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United fans seek end to sick chants

A small number of supporters sang 'Always the victim' at Old Trafford during United's 4-0 win over Wigan

A small number of supporters sang 'Always the victim' at Old Trafford during United's 4-0 win over Wigan

The Manchester United Supporters Trust has backed Sir Alex Ferguson's call for an end to chants mocking the Munich air crash and Hillsborough disaster.

United again emphasised manager Ferguson's desire to end such taunting, after a small number of supporters sang "Always the victim" at Old Trafford during United's 4-0 win over Wigan.

The song highlights a perception among some United supporters that Liverpool refuse to accept responsibility.

And while some fans have tried to say it relates purely to Patrice Evra's spat with Luis Suarez last season, for others that view of the Merseysiders goes back to the Heysel tragedy in 1985 and has in the past included Hillsborough.

A United spokesperson said the club "deplore" such songs. In a statement, United said: "The manager has made the club's position very clear on this matter. It is now up to the fans to respect that."

With United due at Anfield next Sunday, the chants are sure to heighten tensions. And MUST attempted to calm the situation with a statement of their own.

MUST chief executive Duncan Drasdo said: "Following this week's developments and release of revelatory information on the Hillsborough tragedy, MUST wishes to make it absolutely clear that just as we condemn chants mocking the Munich air disaster we also condemn any chants relating to Hillsborough or indeed any other human tragedy.

"We did hear the usual anti-Liverpool chants at the match today but we're pleased to say, despite some reports to the contrary, there was nothing that was specifically referencing Hillsborough.

"Any attempt to suggest otherwise is irresponsible given the forthcoming fixture between the clubs and furthermore risks needlessly upsetting the bereaved families further at a time when they are understandably trying to find closure.

"We agree 100% with the statement made by Sir Alex Ferguson - this is the time for supporters of these two great clubs to represent their clubs with the integrity and honour that our glorious history demands."

16/09/2012 13:25
Unfortunately the chanting from both sets of supporters reflect a sad downward trend in our society.
16/09/2012 14:30
Sir Matt Busby must be turning in his grave . He played for Liverpool , thats something for both sets of supporters to think about.
16/09/2012 13:58

Im sure the scum that are chanting these slogans, both from Manchester and Liverpool wouldnt like it if someone from their own family was killed and other people started chanting about it.....

16/09/2012 13:42

I absolutely agree,  101% ... 


We never had this type of " Chant " talk on the  " Terrence's of the Olympics' " !!


May this be the  " Beginning of the End "...


GodBless those Munich Lads and those Hillsborough Boys x



Just shows that a minority of football idiots are just scum.surley with all the cctv at old trafford they should be able to pin point scum and ban them for life from every ground and ban them fromplaying any type of football or involvement,and those that put dislike imight suggest the police start with you
16/09/2012 14:46
Find and ban the morons on each side and let the decent fans enjoy the game.
16/09/2012 14:40
Firstly you cant call them football supporters secondly you cant call them human with some people they put a football scarf around their neck and there brain dies no one should ever mock these tragic events.
16/09/2012 13:45
Take back football from the moronic scum that have hi-jacked it, get them on CCTV and ban them for life.
16/09/2012 17:49
Dont care who started it or what side you support. To those who take part in the chanting think about how you would feel listening to that if it happened to one of your family. No excuses just grow up!
16/09/2012 15:59
Lets hope the scumbags who ignored Fergie and chanted their anti-Liverpool filth, are identified, named and shamed, photos in the papers, prosecuted, and at the very least, banned for life from OT. I mean, what goes through the mind of a bunch of sickos that results in such outbursts ?  United have had their own tragedy, and this makes those chants even more sick.
16/09/2012 16:21
Wow I didnt expect to read the amount of people on here calling United fans scum...and ignorant...yet they are ingorant to the fact Liverpool have chanted some absolutely atrocious things about Munich. I support United but in this argument, I support the families of the deceased. But to just jump on the band wagon and target all your insults at United fans is very ignorant and it kinda makes you seem like you have this petty hatred in you. Some fans from BOTH clubs are guilty and they should be banned from attending any of their clubs games. All i ask for is a fair argument where people attempt to dispel chants from both sides, and if insults are thrown, dont just throw them at United. Think about the bad fans at your own club too.
16/09/2012 14:43
all for the funny banter  but this  sick chanting needs to be dealt with.  its up to parents of the children, and carers  of the  special needs adults   to  tell them off  because  the sick chants  upset  there own fans to..  who wants to be ashamed of there own club, some people refuse to take youngsters to the (GAME)  because of it.
16/09/2012 14:11
Football needs to take responsibilty - how often must we hear these chants - and how often is football going to hide - blaming a minority - but not acting to remove it.Ban these callous ba...ds for life - name and shame - zero tolerance.Come on Football - man up and remove these people.
16/09/2012 14:14

What utd fans forget,is when Munich happened,nobody got the blame,it was a accident.

Its true LFC fans should not mock this awful tragedy. But what liverpool  fans had to put up was,they were WRONGLY blamed for causing the hillsbourgh disater,a fact utd fans must now realise and put and  end to their abuse.Again i say have some respect.And yes i dont have much time for utd,but its only cause they are our biggest rivals.

16/09/2012 16:48

Low life's!  with no idea of the hurt, and anguish caused by such behaviour.

Many of the victims families hear this on a weekly basis." for the love of god "why don't these Morons learn? If it had been their loved ones would they be happy with others doing what they do!!  NO! so stop it, stop it now !... It is not acceptible behaviour at any venue or match.    

16/09/2012 15:47
as a manc who works alongside scousers there is no disguising the elements of both cities that just hate each other, what used to be friendly banter now is just plain stupidity but I have been to anfield and old trafford and never heard the majority tell them to shut up or even sing over them when they sing their amusing diatribes 

Reason why - football lost its soul for money and now its suffering the consequence

16/09/2012 14:58
I'm pretty sure that when they put a scarf around their necks that it cuts the blood supply to the brain as their mouths start to spout all kinds of profanity with no speech check by the brain
16/09/2012 17:42
As a United fan, I am absolutely appalled at this. I dislike like Liverpool as much as the next fan, although I wouldn't stoop as low as these low-life scumbags who should be locked up. There should be no chants from one club to any other club about the deceased. Another thing is, this doesn't represent all Manchester United fans. In-fact, these people are not true fans of the club. I would like to see people chant about their deceased family members and see how they like it.
16/09/2012 14:41
not before time about all this chanting about diasters its 2012 not the past lets all be thankful its none of us lets clean the game up on and of the pitch sir alex is right and no more chanting ime a united supporter and a shamed it goes on liverpool are a good side so come you supporters engage brain before your gobs
16/09/2012 15:17
Both clubs have morons who perpetuate these chants, be good idea if both clubs could use their cctv to id persistent offenders cos unfortunately  a lot of season ticket holders appear to be among them. [maybe target the cheerleaders] After this years sporting excellence at the Olympics ,football and it failures will be under scrutiny, this could be a good catalyst for fundamental change, no better than it to be promoted actively by Liverpool and Man U . As a Liverpool supporter I am proud of our achievements and respect Man U's equally,  lets not forget we are rivals..but thats all, lets bin the chants and lift our standards........but I won't be holding my breath
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