply sex, he told the court.

At first Queens Park Rangers centre-half Ferdinand did not think any racist insult had been used. But after the match, his then girlfriend showed him a clip of their exchange posted on YouTube, and he believed Terry had used the racist obscenity. Ferdinand told the court that if he had realised at the time he would have told officials.

He said: "I would have been obviously very hurt and I probably wouldn't have reacted at the time because, being a professional, you can't do that. I probably would have let the officials know what happened and dealt with it after the game. When someone brings your colour into it, it takes it to another level and it's very hurtful."

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09/07/2012 19:35
what Ferdinand said and did would get anyone in the street punched and terry using the words f..k.g c.nt would get him punched but the word black was used so omgthe world goes to war.....i just dont get it.im not a racist and dont use them words to people,but if Ferdinand said them words to me ,i wouldnt be crying or running to the police as i was called white.why dont people watch some Samuel L. Jackson films as he uses the n.... word alot no one moans about that.i can understand that been insulting ... but black.i must be dumb white trash??   yep, the white word done nothing to bother me.the damn pc country we live in now
So how it appears to me, is Ferdinand starts giving personal insults to Terry, Terry retorts with personal insults, and Ferdinand cries to the police about it? Am i wrong in that assessment?
09/07/2012 19:24
so you can call someone a **** but you cant say they are black lol i love this country its just sooooo wrong
09/07/2012 19:14
WHAT A PAIR OF TOTAL   C @ % T S IN ANY LANGUAGE ...............
09/07/2012 20:50

what happened to sticks and stones...?

This country is becoming a bit of a joke, its just name calling.

If the word `Black` is so offensive why is there an organisation called `The Black Policemans association ` ??
10/07/2012 08:18
Ridiculous. Why don't the police concentrate on the more important things like illegal immigrants, prostitution, slave labour, muggings, rape, murder etc. They probably put most of their force into watching out for people calling each other names. The judge should throw this out of court and charge the Ferdinands for wasting his time. The Ferdinands seem to want to call people names , but are not prepared to take it back.
10/07/2012 07:25
in australia one of our biggest cheese brands is called nooc [spelt it back to front because it got censored]. 
Any probs? of course not.
This country is a laughing stock and the money wasted on cases such as this should be directed towards more important things. 

Don't think I am sticking up for John Terry but because of Terrys previous offences most people are going to just assume he is always guilty every time there is an allegation made against him . Dont think I condone racism because I dont but this should have never ended up in a public court .

09/07/2012 19:37
It was his team mates ex missus that J.T shagged, the row was not about black or white, just trading insults on the pitch. If your a black person the word black is not an insult it`s a description just as the word white is.
10/07/2012 07:44
If the judge has any sense he will throw this case out of court and tell them both to grow up. Terry isnt any sort of racist, if he were, his life would be sheer hell playing for chelski.
10/07/2012 09:32

Considering the absolutely horrific abuse that Terry has recieved because of this.. i have to say he doesnt really appear to have done much wrong!


Dare I suggest that Mr Terry has merely become a living opportunity for every pundit, broadaster and internet poster to prove how PC they are?


I agree with Blatter (for once..) shake hands and get on with the bloody game.

09/07/2012 20:32
This is what you get with over paid footballers with low levels of intelegence - grow up children and stop wasting the courts time.
I am not in favour of racists but sorry but am I missing the point here....

Anton is not calling any witness', except a lip reader (which in part is guess work), he didn't complain at the time because he never heard it, and neither did anyone else...

So you can be charged for saying something nobody hears.....

I had better be careful, when in my home, alone, and watching telly.....or I could be called a racist or a sexist if I make a comment.....

During the recent riots didn't a lot of people end up in court for "Insiting Behaviour" maybe the police should look at Antons behaviour as well....!

09/07/2012 22:19
Just get on with the game!, its getting ridiculous as soon if we go down this avenue if a team is losing a player is going to run crying to the referee saying somebody called him a name and try to get his opponent booked or worse. In this case its all hearsay as Ferdinand didnt even hear what was allegedly said. Yet Terry was hounded and Chelseas focus on winning premier games was interfered with.
Perhaps thats what Ferdinand was trying to do to help his brother Rios side Man utd. out a bit, I for one am sick of hearing about it, calling someone a C**t is just as bad and Ferdinand admits he did that.  On the field of play players can be dismissed for using offensive, abusive or insulting language. It is all about the context in which it was used. I think we have all heard more than enough from both the Ferdinands the build up to Englands world cup was marred by  Rios inability to accept that he wasnt picked to go and once again the race card was played by some suggesting it was due to Terrys spat with his brother Anton that would cause ill feeling in the England camp should they both be there.
 Rio wants it both ways as he was hopelessly trying to defend Rooney when he ran to the camera and was swearing into it , Ferdinand said "so swearing on the pitch is banned is it" or words to that effect. And Alex Ferguson was the guy who said Rio Ferdinand was no longer capable of playing games a few days apart.
Lets just get on with the game I am not defending Terry as I believe he is a lout but if this is not put to bed and the PC brigade told to sling their hook football will be ruined once and for all forever.

10/07/2012 08:56

Ferdinand said he thought no racist comment had been made. His EX Girlfriend pointed out on You Tube the incident. Ferdinand then called in his PR manager, who just happens to work for his brother as well and advises him to press charges. The whole situaton stinks. Would he have acted in the same way if it had been ayone else? The whole case is a farce and should be thrown out.

09/07/2012 22:38
A TRAIN passenger who called a ticket inspector a “Welsh maggot” ended up at the Old Bailey in a case which cost over £20,000.

Michael Underwood, 63, insulted Lee Thomas when he was barred from catching a train at London’s Liverpool Street as his travel pass was faded.

City of London magistrates could have jailed him for up to six months and fined him £5,000, but they said they did not have enough sentencing powers.

So they sent the case to the Old Bailey, their local crown court, which costs £100 a minute to run.

Underwood, from Romford, Essex, was due to admit two racially-aggravated offences.

But the Crown offered no evidence and he agreed to keep the peace for a year.

Later, even Welsh party Plaid Cymru said: “He should not have been prosecuted." 




 black....welsh maggot  ...  where is all this going.   i just seen the last post and some noticed the name that has had his part to play in the two racist football storys this year(anton+evra).Rio Ferdinand now their is a racist trouble maker,and it cost his place in euro 2012

09/07/2012 21:00
When i was a youth, black was offensive but coloured was ok.Now Black is the correct word to describe a black person so my children tell me.Can someone please tell me the correct way to describe as this is so confusing to the older generation like myself.I was brought up in a predominantly west indian community as a child and youth. We seemed to integrate much better back then and were friends and never did the word racism or race come into anything. I just dont understand why now!!!
10/07/2012 04:02
Why was Mrs Lawrence there? I always had a great deal of respect for her. I don't see why she would belittle herself for this Ferdinand circus.
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