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Triesman questions Terry ban length

John Terry, right, was punished for a racist slur towards Anton Ferdinand

John Terry, right, was punished for a racist slur towards Anton Ferdinand

Former Football Association chairman Lord Triesman has hit out at the decision to ban John Terry for only four matches for racist abuse.

Chelsea captain Terry was handed the suspension and a £220,000 fine after being found guilty of using a racist slur towards Anton Ferdinand by an independent FA regulatory commission. The ban was half of that meted out to Liverpool striker Luis Suarez for racially abusing Manchester United defender Patrice Evra.

The FA commission said Terry had been given a lesser ban because the "racist insult was issued only once", as opposed to repeated use by Suarez. But Lord Triesman told the BBC: "It may be when you look at all the detail they thought there were reasons for [it]. I can't see it."

Terry is due to decide during the international break whether to appeal his guilty verdict.

Lord Triesman added: "He's within his rights to appeal. My own view is that it would be more sensible to apologise and accept it's not a good standard. I just don't believe in this day and age that anybody can think that it's okay, and that you don't owe an apology, not least to the other player."

The fallout from the Terry verdict saw Chelsea team-mate Ashley Cole launch a foul-mouthed Twitter tirade at the FA, something which saw him charged with misconduct on Monday.

English football's governing body announced on Tuesday they were set to introduce a code of conduct for England players and Lord Triesman, who was their chairman between 2008 and 2010, wants something similar included in contracts at club level.

He said: "What I think is important is for clubs to tell their very highly-paid employees what general standards are expected of them on the pitch or in the training ground. Every club should set those standards and say, 'Here's a set of standards we expect you to stick to'."

He added: "Some clubs have done elements of it, but what hasn't happened is saying to people, 'What you've done off the field impacts on our brand', and that should have been said years ago.

"Contracts have subsidiary documents of all kinds which get attached all the time, and I don't see any good reason why a general code of conduct in relation to people who are absolutely in the spotlight all the time should not be part of that."

11/10/2012 06:36
I think that he has forgotten that he was found not guilty in a British court of law, which definitely supersedes the small FA. So why should he apologize for being innocent?
John Terrys not a racist he just said something that lots of people say in anger what ever it may be in the heat of the moment theres no one out there that has never said something in anger that is racist
11/10/2012 07:45

He's right. There should be something written in a footballers contract to handle this kind of thing. There should also be something in there to stop petty minded people like Ferdinand & co goading & insulting people into saying things that they & others find offensive. Otherwise there's not a level playing field. The race card is played far too often & as soon as it is others jump on the bandwagon & people's lives are ruined.

Think of it this way. If somebody insulted your mother, What would your responce be? if somebody you, your family & your inteligence, What would you do? In a nutshell, that's what happened here & it wasn't the player who heard & took offence to what was said. He was too busy goading & insulting the other guy. No, It was someone off the field of play. Why has nothing been done about the way Ferdinand insulted JT? Double standards me thinks!

11/10/2012 03:39
Ab (biggest what?) JT got angry and used the adjective "black'. did he use ni**er, did he use c**n did he use W*g? You have never been angry and spouted something in the anger of the moment?  (remember Anton admitted to winding him up) If you say you haven't then you are either a Saint or a liar. I think the latter would describe you better.
10/10/2012 17:09
 Terry had been given a lesser ban because the "racist insult was issued only once", as opposed to repeated use by Suarez.??
Surely that should read, 'allegedly repeated use' since the FA went at lengths to say they don't have to 'prove a fact' something in the Suarez case they were unable to do.

John Terry was found not guilty in a English Court of Law through lack of evidence his defence was that Anton Ferdina accused Terry of saying you called me a F******  B****  C*** Terry was only repeating what ferdinand had said and there was no tv footage to corroberate ferdinands version of events John Terry has been made a whipping boy here and lets face it if it wasnt for Mr Rio Ferdinand sticking his nose in this would not have got to court all i can say is Anton grow a pair and no im not a Chelsea fan

11/10/2012 00:23
someone ste99 get a life lol all the abuse these idiots received you had anton who never heard anything and rio who tried to push terry out of england side by saying he would not play along side him on top of calling another black player a choc ice wheres his punishment
11/10/2012 03:44
Now the FA realize that they have crossed the line and are feeling the heat for being a jumped up bunch of cronies, they have to engage a past chairman to back them up. I really hope this does not work and they should all start writing out their resignations. Without looking at Ferdinands comments, which was probably the start of the friction, and passing  judgements on players that should have been done by their peers, not an appointed, paid for crony committee sounds just what a Bernstein would choose to do.
how come it,s always the white person who is the racial abuser
lord triesman  is one to talk, a man who couldn't keep his mouth shut giving f.a secrets to a so called secretary, who thought he was so well liked by other football associations that our world 
cup bid was in the bag, because he was told by jack warner and all that we would get there vote
a great judge of  people i think not.

go on john appeal  
11/10/2012 00:13
what the English football coming into!! you ban one player and you hug the other what shame.
10/10/2012 21:50
10/10/2012 21:55
Id still like to know why Rio Ferdinand has escaped from even a warning from the FA over the "choc ice" incident.We ALL know what that means in slang terms especially Rio who is sooo anti-racism he knew exactly what it implied and he found it amusing to the degree of associating himself with the comment on twitter regarding Ashley Cole.Apparently its not a racist term then,if a white player did the same would it be acceptable? I think we all know there would be consequences s the FA would have to be seen to act,as they have done with this.What really pisses me off though is that there is an Awards ceremony for just one kind of footballer at the end of the season,the "Black" Tie awards for only ""Black" players!! They attend the PFA awards of course why shouldnt they but how can these ex-pro "activists" that croak on about "racism" in football and attend these awards not see that they are anti white and embody racism!!I understand why they exist i truly do but can you imagine if someone even suggested a "white" tie awards there would be uproar and rightly so but how could anyone possibly ban them???
Hang on if your white you can be called anything by Blacks, Browns, Yellows etc and we put up with it, recently there was a program on T.V where Muslims referred to whites as caffers and that was that and Blacks call us Honkey's god knows what else we get called, but we don't all rush off to the Racial abuse courts, if you can't take it then its tough. The British past governments have pandered to the ethnic minorities and now the whites are the minority and can't speak for we may offend someone.  
11/10/2012 01:13
our great game as gone to the dogs at this time in life we have the worst international football team the so called world class players make us feel ashamed we have imbeciles running the country we have mad people roaming the streets we got soldiers getting killed  AND WE ARE ****)KING TALKING ABOUT SOME ONE BEING CALLED A NAME go and see your locals play football then you see how football is played
10/10/2012 20:23

Havn't we herd enough about this!!!!!!



Yet another FA, big wig ( retired ) wanting to stir the S.H.I.T. E, last week it was : Carlisle doing it. These people love to bask in the glory of being champions for race equality ect, but I bet if one of their children bought home a black skinned partner they would fall through the floor.
11/10/2012 01:37

The FA seem to have concluded, based upon what they intimated was (to them) incontrovertible evidence that, on the balance of probability (how do those two statements sit side by side, even at the FA - "incontrovertible evidence" and "on the balance of probability"? (small wonder that Mr. A. Cole thinks so lowly of the FA executive)) Mr. Terry abused and/or insulted Mr. A. Ferdinand by making specific reference, we are reliably/unreliably informed, to the colour of Mr. A. Ferdinand's skin ....ummmm what colour is his skin by the way?, or the colour of his eyes?, the colour and condition of his hair..? and should be punished for it.


OK. I think I understand... One naughty footballist insults another footballist and it becomes what, an Oxbow Incident within the footballing fraternity? And this is after the most stringent examination in a COURT OF LAW where the charge(s) against Mr. Terry were NOT UPHELD because it was not proven BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT - from the same evidence presented to FA Disciplinary Body - that Mr. Terry was NOT uttering the remarks by way of response to an accusation that he had, allegedly, insulted Mr. A. Ferdinand, in the first instance, by reference to the colour of his skin.


Is that it?


And, one needs to ask... exactly where was Mr. R. Ferdinand positioned when this alleged vocal abuse took place? How close was Mr. R. Ferdinand to this incident? Mr. R. Ferdinand was, others might recall, an extremely vocal social network co-accuser, an agitated social network protagonist, a keen social network supporter of the case against Mr. J. Terry.


And this Treisman fellow wants to what... impose a much harsher penalty on Mr. Terry because Mr Treisman thinks, on the balance of probability, that the punishment is not severe enough? Well... in that case, Mr. Terry...? off with your head. And let that be an end of it.

10/10/2012 23:51
We'll be banning Christmas next, wait and see.
10/10/2012 20:19
John Terry lashed out because Anton Ferdinand was giving him a lot of stick about his affairs etc.  Why doesn't Ferdinand apologise to Terry about that.  Appeal John and let the FA pay out some more money.  Stupid idiots - this has been going on for months now.   As they say though 'Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we set out to deceive' and that is what Ferdinand did.   He and his stupid brother have had it in for John Terry ever since Rio, the nose, Ferdinand lost the English captaincy and John Terry got it back.   Strange though, since this happened, don't think QPR have won a match.  If God don't come he sends.
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