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United wait on Van Persie reply

Arsenal striker Robin van Persie is subject to a bid from Manchester United

Arsenal striker Robin van Persie is subject to a bid from Manchester United

Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed Manchester United have hit a brick wall in their attempts to sign Robin van Persie from Arsenal.

Ferguson revealed on United's recent tour of South Africa United had made a bid for last season's Premier League Golden Boot winner. The Red Devils' interest seems to have fended off competition from Manchester City and Juventus.

However, Arsene Wenger has never sold a player to United. And, from Ferguson's comments to reporters following the penalty shoot-out defeat to Barcelona in Gothenburg, it doesn't appear he wants to start now. "We have made a bid and they've been trying to negotiate with other clubs," said Ferguson.

"I don't have a gut feeling on it at the moment, I must admit. We're not getting any breakthrough with Arsenal. It's difficult to say why they're operating this way. I don't know what their thoughts are because they're not giving anything away."

There had been rumours circulating prior to Wednesday night's game that Van Persie was heading to Manchester for a medical. It seems they were wide of the mark.

"I can't give you any more information," said Ferguson. "We just have to persevere. We are trying our best and hopefully it will come our way but there's no progress at this moment in time."

It was the second transfer blow of the day for United, who discovered prior to kick-off that Brazilian midfielder Lucas Moura had joined cash-rich Paris St-Germain. Ferguson was keen to sign the teenage midfielder from Sao Paulo and remained in Manchester at the weekend when his team headed to Norway "to do some business".

The clearest indication Moura was looking elsewhere was that Ferguson jetted out of Manchester prior to Brazil's Olympic semi-final win over South Korea on Tuesday night, when the midfielder was an unused substitute. It seems United simply could not compete with PSG's Qatari-backed spending power.

Following the huge purchases of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva, Ferguson stated the world had 'gone mad' saying: "I find it quite amazing that a club can pay 45million euros for a 19-year-old boy," said the Scot. "To tell everyone that PSG are here they've signed Thiago Silva and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. They must have spent about £150m in the last month.

"The only deterrent to that is UEFA. In the conditions of European football, you don't qualify for Europe by winning the league or coming second - you only get in by invitation. That's where, hopefully, UEFA can have some power. When somebody's paying £45m for a 19-year-old boy you have to say the game's gone mad."

08/08/2012 23:37
Lost interest in the RVP saga to be very honest. True gooners on here are all saying the same, if he wants to go then let him. No loyalty from a player who was a sick note for 6/7 seasons when AW could have off loaded him due to persistent injuries. One good season, who made that possible for him, the likes of Song putting the ball on a sixpence for RVP to score the goals, without that service he got he would not have been able to do the business. I would rather keep Song and the Verminator than somebody who has no loyalty to either AW or to Arsenal. Took his wages as a sick note for years.
08/08/2012 23:37
If RVP goes to Man U he will play a handful of games,get injured and cost them a fortune.
08/08/2012 23:17
09/08/2012 10:43
Sorry Ben, but we don't care, we are tired of it along with the other sagas, like Nasri and Cesc. We are used to it. We are not pretending at all. True gooners are Arsenal for life not just for the trophies. Man Unt sold Ronaldo, we lost Henry and Drogba has moved on from Chelsea. no player is bigger than the club, I seem to remember last season all the doom people said we were finished and we finished 3rd. RVP could not have scored the goals without the service of players like Song. Also Wilshire to come back as well, RVP may well move on, if he does, best of luck to him, but Arsenal will still be here. You can only control what is put in front of you, he is nearly out of contract, if he does not want to play, move him on and invest the money in players who do want to play for Arsenal, fact.
09/08/2012 01:16

To be honest I'm a United fan and I'm not sure I'd want him at United. Yeah ok he had a good season last year BT he's getting on in footballing terms and I could well see him becoming another Owen Hargreaves or Loius Saha at United which would make us look stupid and he'd just be raking it in whilst rubbing his hands in glee


I'd personally prefer for Fergie to be looking at a midfielder instead like Schweinsteiger or someone in that vein. Someone who can attack and defend when needed to as opposed to Moura who's gone to PSG who may well be able to attack but if anything we need help in defence when Vidic and Ferdinand are injured


Still I'm not fussed whether we get RVP or not though. He's good and all but this transfer saga is just like the Hazard one with Chelsea. Overrated

09/08/2012 18:25

What I don't understand is why Arsene Wenger not wanting to sell his best player is him being a "spoilt child" as Stewart Pearce so "intelligently" put it. I know I've been watching a lot of the Olympics recently but did I miss a new PL rule that said if Fergie and United came sniffing around your best players you had to bend over and take it like a $10 hooker?

  If United want him, stump up the money to do it, or get used to chasing City for the next 5 years. As for criticising PSG for paying £45 Mil for 19 yo Moura, how old was Rooney when he paid £25 Mil for him?

08/08/2012 23:02
we all ready seem to be a feeder club for one manchester side lets not start with the red half .Next it will be spurs selling to barnet
09/08/2012 20:53
on another note, whats the point in contracts, you give a player a 4 year contract,  but then have to start negotiating a new one after 2 years, a 4 year contract should be a 4 year contract not a 2 year with 2 more to milk as much money as poss for the next one
09/08/2012 08:53
l can never understand why all of these people on here want to slate off SAF because of his opinion!
This should be a site to discuss your football opinions,not to try to get one up on rival Teams!
or thier Manager.....It would be nice to have a sensible debate about idea's of how English football can be improved...without all these negative comments ....

09/08/2012 19:00
Why does one say 'Free at seasons end'! Have seldom seen this happen, and certainly not with a big name / star. They sign another contract with clauses to ensure that the club gets a return for their money and loyalty and support mostly. RV Winkle has 6 - season or so where he had wages and crocked. I think any decent player dems it's their obligation to see right the club and manager/ in this caser Weggy and Arsenal.
09/08/2012 13:27
Don't know why he doesn't stay where he is, Arsenal have bought in some good players, and have stuck by him when he was injured and only scoring a hand full of goals a season.
09/08/2012 03:19
adam, United's debt is a manageable one because of the amount of money the club makes. if a club like stoke had half that much debt they'd be in a similar situation to Pompey
09/08/2012 21:52
on reading a man citys supporters comments on here i had to chuckle arsenal will never sell there best players to man city you get overpriced cast offs nasri was an exception but hes never gonna be as good as he was for arsenal
09/08/2012 18:08

Chelsea are the big boys in this league??? What are you smoking, numbnuts?

Wenger surely won't allow RVP to go to Man U, he'd sooner force him to remain at Arsenal for the remainder of his contract than do that. Utd think they are allowed first refusal on ANY player they want.......and anyway, they're 700m in debt. Why havent FIFA blocked them from signing new players? Platini wants these mega-debt ridden clubs to be censured, let's start with forcing them to stop paying millions and millions of pounds that pushes them even further into the red. And that includes Chelski.

09/08/2012 13:22
Wenger obviously feels the same about selling to manu as old whisky nose feels about selling to Liverpool
09/08/2012 11:54

God i miss the likes of Ian Wright and Tony Adams who would have signed any deal to stay at Arsenal. Is it me or do our so called stars make you sick. What is enough money these days. The club was loyal to rvp through all his injuries many self inflicted due to his hot headed tantrums, which also resulted in suspensions. Champions leauge football and playing in the the best leauge in the world and for one of the best clubgsare not enough.  I would swap him for  a stuart pearce, pride, passion, commitment, loyalty are values you cannot buy. But to go to go to our direct competition  is a stab in the heart. Goodbye do not let the door hit your arse on the way out. Shame on you.

09/08/2012 12:53

As a United Fan, I personally don't want him at the club, I don't think he would bring anything useful to us, we need to strengthen the midfield and the back, not the front.. waste of money i say.

Its time to find  worthy successors to giggs and scholes..

09/08/2012 08:24
United fan but didn't we pay a lot of money for Rooney, which in today's market would be a similar amount to 45million euros, I don't like pulling up Sir Alex but when he's wrong, he's wrong, we have never had dominance in the foreign transfer market and have always lost out when it comes to the big players all the european clubs want.  Long gone are the days when United can sign players like Ronaldo for £12m, teenagers now are worth 3 times that if they are expected to be a huge talent.
Why United [or City for that matter] would want to have to deal with RvP's ego I can't imagine. Both Clubs have more than enough in their squads already.  The attractions of a known goal scorer are obvious  but for the sort of money he'll cost  you'd have thought Fergie would  want someone younger that could be molded to  fit with the team's playing style.

Arsenal's approach is very different to United's  but RvP seemed to thrive when the team  was structured around him, It can't be a coincidence that  he didn't truly shine until Fabregas left. I can't see that happening at Elderly Trafford and wonder if this might turn out to be another Berbatov moment. Great player who cost a fortune and never entirely fitted [although RvP does work harder which may be part of the reason for his injury record].

09/08/2012 10:54
i remember the day liam brady left it broke my football heart but no one is bigger than the club so if rvp wants out then goodbye but how many have regretted it afterwards
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