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Venky's 'disappointed' by Kean exit

Steve Kean has resigned as Blackburn Rovers manager

Steve Kean has resigned as Blackburn Rovers manager

Blackburn owners Venky's are "very disappointed" Steve Kean has resigned as Blackburn manager, according to the club's managing director Derek Shaw.

Kean walked away from his post at Ewood Park after 21 months on Friday evening, claiming in a statement that he had been "forced" out as his position had become "untenable".

Shaw said: "I have spoken with Anuradha Desai (the club owner) and she is very disappointed as she was close with Steve. Owing to time differences, I don't have anything else."

He went on: "Steve has, after a great deal of thought, resigned. It was completely unexpected. He travelled down with the team ahead of our game at Charlton tomorrow, but he must have been giving it an awful lot of thought owing to the pressure he's been under."

Kean's decision came at the end of a week which has seen more intense speculation that the axe was set to fall on the 44-year-old Scot, who has been a much-derided figure throughout his time in charge of the club. He oversaw their relegation to the npower Championship in May, which only inflamed the tensions between manager and supporters.

Despite terrace unrest, though, the Venky's remained faithfully loyal to Kean, giving him two contract extensions after handing him Sam Allardyce's job, as well as backing him heavily in the transfer market.

On Kean's claim that he was forced to stand down, Shaw added: "I can't comment on that. He's decided tonight to call it a day, and the thoughts on why are with Steve."

Kean, whose assistant Eric Black will take the team at Charlton, caught his club on the hop when he released a statement through his lawyers at 7pm on Friday.

At a time when Rovers' official website was carrying a story of Kean talking of a positive week, he said: "For reasons that I cannot discuss on legal advice, it is with deep regret, given my hard work and service for the club for a number of years, that I have been forced to resign as manager of Blackburn Rovers Football Club with immediate effect, due to my position as team manager becoming untenable.

"I wish to thank all the players and coaching staff for their great support and the majority of the fans, who now see their club heading towards an automatic promotion position back to the Premiership. I wish the club all the very best for the future."

28/09/2012 22:28
He has taken ongoing abuse from supporters and owners.  I hope Blackburn and their deluded support and owners get exactly what they deserve - nothing.  Toxic club and toxic supoorters. 
28/09/2012 23:35
Totally agree...Steve Kean has taken tremendous abuse from the fans and to be quite honest, they deserve nothing...they've been an embarrassment.
29/09/2012 08:17
Most managers don't win any silverware william. Keane is a decent man and was doing a good job under very difficult circumstances for ludicrous owners and deluded supporters. He is better off out of it.
29/09/2012 02:54

Well done Mr. Keane. During the last 21 months he kept his dignity and stood tall like a typical Scott. No one can doubt the qualities of the Scottish manager. Just look at A. Ferguson, D. Moyes, King Kenny, G. Graham and others.


The Venkys didn't know much about football and the English league and to them, it was all chickens. They didn't know that this league is tough and not just skinny chickens and neither did they know that they had to put serious money if they want success. Sadly the Blackburn fans had failed to see this either and blamed Steve Keane for the club's demise.


To Blackburn fans i hate to be rude to you, but the Venkys are not Jack Walker, and actually you deserve Sam Aladyce with his kick and run backward football.


I hope an Arab buys Blackburn club and restores Steve Keane as a manager and you will see the difference. The Arabs will take their time and will not do half cooked CHICKENS. Good luck to you with your Venkys.

29/09/2012 09:45

he was forced out by some idiot supporters who made is life hell hope you'r proud of yourselves


29/09/2012 07:26
but kean won no silver wear hussein. however who can blame him going after all that abuse.
29/09/2012 08:56
This just goes to show even a man with the strongest of characters have their tipping point. Good luck Steve in what ever or where ever you may continue your career. You are one of the few "Good  Guys" in this mad world of fooball.
29/09/2012 09:44
I feel sorry for Steve. The club has been run poorly since the Venky's took over. What do they know about football?? A manager should have control of tranfers. Good luck Steve
29/09/2012 08:49
like him or hate him a man with a bit of substance and the thickest fans in aney league should have been at my club plymouth last year it was not good to watch but the fans got behind the team and we survived and go on to better things we hope but we had a local chairman not a bunch of paki chicken farmers half way across the world stick to your chickens  venkys hope keen gets anouther chance
29/09/2012 09:32

You've got to give the guy some credit. With the abuse he suffered throughout his time at Blackburn, many other managers would have walked away long ago. Maybe the fans can have a whip-round and buy the league again??

You kinda doubt it, somehow.

29/09/2012 10:29

A good decision, not only for himself but for his family as well, shows the character of the man who put up with so much crap for so long for the love of the game.


I hope things work out for him and he gets another job in football, with a club who needs this kind of character.

29/09/2012 10:33
he  never was a proven manager the owners wanted a cheap deal appointing him
he sure proved he had balls,,,,,, and he proved Blackburn fans are crap  and  they deserve nowt
sorry he did not do better he deserved success  he  has grit that man

29/09/2012 09:58
He wasn't the greatest manager but the fans treatment of him was disgusting. The abuse he had week in week out was in my view bullying of the lowest kind. 

I also know for a fact there isn't 1 single blackburn fan who would have liked to have been manager and liked to have been called a w****r week in week out by fans. Yet feel it was ok to do it to him. 

Kean in my view was never a big club manager. I'd like to see him take on a league 2 side maybe where the stakes lets be honest aren't that great and get some success with them. That would suit him more I think.  
29/09/2012 09:38
Who can blame him, no control on signings, poor owners and poor fans.
29/09/2012 10:42
The Blackburn boo boys are a disgrace, they can't claim to be supporters, they should be ashamed of themselves,  they don't let's hope they get what they really deserve!

Good luck Steve!
29/09/2012 11:21
When it comes to being abused continually you have to make a decision as to whether it is worth it.
Football fans follow their teams and have expectations.
But they do not have the ability to manage a team.
If a team will not give their all "and play for each other and the team" their is nothing a Manager can do about it.
A prime example of this is the England team who were ultimately successful with Ramsey.
But after the World cup nobody wanted to be so committed, and as good as he was, the Manager who won England the World cup by teaching his team the best way to win, was Sacked.
That was before footballers become football whores.
Footballers who are more interested in money and the High Life than the profession which got them in that position in the first place.

29/09/2012 10:12
he was never accepted by the fans was treated terribly by them ==lets just hope they get the manager they obviously deserve ==good luck steve maybe another club and their fans will give you a chance +++
29/09/2012 10:09
Although i am not a Rovers supporter {Burnley fan}. I think the reasons behind the fans fury are the boardroom shenanagins and wheeler dealings. Kean was the fall guy and front man to take the flak, if the team are high in the championship it does not alter the fact that what is happening at Ewood will not alter untill the entire boardroom are out and they have a fresh start. they might even have to drop another division before this is sorted out.                        Best of luck Steve .
29/09/2012 11:47
Its the matter of respect, and Kean did not get any from the team and supporters.GOOD LUCK STEVE. Dobber.
29/09/2012 10:52
i think he made the correct decision,he may not have been popular with the fans but he has handled the whole debacle with his head held high ,i have nothing but respect for the man and wish him well in his next appointment.the venkys really dont have a clue about football or how to handle off field affairs,steve keane is better off away from a club and owners who may well struggle under the venkys ownership.good luck steve
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