21/08/2014 11:15
The key men at the centre of the Mackay and Moody investigation

Vincent Tan

Malky Mackay and Vincent Tan (© Adam Davy/PA)
  • Iain Moody and Malky Mackay (© Mike Egerton/EMPICS Sport)
  • Malky Mackay at Cardiff (© PA)
  • Iain Moody (© Mike Egerton-EMPICS Sport)
  • Malky Mackay and Vincent Tan (© Adam Davy/PA)
  • Malky Mackay looked favourite to succeed Tony Pulis (© Adam Davy-PA)
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In May 2010, Malaysian businessman Vincent Tan - estimated to be worth 1.3 billion dollars - became the owner of Cardiff City after a consortium of investors (led by Malaysian Dato Chan Tien Ghee) bought 30% of the club.

The Welsh side appointed former Watford manager Malky Mackay in June 2011 with the brief of getting into the Premier League.

Within two years the Scot had done exactly that, a play-off final loss in his first season followed by promotion and a Championship win in his second.

Relations between Tan and Mackay began to sour soon after, however, and the Cardiff owner sacked the Scot in December 2013, just a few months after Mackay had ended the Bluebirds' 51-year wait for top-flight football.

Two months earlier, Mackay's head of recruitment Iain Moody had been placed on gardening leave before being subsequently dismissed.

The dismissals of Mackay and Moody stunned both the Cardiff faithful and the wider football public, with commentators lamenting the sacking of a good young British manager at a point when he seemed to be successfully navigating the challenge of keeping a promoted side in the Premier League.

Fans launched numerous 'Tan out' campaigns, primarily because Tan altered the club badge and changed the home shirts from blue to red, with the beleaguered Malaysian businessman flabbergasted by the continued support for his former manager.

A war of words began between the pair, Tan accusing Mackay of making terrible acquisitions and overspending his transfer budget.

Matters reached a head when Mackay launched a £7.5million legal claim against Tan for compensation and wrongful dismissal, but the Scot suddenly dropped his claim in May and issued an unreserved apology to the Malaysian.

Matters seemed to have cooled between the pair until the Daily Mail revelations explosively put their relationship back in the limelight.

Cardiff have declined to make any public comment on the dossier, saying it is a now a legal matter in the hands of the Football Association.

21/08/2014 15:40
2 men having a private conversation. Nout illegal about that no matter what language they use. It is or rather was a free country. Enoch was right.
21/08/2014 16:23
Surely what they say to each other is their business.  If you want to be racist or anti-semitic or sexist then you can be ..... that's your human right.  Of course if people are in ear shot who might be offended then 'maybe' tone it down as the decent thing to do.  But private conversation?  OUTRAGEOUS breach of privacy.
21/08/2014 15:37
Bit dodgy that this has only come to light as Malky was about to get a new job.
21/08/2014 17:35
This is political correctness gone mad!  In a free country, two individuals should be able to say what they like.  I'm sure we would never be at this stage where freedom of speech is not allowed if we had never had the stupid Labour government.  Am I allowed to say that or will I be arrested?
21/08/2014 19:28
so all private jokes give us a jail sentence now? ok glad to know when  anti-semitic and racist jokes are worse than the people they are about are be-heading people....yea I can see how jokes are worse than that.fuking pathetic how this country has bent over backwards for the wingers
21/08/2014 18:22
It seems you cant have a laugh with your mates nowadays without the P.C brigade, the media & the police getting involved. This will no doubt ruin their careers. So who now are the guilty parties? When is this nonsense going to stop? Its all down to jealously from those who don't have! Shame on you!
21/08/2014 20:23

Get a life you stupid politically   namby pamby do gooders,  most people are fed up with the rants  of politically correct, never had a life homosexual,  jewish (we have always been persecuted) and coloured chip on shoulder, is it cos I am Black miscreants. God created all men equal, stop feeling sorry for yourselves. 

What is a private and personal opinion is up to the persons concerned,  if the people of these traits do not like comments made they should conform to the norm and not feel sorry for themselves for being out of the ordinary,  stop being martyrs.  m

21/08/2014 22:28
Compare and contrast. Malky has a private conversation and ends up being investigated about possible racism etc.. and the muslim chap on the news who thinks it's okay to behead journalists and no action taken because of freedom of speech.

Who's more of a danger to society? Malky apparently. Somethings gone very wrong with this country.
21/08/2014 18:59
Nothing to see here, just mischief making by Tan
22/08/2014 01:21

There are 100's of Black ISIS Flags being flown across the north of England and East London, the police do nothing and the media are too scared to say 'boo' to Islamic Terrorists ...., they even call them militants ...., Muslims burn poppies and hand out leaflets in London ...., saying 'Convert to Islam and avoid the Cull,' whilst Muslim patrols rifle through shoppers carrier bags and remove all alcohol and pork products ....., and again nothing happens.

Yet the two most vilified people are two mates exchanging private texts with a few innocent remarks and jokes ..., yet they are called racist, sexist & homophobic ...., headline news.

Far easier to pick-on if you are a newspaper editor ...., and you don't have to check under you car when you get in it ...., Enoch Powell was right ....,

21/08/2014 18:37
Malky is the least racist person in football, but sadly today you only have to say "Gollywog" and your deemed to be a racist, if the FA want to clamp down on anything it's all that religious stupidity of crossing and kneeling holding up your arms and praying, if you can be yellow carded for taking off your shirt you should for making religious signs, there should be no political or religious connotations' in sport... any sport, t's inflammatory.
21/08/2014 22:07
We better watch out what we post big brother is watching you know what how petty is this I mean two grown men having a bit of banter sticks and stones come to mind eh!!!
21/08/2014 17:16

One could, rather mischievously, suggest that Mr Mackay has acquired an all over Tan. As for his chum, one might just as easily suggest  that this whole affair seems, on the surface, a bit moody.

Should this duo acquire the sort of head gear that Magento from the X-Men dons when Xavier is trying to make contact; it would prevent their thoughts from being intercepted.

How does all this nonsense find its way into arena of errr.. mainstream journalism?


I am intrigued as to who carried out the raid and indeed who authorised the raid. Did the police carry out the raid? Did the FA or did Cardiff City  or indeed the Daily Mail request that the police carry out the raid and who issued the warrant to enter his home to seize these messages? O.K. so I know that it would have been a magistrate who would have issued the warrant, but on whose request was it?

Big Brother has arrived. Freedom of Speech has gone out of the window and the NA2Is (in the shape of the PC brigade; and you can take the abbreviation PC to mean at least two different but connected things in this case) are living and working among us. One must also add to that list of things lost are certain human rights including the Right to Privacy.

22/08/2014 09:27
Stamp out racism in football????.........you have more chance of landing a manned spacecraft on Jupiter.
22/08/2014 09:32

just goes to show that camermorons gestapo and the secret police

are watching and listening into everything we do.

data protection act is a farce your details are sold to the highest bidder

if your watching my postings then good because a spade is a spade

come and get me Big Brother

21/08/2014 23:24
I am supporter of innocent until proven guilty, political correctness and freedom of speech. For all intensive purposes, in life you can do whatever the hell you want. We do live in a PC world, with little to now privacy anymore. but even with freedom of speech, THAT IS NO EXCUSE TO BE RACIST AND OR USE RACIAL JOKES AS A FORM OF BANTER. Mr Mackay knows that, otherwise why apologizes before an inquiry has even been completed by the FA ?(http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/28890833). You know that's the problem we have with society and I think there is truth to it as I read the comments below about "ooh it was a private conversation" in not being a decent human when eyes aren't looking, but being one when they are. Why not all the time?
21/08/2014 18:14
This is brilliant news because anyone within a position of responsibility and in the public limelight need to set a professional example. Unfortunately, the opinions expressed by others on this board are slight naive in the sense that express ignorant and offensive views are not a freedom of speech but hateful and ignorant. Unfortunately, football is one rife with rather backward and intolerent views. It will only change through education and hopefully with old fans dying out.
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