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Travel takes its toll on Fergie

Sir Alex Ferguson may be clocking up less airmiles in future

Sir Alex Ferguson may be clocking up less airmiles in future

Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted he will have to curb some of his travelling after his recent health scare.

The Manchester United manager was rushed to hospital after suffering a nose bleed during a function in Glasgow two months ago.

Ferguson looked fine on the club's trip to South Africa and confirmed there was no problem with his heart, but conceded he had been pushing himself too hard, saying: "I took too many flights that week. It was a bit silly to be flying as much as I did. Belfast, Berlin, Newcastle, Manchester, Belfast, Manchester, up to Glasgow. It was seven flights in five days."

He went on: "If you do a straight 12-hour flight to South Africa and back there wouldn't have been the same problem. But I was going up and down all the time.

"It's not as if it was anything to do with my heart but when the club doctor explained what he thought it seemed reasonable.

"We are all vulnerable to age aren't we? It doesn't come without penalties.

"Maybe that was a way of telling me to slow down a bit in terms of travelling."

It will be interesting to see how Ferguson handles to massive demands being placed on him over the coming months as he looks to rip the Premier League title back from Manchester City.

"People may say Manchester City are the team to beat but I don't agree," said Ferguson.

"We are the team to beat because of the way we react and the way we have bounced back from losing the league in the past. We will be strong this season."

20/07/2012 09:06
Not gonna lie, most of you are tight c*nts, in the comments section. Take away United, and at the end of the day he is an old man. Bunch of heartless c*nts. Bet you wouldnt be saying sh*t like that about him if he was a no one. No need for it! No matter who you support, your all sh*t houses. get back to drinking your council house pop and watching Jeremy kyle, you bunch of giro banging bums.
20/07/2012 10:42
Manchester mike.....what a K**b
Is that your IQ, whoops sorry your a ****ty supporter ((-: 
21/07/2012 07:24

Maybe I'm swimming against the tide but here goes anyway: We've all read over the summer the tiresome stories over name calling and abuse and we're all (well most of us) are sick of it. What's the difference between banter and abuse?? Well a quick look at Manchster Mikes posts will clear up any confusion. Banter is in good taste and good humour, it's not slanderous or potentially libalous (unsure of spelling).


I love reading some of the posts here that show a different point of view to mine, that are interesting because they do, and I learn something about football. I love the history of football, the statistics, the agony and the ecstasy - demonstrated no more clearly than last season. I love the intelligent debate, but the mud slinging, abuse and sometimes pure hatred is just a turn off. I'm a United supporter, but what's wrong with saying, 'well done City, see you next season.' I just don't get the need to twist the knife all the time.


I had a long msn debate with Timothy, who claimed people who use abusive language are just as intelligent as people who don't. Well we agreed to differ in the end, but reading some of the posts here that include wishing death on others and name calling worthy only of primary school boys I stand by my point of view.


If you want people to hear you, if you want to be taken seriously instead of dismissed like a naughty kid then make your point rationally. People will still disagree with your point of view, like me and Timothy (and we both support the same team!) but at least you've been taken serioulsy and listened to instead of dismissed as a child in a man-suit.


Swimming against the tide? Probably, but there's no harm in being a little bit different.

20/07/2012 12:16
As a Chelsea fan, I find some of the comments about SAF quite disgusting. Morons, is the best way to describe these peole.
20/07/2012 20:41

Most parts of the world love a winner, a lot of people here hate them. We used to love brave losers in the UK, but now we hate them too. The culture may have changed but I haven't, I'm old school, so I'm gonna say this: the best team won last season, United were average by their own standards. Ferguson knows this, the United supporters know this and we he can't wait to get stuck into City again. When we win chamionship number 20 let's celebrate with some dignity and style to show the haters how class supporters behave.


Bob Paisley, Bill Shankly, Brian Clough, Matt Busby, Alex Ferguson, British managerial legends. All winners. Let's see some respect.

20/07/2012 15:06

Manchester Mike.....As a City fan I am embarassed to read your post. Even if it was sad in jest it is in extremely poor taste.


Thankfully I can say you are in the tiny minority as most City fans are genuinely decent folk.  

20/07/2012 10:45
You see sir alex....your a great manager......look how many idiots are on here writing rubbish about you! it comes with the success and all the beatings you have dished out to the other teams....and are rivals having to watch United lift the trophy season after season!......Cowards all of them wishing for this man to die......the thing is when he does.....millions of people wiill remember his name! when you die only a handful of people will remember yours
21/07/2012 16:29
Whether you like SAF or not, hate M/utd or not....you cannot take aways this mans record. Its a one off and not likely to be equalled again. So who ever you are or where ever your from you have to give this man respect and credit.
I suspect I was a City fan before you were born Mike, which, looking at the tenor of your comments wasn't that long ago. Like I said earlier there's lots about Fergie that  p1sses me off, but for many reasons, the man deserves respect.

I found it a more than a bit  irritating when United's supporters  spent years crowing, and I feel exactly the same about  it when it's City fans. And to wish anyone dead, in jest or not, is pretty contemptible, particularly when its then associated with the team I love.

I used to be a home game watcher, like many at the time; City one week, United the next and the reason I preferred City was because of the nature and humour of the fans.  They've got a justified repuitation  for pragmatic tolerance and good sense.  I'd like it to stay that way..
20/07/2012 11:17
It wasn't blood coming out of his hooter it was red wine!
Death, its said, is natures way of saying you should have slowed down, Alex.  The only flying you should be doing is with your family  to long beach holidays. God knows you've earned them. Despite the unpleasant nature of a lot of these comments I doubt that any genuine  football supporter would wish you harm.

There's things you do that wind the crap out of all of us  but at the end of the day no one can deny that you've been the most successful manager in  top flight English football, and its  almost certain that your record will never be beaten by a single manager.

Better to retire now  whilst you're still on top. There's few things  sadder than watching a great champion  sliding down the leagues and watching your funeral cortege could be one of them.
21/07/2012 11:15
Very true banter is banter and abusive is abusive LFC/Everton/Man utd have in most cases healthy banter but there is a small minority that cross the line and need to grow up.

P.S. i am a LFC fan
20/07/2012 16:32
at least two fellow mcfc fans are waiting to see how low you can drag your supports reputation as well...just carry on... no skin of my nose..your the one making a fool of himself...a joke is a joke but staining anyones character with low level child molesting cracks is lowest of the low..are you sure you were dragged up ..i mean born in manchester..your parents just didnt dump you there and f--k off back to chelsea.......see what i did there coz some of their support are gobsh!tes as well...it comes with  buying everything with other peoples  large cheques...it`s called new money trash
21/07/2012 06:59
alex fergerson is a legend a winner bet any club wish they had him as their manager & winning history for so long.some of you are just full of hate,but also he is a human being,not harmed any of us,this is a game? & this section is getting out of hand, matty your so right.hold your head in shame some of you.you,ve braught this section into the gutter, harmless banter has now reached new levels of disgrace,
20/07/2012 23:13

Manchester Mike: I answered your "hypocryte" post ages ago. I'm surprised you haven't replied, or have you run out of expletives and crude names to call us Utd fans?


Mr Gerrard: I think you'll find most Man Utd fans can take a bit of banter back from City fans. As you say, they've been taking flak for years so no-one can blame them. But there is a line of decency that shouldn't be crossed and willing someone to die is plain fecking stupid. He is a typical brave keyboard warrior who is obviously lacking in some areas and maybe his lack of luck with the ladies makes him angry and abusive. You should not team up with this moron. Also, where do you get the incorrect notion that we feel that we can do and say what we want and you're not allowed to comment? You will get a response if you post something ridiculous about Utd. There is a difference.

20/07/2012 15:29
manc mike 44 yrs of having to eat sh!t coming out.....1 title an still Soooooo....bitter....
a total embarrassment to fellow city fans and indeed to the great city of manchester ...so glad i`m from Salford with scum like him...

                            "   and he, allegedly molests his grandchildren too! "
                                          that is so wrong even for football rivalry

20/07/2012 19:50
have people ever noticed that Manchester united fans never ever  slag Bob Paisley or bill shankly
or Joe Mercer even in retrospect.....legends...well Fergie falls into that category so the odd joke about timekeeping and owning the ref...but his family ffs

20/07/2012 15:07
Manchester Mike seems to be the definition of Cretin.
21/07/2012 18:19

When we see the likes of Rangers collapsing under the financial pressures of modern football, and the likes of Portsmouth, Leeds and a host of other clubs going or gone the same way, it's a relief to see to best run sports clubs 'in the world' being listed by the business magazine Forbes. I pulled this information from the Telegraph online:


Top spot goes to: Manchester United FC, worth £1.43billion (even taking the debt into account)

2nd: Real Madrid, worth £1.2billion

3rd-7th places taken by American football/baseball teams

8th: Barcelona, £837million

10th Arsenal FC, £825million


Despite the frustrations of the Arsenal fans they can take solace that their club is well run, and that bodes well for their future. And it has to be said that United, like Arsenal, have made thier money the old fashioned way, success on the pitch which then attracted the big sponsors and investors. It can be done the other way of course by throwing money after success, this is the modern way, football is changing, but the supporters of United and Arsenal should be proud that their clubs literally pulled themselves up by the bootstraps to where they are now. Have to stop writing now, gonna cry...

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