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Van Gaal: Shaw not fit enough

Luke Shaw, centre, has been charged with raising his fitness levels for Manchester United

Luke Shaw, centre, has been charged with raising his fitness levels for Manchester United

Manchester United have had to devise a special training programme to get Luke Shaw in shape for the start of the season.

Shaw had a fortnight off after the World Cup and he has arrived at United unfit, according to Louis van Gaal, who wants to see an improvement from the 19-year-old in the coming weeks.

Shaw, a £27million signing from Southampton, trained alone at the FedExField ahead of United's friendly against Inter Milan, which kicks off in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Danny Welbeck, Wayne Rooney, Phil Jones and Chris Smalling, who all returned from World Cup duty on the same day as Shaw, were deemed fit enough to train with the squad.

But there are concerns that Shaw is off the pace.

"He needs to be fit and he is not very fit," the United boss said.

"Therefore he cannot perform what I want so first he has to be fit and has to train individually.

"I have spoken with him and we have made the programme. He agreed with me.

"We will have to see how long it takes (for him to get fit)."

Van Gaal is well within his rights to demand Shaw be fit for the season-opener against Swansea having shelled out such a big fee for the teenager.

Having sold Alexander Buttner to Dynamo Moscow, Van Gaal has little cover for the England international, so he has had to rely on Ashley Young, Reece James and Tyler Blackett while on tour in the USA.

One area where Van Gaal is blessed with options is in the final third.

Juan Mata, Rooney and Welbeck have been his first choice attack in the 3-4-1-2 formation, which the Dutchman says he will use for the rest of the tour.

Javier Hernandez, Will Keane and Shinji Kagawa have also featured in the two matches in the States, but Wilfried Zaha is yet to kick a ball in anger on the trip.

The England international, who joined United from Crystal Palace for £15million last summer, will have to move out from the wings into the centre if he is to play any part in the coming season.

"When we play this system he has to play as a striker otherwise he cannot play," said Van Gaal, who confirmed Zaha would come on as a substitute against Inter.

With Adnan Januzaj and Robin van Persie to come back to training following their World Cup exploits, first-team opportunities also seem limited for Hernandez.

Van Gaal distanced himself from rumours of an imminent swap deal involving the Mexican and Inter's Fredy Guarin.

"I don't know anything about it," the former Barcelona manager said.

"I cannot tell you anything about that."

Van Gaal made the task ahead of Hernandez perfectly clear though.

"When he plays he will play in striker position and he has competition with Rooney, Van Persie, Welbeck, Will Keane, Zaha - a lot players," Van Gaal added.

Van Gaal took great pleasure in responding to a question from a Mexican reporter about Hernandez's fitness.

"We, the Dutch national team, beat Mexico in the second round of the World Cup. That's why he joined the squad later than the others," said the former Holland coach with a big smile.

"I wanted to say that to you. But I believe he is fit."

One person who will not participate in the rest of the tour is right-back Rafael, who has been sent home to recover from a groin injury he suffered in training last Friday.

Van Gaal is sure the Brazilian does not require surgery, but he could not say whether he would be back for the first game of the season against Swansea on August 16.

"I don't know (if he will be fit for the new season). We will wait and see," Van Gaal said.

"The player could have stayed in America but I think the treatment at the Aon training complex is much better.

"This way he can also work out his jet lag much earlier.

"Rafa agreed with me that he should go back. He is there already and he's started training."

29/07/2014 11:32
It does beg the question, when you're 19 and 'earning' half a million pounds per month, how on Earth do you maintain the perspective in life to push beyond the pain barrier in terms of diet and training to stay so fit?

Everything wrong with football always, always comes back to money. Micah Richards, David Bentley, Shawn Wright Phillips, Michael Owen, Rooney.. all tainted or completely written off because of money.
29/07/2014 09:22
that's it, shaw thinks he's made it now and no doubt will probably rest on his laurels now he has a silly wage, I think it's pretty stupid on utd's behalf, they should of said we'll give you a modest 60k a week which will rise as you get older, but no, they've probably gone and ruined him like they did with roon£y plus a few others, at 19 he's still an apprentice yet he's on similar wages to what suarez was on last season.
29/07/2014 13:32
Lets be fair he's not on his own.   After seeing world cup teams like Mexico, Chile, Columbia, USA etc their players were far fitter than ours.   Unless, of course, they were just putting in more effort ?
29/07/2014 13:04
i reckon v.. gaal is going to prove himself a bit of a nutter in the persuit of  trying to out do ferguson......it's going to be fun to watch!!
29/07/2014 08:24
If he is refering to the tatics deployed by Moyes last season, then he has a point. But to blame him for the squad is just a big lie. The majority of the squad was down to Fergie and inherited by Moyes. It appears the 'Big Brother' style media attack on Moyes will continue.
29/07/2014 11:04

It's far too early to make a damning assessment on Shaw. We haven't been given any reason for his lack of fitness, so it's quite plausible that he is carrying an injury. English is not van Gaal's 1st language and there is no reason to assume that 'not very fit' means overweight.

Equally, Shaw isn't responsible for his transfer fee or for the salary he was offered. Would anyone realistically expect a young player to refuse those terms, or negotiate them down until he has proven himself?

29/07/2014 16:26

Nice to see the same old sensationalism over a Utd story as always, when in fact the 'story' is hardly a big deal.

A 19yo lad comes back from the world cup, signs a multi-million pound contract has two weeks off and most likely had a couple or more parties to celebrate. He has 2 and a half weeks to get up to speed ready for the new season which is plenty of time for a young lad as it is much easier for these youngsters to regain fitness. No worries here just more Utd sensationalism.

Bring on the season!! 


follow this link.


Ist only for fun


29/07/2014 13:33

If Shaw is unfit now I wonder, unless carrying an injury was he fully fit during the World Cup? A 19yr old doesn't loose fitness overnight and after a few weeks may be a little leggy but certainly shouldn't be unfit to train with the squad. I hope the money hasn't gone to his head already as it would be a shame if he weren't to live up to his full potential.

Wish we had a manager similar to Gaal coaching the England squad, hes that type of no **** manager the nation needs to get the best out of our young players.

29/07/2014 18:00
Oh, no Southampton have sold all their team and we've ended up with the fat one,lol
29/07/2014 17:32
leathered smalling on his his crap shooting and now shaw....good one i like this guy..
Its the Glaziers fault  he isn't fit , if they didn't owe 500 trillion pounds to American banks then Platini and Blatter wouldn't be able to enforce  the FFP rules just so that D#ke and Gill can fiddle the fixtures . Liverpool should also shoulder some of the blame for buying too many players    .
29/07/2014 21:04

Who is this idiot  f.c.u.m ?

He trolls through all the posts, picking out the ones that  make derogatory comments about his beloved

Mancheaters then proceeds to respond with blasphemous abuse, that has no reference whatsoever

with post theme

I think that an age limit should be applied to posts,as 4 years of age is far to young to be on here 

and Kweeer geezer ( who I presume is his father) should tell him so


29/07/2014 15:34
An article on Man U and Salford Steve deflects he issue by quoting what Chelsea have done. Pr*tt.
29/07/2014 16:53
I do think with this guy LVG is top manager think he wont take any rubbish if they dont perform they are either gone or be fined weeks wages so if Shaw needs to keep improving otherwise he will be fined and then in the end sold. I always wonder what would have happened had LVG went into the club and said i dont want Luke Shaw i want another left back in the team. With his formation he is even saying Ashley young can play as wing back not looking good for shaw on that

Again today United hog the lime light in a series headline stories in the media about Gaal and his mid- table lot.” The Question is why?

 United have shown little or no interest in  buying quality players this summer so to improve a mediocre team  , this is evident in that,  had United shown an interest in said players.  the player would have signed up in a heartbeat  given they had the opportunity to join the biggest (not ) club in the world who could not even qualify for the “Micky Mouse”  Europa competition this coming season.

The press has been full of stories about United being about to make significant signings and this has been going on and on for two months. And these stories are of course  all tripe ask any United fan

De Gaal is in the most comfortable position this season. a position that is unique in the history of the Premiership in that a team in the top half of the table will play their first 7 games against two promoted sides and five who finished in the bottom half of the table last season. So why the hype?   

Gaal  has circa £400 million at hand for players wages and purchases this term with no strictures relating to  Platini’s FFP bandits. Yet none of the media outlets seem to think this is of sufficient interest to publish a story on the topic. Why ?

First prediction of the season, if, and I say if, United do not garner 15 points from their first 7 cushy matches they will not recover for the rest of the season.

Chelsea, Liverpool and the Gunners are in the throws of strengthening their squad significantly and City it seems, with a couple of exceptions, seem to be happy with the team that scored 156 goals last season and won 2 trophies.

So the warnings signs are flashing Gaal and time is of the essence to strengthen United for if this does not happen I doubt if United will have what it takes to gain a fourth spot in the Premiership again this season and that would be a catastrophe, as in  one year out of Europe, and survival is possible but two ? Not a chance.  

O yea .The whack a mole stall is shut so go play in the traffic polys. 

29/07/2014 12:21
i watched the paper review on sky this morning and the guy on there made a valid point. when di canio took over at sunderland he said the same things lvg is saying now. the squad is rubbish, di canio dropped bardsley because he was unfit (just like lvg has done with shaw) he moaned the squad was unfit (just like lvg) he blamed the previous regime (just like lvg) he didn't know he best team (just like lvg) he signed average dross for to much money like jozy altidore (just like lvg did with herrera) how long did di canio last? just saying
29/07/2014 15:49
V-Gaal wont last,,,,, giggsy will stab him in the back after scholes  shows him where !!!!!!!!!
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