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United announce fall in revenue

Manchester United's commercial income has exceeded matchday income

Manchester United's commercial income has exceeded matchday income

Manchester United's total income fell by 3.3% to £320.3m for the year ending June 30 2012, the club's annual results have revealed.

The fall in revenue had been expected after United's failure to make the knockout stages of the Champions League last season.

For the first time however, revenue from commercial income exceeded that from broadcast and matchday income.

A United spokesman said: "The results are consistent with what we expected. We strongly believe the outstanding results in the commercial sector demonstrate the huge potential the club has, and the financial outlook is very positive."

The growth in income from sponsorship and commercial deals has certainly cushioned the blow of the shortfall from the Champions League and FA Cup compared to the previous season. Commercial revenue was up 13.7% to £117.6m, while broadcast revenue was down 11.3% to £104m and matchday revenue down 10.9% to £98.7m.

A Manchester United plc statement said: "Broadcasting revenues for the year decreased... primarily as a result of our elimination at the group stages of the Champions League.

"For the fourth quarter, revenues decreased 37.4% to £27.5 million as no participation fees were earned compared to Champions League participation fees from the quarter-final, semi-final and final in the fourth quarter of the prior year.

"In addition, we earned minimal revenues from the FA Cup following our fourth round exit, compared with reaching the semi-final in the previous year.

"Matchday revenues for the year decreased... as a result of having played four fewer home games compared with the prior season when we also received a share of the gate receipts from the Champions League final and FA Cup semi-final, both of which were held at Wembley Stadium."

Hey boggles, you are talking about the coucil ground not The Theatre of Dreams Get down Gray mare lane on Saturday lots of copy cheap City stuff for sale GLORY GLORY We still made a profit 3 per cent drop Ha To hear all the haters on here you would think we had a loss like City did and with your wage bill it will always be a loss at the council ground even when the Sheikh builds the dream factory you will lose even more because it still has to be paid for, The council ground forever in Debt
I am from Manchester and I think you will find in reality that there are more United fans in Manchester than City. glory glory
18/09/2012 18:07
That fact that we are down only 3 or 4% due to our champions league failings shows how strong we really are overall financially, other clubs that have failed in the champions league have had to sell their top players to balance their books. 
18/09/2012 17:37
CFC established 2005.....last known 1955...another black hole team....arrive by tardis did you
the Chelsea cracks are starting to show...battered by A/madrid.. held by OPR..oh dear..torrez crying
loving it......the premier league would be a wasteland without Manchester united you all know it..
whose going to entertain you Arsenal.....lmfao
18/09/2012 17:43
plenty of season tickets still available- says it all; too much money going Stateside, not enough on new players!
18/09/2012 19:07

I'll tell you what there is on these pages Derek; a load of "fans" from other teams who are obsessed about us, just like you appear to be.


Get on with supporting your own club !!!!! 


cant get over how many rivals fans are obsessed with Man utds finances....

keep telling yourselves that there is a problem, if it makes you happy

United are in mega money debt thanks to the Glazers, who put them in that debt.
18/09/2012 21:28



Utd's income £320 MILLION. Made me smile as well

Now they're based in the Cayman Islands do they publish detailed accounts?  Assuming a player wage bill of about £150m  and general operating costs - excluding interest and owner management charges- of maybe £40 m, this still looks like quite a healthy result.

However,  I thought I heard that net profits had fallen nearly 17%. Is that right?
18/09/2012 20:47
i know i should'nt laugh............. so i won't !



18/09/2012 23:59
Sam Daman? United fans chant at the dead? Look up on You Tube - everybody, www. post season celebration Bill Shankly party by Liverpool fans mocking the Munich aircrash.com There, you will see hundreds of Liverpool fans being lead by a guy singing and playing a guitar on stage mocking the Munich dead while the Liverpool fans join in. Shankly was turning in his grave when he heard these racists and ghouls singing this. Also look up, www. You Tube, Manchester City fans sing about the Munich plane crash.com. Now shut up!!
320 million is still 100 million more than asrenal or chelsea, 120 more than liverpool, 150 more than man city and spurs, and as for the geordies .... well lets just say they dont even feature in the top 30 world rich football clubs list.

18/09/2012 20:50
hypocrites  reading some of the coments
That fact that we are down only 3 or 4% due to our champions league failings shows how strong we really are overall financially, other clubs that have failed in the champions league have had to sell their top players to balance their books.  so you didnt sell ronaldo to balance the books be cause on the year that you sold him you  would of made a huge loss selling him for  80 million was to balance the huge 70 loss you  would of made that year
18/09/2012 17:39
This comes as no surprise, we are in recession and that will affect all clubs and all business alike.
18/09/2012 19:58
if you were a company owing  millions like you are in tax, any body else  would be shut down, come  on income tax, shut them down,
Williams you knob.  1% you say.   Tell me where you saw that report so we can check it out you liar.
18/09/2012 16:40

I really dont think that most Mancs understand sums so finances must be beyond them.

Buying shares in a sports club is volatile.

Worrying that income from games is down despite steadily increasing seat prices. they could exit the FA cup at the 3rd round and not get out of the group again in the CL. They failed to mention the Euopa cup as well so the excuses are there for all to see.

Take into account RVP's fee and exhorbitant salary and could see the same again next season.

eie herd....an out of work drag queen lecturing us all on finances lol
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