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UEFA make Russia pay

UEFA could deduct six points from Russia's Euro 2016 qualifying campaign

UEFA could deduct six points from Russia's Euro 2016 qualifying campaign

Russia will spend the next three-and-a-half years playing under the threat of a six-point deduction for their 2016 European Championship qualifying campaign after UEFA got tough over the behaviour of their fans.

The Football Union of Russia (RFS) were also fined 120,000 euros (£96,761) for the violent, offensive and unsafe conduct of their supporters during their opening Euro 2012 Group A match against Czech Republic on Friday.

It got worse for the RFS on Wednesday evening when UEFA opened disciplinary proceedings against them over the behaviour of their fans in Tuesday night's game against co-hosts Poland.

And there could be further sanctions to come, with UEFA confirming they were still investigating allegations Czech defender Theodor Gebre Selassie was subjected to monkey chanting in Friday's match.

Announcing the punishment for incidents in that game, UEFA said in a statement: "The UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body has decided to impose a deduction of six points on the Football Union of Russia (RFS) in the qualifying round of the next UEFA European Football Championship.

"This decision is suspended for a probationary period running from now until the end of the play-offs of the next UEFA European Football Championship (UEFA Euro 2016).

"The Football Union of Russia (RFS) has also been fined 120,000 euros.

"The RFS was facing charges for the improper conduct of its supporters (crowd disturbances), the setting off and throwing of fireworks and the display of illicit banners at last Friday's UEFA Euro 2012 Group A match against the Czech Republic in Wroclaw.

"An appeal can be lodged against this decision within three days of the dispatch of the written decision."

13/06/2012 21:42
English fans were banned from European games for years for hooligans in the eighties and that was at club level so why not a bigger punishment for the Russians
13/06/2012 19:13
i think it would be more appropriate if russia had to play their home games with no fans
if theyre fans are ruining the game, they should suffer, not the players
13/06/2012 21:38

Nothing short of a complete ban for the next Euros will suffice for these fools!

Only when the entire nation realise that they are suffering at the hands of a tiny minority will they all start to do something about this problem in their own country instead of being apathetic turning a blind eye and trying to ignore it or explain it away as a problem of a tiny minority.

I'll guarantee the powers that be in Russia would soon sort this matter out!

There's your answer Tery!!!

It is totally unfair to expect the police to sort out a social issue or expect black players to put up with abuse while doing their jobs (you wouldn't expect it in any other profession so why football) or expect black fans and supporters to have to stay away from matches and tournaments just for their own safety now would you!!!

13/06/2012 22:34

If it had been English hooligans they would have been thrown out of the tournament, Mr Blatter would have seen to that.

13/06/2012 23:24
The more England fans behave themselves,the more frustrating it must be for Sepp Blatter nd a few other euro fools.
13/06/2012 19:00
Is that it 6-points. If they look back at what they've done they'll be thinking there lucky, I mean why not just exclude them in euros. It was a discrace.
13/06/2012 18:18
Its a pathetic punishment but its only covering the violence and abuse from the game against the Czech Rep so im hoping a more realistic punishment is issued. Its Uefa's jurisdiction so it has nothing to do with the world cup but i believe that Russia should be suspended from European competition including the next European Championships. Only these punishments will make people learn but i also think that something has to be done by the Russian government as this was not just football related. The thousands of Russians that travelled without tickets obviously were not there for footballing reasons.
14/06/2012 08:10
Kick the Russians out....If it was England we'd be thrown out!!!
What can a football federation do to stop their fans from fighting ? surely it`s a police/ Govt matter. If they dont fight in the grounds they just fight in the areas around the cities? .
14/06/2012 08:07
Mr Putin has already set aside a large pot of Bribes.......... Sorry Money, to pay the neccesary Officials........ Sorry Fines.......
13/06/2012 23:01
Bruce mate if it had been english fans I'd sure as sh1t would be saying the same thing!
13/06/2012 22:26

i wonder if the people making comments on here would be saying the same things if it  was  english fans who were causing trouble because they are no angels when it comes to fighting other fans


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