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Van der Vaart committed to Spurs

Rafael Van der Vaart says he wants to stay at Tottenham

Rafael Van der Vaart says he wants to stay at Tottenham

Tottenham forward Rafael van der Vaart has no plans to leave the club this summer.

The 29-year-old Holland international has been linked with a move away from White Hart Lane following the dismissal of manager Harry Redknapp last month.

But he has played down such talk and insisted the future is bright under new boss Andre Villas-Boas. "My place is at Spurs. I want to win the title with this club," he told The Sun.

"The race for the top four will be a total war from the very first day."

Van der Vaart, who joined the north London club two years ago from Real Madrid, added: "The new coach has good plans for me and this is important.

"I have heard excellent reports about AVB.

"We have very good attacking players and if AVB imposes an offensive system the team could be a real spectacle."

18/07/2012 08:46

Bale signs a new contract, VDV commits to Spurs, Ade signing a perm deal. I thought there was meant to be a exodus, according to all the chavs and gooners

18/07/2012 12:01

Think A.V. Boas will be the best thing to happen to Spurs since the late fifties and early sixties. He has class, intelligence and aforethought. Further he will have learnt from the ego's, whims and office tittle tattle in the bosses ear. Don't think either for a minute Levy will tolerate such.

 Do think that Levy will sale out to the oil rich in the next year or two when sucess has put the price up. Mind he is a very rich person in his own right.


Its nice to see that Vander Vart as gone public and ended any speculation about his future, he is a fantastic player but just seems to run out of steam towards the end of games, however thats a slight flaw for a good player and I for one will be happy seeing him ply his trade in the prem next season


wasup Luke

18/07/2012 12:19
Ross, we wont sell the club until we have the stadium completed in 2016 (hopefully)
18/07/2012 12:17
Someone - you could be right, but I'm not a glory boy like you so naturally it does not bother me as much, hence the reason why you support one of the biggest clubs in the world even though you are not from there. LMFAO, nob.
18/07/2012 19:15
Jiz - I think I know who the OWNER of my club is, and 99% of most Spurs fans to be honest. To suggest otherwise implies that they cannot distinguish between job titles,the majority of companies have CHAIRMAN and OWNERS. ENIC has many subsidiaries, THFC being just one of them
18/07/2012 18:30

Allright Dave mate - 497 is Dave Jones or some other muppet impersonating me. Mugs. They think they can con people into thinking its me even though our views are completly different (I think that's the bit they find funny) and they assume people can't read and see the numbers are different. Obviously you didnt have any problems but then again, you have a brain.


S'up Clive. Spot on mate,couldn't agree more, on both issues. For me, Andy has so much potential,if it was down to me I would not be letting him go. If Harry was still in charge we would definitely be coughing up for him, but Carrol needs games and he wouldnt get it with us (maybe under Harry) and it looks like Rogers isn't going to give him any either. The problem Rogers faces is that he wants to bring in some new young faces but the owners won't give him funds unless they trim the squad/wage bill.I guess he looks around the squad and when he looks at Carrol he doesn't see the Giant, pony tailed Oak tree we all see,but instead a big bag of money that he can use to reinvest. I'm with you though,he showed a lot of promise towards the end of last season and I reckon he is dying to get back to his best.


Hi Luke


I think that Liverpool should hang onto Carroll, he started to show signs of progress towards the end of last season and at the Euro’s and now there is talk about moving him on which I find puzzling, even with the fact we have bought Borini we are still light up top so I don’t see the selling or loaning out of Carroll being beneficial to LFC,


As for Suarez I’m surprised that he has reignited the whole thing but not being able to keep his gob shut, he may have a few points but I would have thought he would have been better off just leaving it alone, there is no point in stomping on old ground and opening up old wounds,


18/07/2012 13:25

Luke 947 I think that that is very likely. Levy is loyal and a realist if nothing else. I believe 100% he will do right by the club and fans without a shadow of a doubt.

 So that may well be the case if and when he does sale. But one never knows circumstances around the corner that are forever changing. If he thought it was in the Club's /fans interest I don't believe he wouldn't sale in a minute provided the price was right. JMO

19/07/2012 08:56
A very dangerous player with some great skills.
18/07/2012 17:39
Spot on as always 947 (who is this 497 ?), gooners and chavs..and any other numpty who dont wanna talk football..do one....Spurs are on the up....COYS...nice to see ya Clive!
18/07/2012 14:49
S'up Clive, yeah good news. What say you on the Carrol/Suarez thing
18/07/2012 13:01


18/07/2012 18:55

are all you spuds thick? levy doesn't own your club, joe lewis does. do you not know anything about the club you claim to support?





18/07/2012 11:36

You still wont get in the champions league luke and you still wont win any trophies.

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