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UEFA look into England 'pitch invasion'

UEFA is investigating reports that England fans tried to get on to the pitch after Friday's match with Sweden

UEFA is investigating reports that England fans tried to get on to the pitch after Friday's match with Sweden

UEFA have opened disciplinary proceedings against the Football Association for the "inappropriate conduct" of England supporters during the Euro 2012 match against Sweden.

UEFA are looking into an attempted pitch invasion by England fans during Friday night's Group D match in Kiev, which England won 3-2 in the Olympic Stadium.

The case will be dealt with by UEFA's Control and Disciplinary Body on Wednesday, June 20.

England joined Group D leaders France on four points with the victory, which followed their 1-1 draw with Les Bleus in their opening match.

The FA were considering their response to UEFA's statement.

An FA spokesman said: "We acknowledge UEFA's statement of today, and we will respond accordingly."

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that England will not be able to train at the Donbass Arena in Donetsk on Monday ahead of their Euro 2012 clash with co-hosts Ukraine.

Although the pitch recovered sufficiently from a violent thunderstorm for France to complete their win over Ukraine on Friday, there has been some damage.

And UEFA have asked England not to hold a pre-match session on the pitch as scheduled.

Instead, they will train at their HQ in Krakow before flying into Donetsk, where Roy Hodgson and skipper Steven Gerrard will conduct their normal press conference.

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17/06/2012 13:07

''UEFA are looking into an attempted pitch invasion by England fans''


Note the word ''ATTEMPTED''


Did they invade the pitch or Did they not invade the pitch, which is it UEFA?


Prattini and his mob, out to get us yet again.

17/06/2012 13:23
"Inappropriate conduct". That is something FIFA and UEFA have been guilty of for years, its time BIG MOUTH BLATTER and his FRENCH BUM BOY PLATTINI were given the BOOT!.
platini and his little band of toss pots will do anytrhing to stop England, holding an inquiry into the ATTEMPTED try to invade the pitch. What about the morons who through lit flares on the pitch, what about an inquiry into that Mr Platini??
17/06/2012 13:10
bet that slug sepp blatter is behind this . any thing to get england kicked out
17/06/2012 16:28

just another indication of how corrupt UEFA is... "Attempted pitch invasion"? **** does that have to do with anything? there was NO invasion, and no harm caused to people or property... no "crime" was commited so what does it matter???????
I thought that football was meant to be non-political.. how come then that there are always things being levvied against england while other more serious happenings by other countries supporters are ignored???

17/06/2012 13:40
Best behaved fans of the tournament so far, yet UEFA still cannot resist blaming English fans for something. UEFA bosses..what a bunch of overpayed mugs!!
17/06/2012 13:06
racial abuse players and thats fine but get on the pitch n uefa will stop at nothing to fine you or is it bcos it was england fans
17/06/2012 13:35
Croatia fan invades pitch in the Rep vs Cro game (Can't post likes to youtube due to it been classed as spam but its easy to find the vid) & you here nothing about it from UEFA yet England fans attempted to do one & its getting looked in to for disciplinary proceedings?? Double standed's from Europe yet again one rule for them & another for us, what a joke.

17/06/2012 17:34
This is stupid, another clear indication of FIFA's anti-British legislation and policies. No training for England on the pitch before the game? Are you joking? Add that to the fact that Ukraine haven't had to fly anywhere for their 3 games and England have had to fly hundreds of miles to each game - not good pre-match preparation. 
No pitch invasion - no punishment. Simple. If someone considers commiting a foul, then doesnt - does he still get sent off? Of course not. So, this is pretty stupid. To try to make an example of English fans for a pitch invasion that never happened - while the Racist Alliance of Russian, Poland & Ukraine go unpunished despite their thug followers bringing violence to the tournament. But Blatter loves racism so this is no surprise.
Add to this the disgusting policies brought in by Platini and Blatter which are tearing apart Northern Ireland - Now thanks for Platini and Blatter  any Northern Ireland internationally capped player can defer to play for a country he was not born in, has no relations in and does not live in - The Republic of Ireland. And it's not a two way system, Northern Ireland can not inherit players from the Republic, so it's a one way system which means Northern Ireland put in years of training and coaching for players only for them to change their allegiance to another country. Disgraceful.
BLATTER AND PLATINI AND FIFA HATE GREAT BRITAIN - the fact that the World cup bid was given to RACIST RUSSIA instead of England, who had the best bid officially, shows how corrupt football currently is.
17/06/2012 13:23
we need to get rid of sepp blatter  full stop
17/06/2012 14:39

andy doig, when did this become about Scottish independance? Pretty sure this is about football...

There is absolutely no need for anti-English abuse (which by the way is a form of racism), it's people like you who are starting to give the rest of us a bad name.

17/06/2012 12:42
oh my word!! we win a game and we want to invade the pitch!!!.. please dont win the whole thing england.. it'll start WW3..
17/06/2012 13:12

Gives them time to doctor it, I suppose..Uefa are such a petty anti-English organisation these days, along with that other bunch of corrupt anti-English b'stards over at Fifa.



17/06/2012 13:22
suppose when Ukraine supporters start racist abuse on our black players Tuesday, England fans will get the blame for kicking thier backwards a$$es....
17/06/2012 14:16
Uefa is a joke, big JOKE, what of German fans throwing flares in their first match, when they were threatened with abandoning the match --nothing. Can't expect anything else from a corrupt racist organisation like uefa
17/06/2012 13:23

What? This is stupid. We do well for once and we are suddenly subject to disciplinary actions?

If anyone wants to press any charges against anyone, it should be FA pressing charges on UEFA for sending them to countries where racism is the norm!

We stopped these feckers from being taken over by Hitler, sometimes I wonder if we should have left him to it? No we are a caring nation and we will fight for a peoples rights but these bastards won't hesitate to screw us over.
17/06/2012 16:20

the sooner blatt arse and pratt ene go the better what about the riots in the streets thats ok coz they picked the place for the games and picked russia for world cup what a load of B----------


17/06/2012 14:26

It's amazing isn't it Russia & Poland can have a pitched battle,there is racism evedent from the stands in the ukraine and UEFA do very little soon as its England, Blatter and his little galic puppet platini get on there high horse just because we are happy!!!! at winning.

Corruption does not come close.

The fact Russia then some poxy little state in the middle east got awarded World Cup's says it all.

Blatter, Platini we know you hate us because we have the premiership but get over it sadsacks!!!


17/06/2012 13:09
and we will get kicked out or a bigger fine than the others who have been rasist and violant and so forth
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