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Villas-Boas confirmed as Spurs boss

Tottenham have appointed Andre Villas-Boas as head coach

Tottenham have appointed Andre Villas-Boas as head coach

Andre-Villas Boas has been confirmed as Tottenham's new head coach.

The 34-year-old's appointment marks his return to the Barclays Premier League just four months after his departure from Chelsea, where he was sacked eight months into a three-year contract. Villas-Boas will be hoping to rebuild his reputation at Spurs after succeeding Harry Redknapp, who left the post last month after four years at the helm.

A post on the club's official Twitter account read: "The club is delighted to announce Andre Villas-Boas as head coach."

Villas-Boas has penned a three-year deal at White Hart Lane and brings with him two members of his coaching staff in the form of first-team fitness coach Jose Mario Rocha and Daniel Sousa, head of opposition scouting.

"Tottenham Hotspur is a great club with a strong tradition and fantastic support, both at home and throughout the world," Villas-Boas told the club's official website, www.tottenhamhotspur.com.

"I feel privileged to be its coach. For me, this is one of the most exciting coaching positions in the Premier League."

The announcement ends weeks of speculation following Redknapp's departure and chairman Daniel Levy believes Villas-Boas is the right choice for the club.

"I am delighted that Andre has agreed to become our new head coach," he said.

"He has an outstanding reputation for his technical knowledge of the game and for creating well-organised teams capable of playing football in an attractive and attacking style.

"Andre shares our long-term ambitions and ethos of developing players and nurturing young talent, and he will be able to do so now at a new world class training centre."

03/07/2012 18:29
will top 4 do spurs heirarchy next season ?? didnt seem 2b enough when harry was manager football has gone crazy !!
03/07/2012 17:41
didnt harry inherit a team that were in the bottom 3 and took them to champions league qualifcation in a couple of seasons
03/07/2012 14:51
A good appointment for Spurs, at least he'll be given a chance unlike his time at Chelski
03/07/2012 14:44

This is a good appointment by Levy. To those of you that will knock this just remember that what he achieved at Chelsea prior to getting sacked (fourth place and still in the Champions League albeit by the skin of his teeth) matches what Harry achieved at Spurs. So if at Chelsea we see AVB having a bad day and failing his potential but still doing as good as Harry then lets hope that the Spurs see him having a good day, like at Porto.


Good Luck to AVB

03/07/2012 16:44
Maybe he will work out, I hope so.  He sat old, out of form, fat Frank on the bench at Chelsea, and all the old cronies started playing up and stopped playing for their team.  Hopefully Levy sees that, and tells AVB to stick to his guns, no player or reputation should be bigger than the team.
03/07/2012 17:23
Already looking forward to the Spurs v Chelsea matches.   :)
03/07/2012 16:04

I started following Spurs in 1941, yes I`m that old, through thick and thin. I`ve watched many great world class players at the Lane and world class managers, the likes of Bill Nicholson and `Our Harry`. I know AVB has earned reputation at Chelsea but what can you expect when you have to deal with the likes of Terry and the rest of that outfit of backstabbers headed by that Russian emigrant.

AlI can say is `Give that man a chance` I don`t think he can be really that bad. If Gareth Bale can signed a new contract he be that bad !!! 

03/07/2012 17:19
get the sack and walk straight into   a better job alright for some

03/07/2012 17:08
Why do people keep saying that Harry has left AVB with a great squad, he inherited them as well, the star players came well before Harry did Jol and Ramos brought them in between them, I think people forget to soon. It was 2007-08 when Bale, Modric and co turned up, Lennon was there in 2005. What did Harry do, he brought a few players in but got rid of them just as quick like Bent, Keane, Chimbonda, Palacious, Crouch, Kranjcar, Nelson, Saha, Pienaar and kept the likes of Jenas and Bentley on the pay roll. Ramos brought in some great additions to the club he won Spurs thier first trophy since 1999 and got them European (UEFA) cup qualification, not to mention a 5-1 drumming of the Gooners and he was labelled as a failure. Wake up people AVB is a good appointment and if given the time will build a young squad that will take the club forward. The point is to invest in players to nueture for the future not spend aimlessly and then sell again at a loss!
03/07/2012 17:00
Whilst finding this decision by the board a bit contradictory, given the Gross & Ramos disasters, as a Spurs supporter of 50 years, I say at least give AVB a chance. He was undoubtedly the victim of some big egos at Chelski and really wasn't given enough time by that 'buy immediate success at any cost' brigade, yet they still failed to finish above us. It's also an interesting point that Spurs had so many injuries last season under 'Arry's coaching staff, through lack of rotation and a period of poor results resulted through playing key players out of position, such as Bale & Modric.  With a whole squad back, new signings and some old 'stock' shipped out, it could be an interesting season. COYS
If this is true - then let's see which Spurs players stand by there words - lets see who demands transfers because they said "we will never play for AVB" and "will leave if he is appointed"
03/07/2012 19:18

Harry took Spurs to 4 - 5 - 4 - AVB needs to be given a chance - Has learnt from Mourino and will be good for Spurs - He is a tactician and Spurs will be harder to beat. He has a no nonsense approach and is keen on fitness.


Chelsea is a poisoned chalice and no manager can be safe at Chelsea - AVB has a point to prove and will be a sucess at Spurs.



Eddie Matheison, what a very sad individual you are, why do we have people like you following football ? Rugby does not have these type of moronic supporters, why do they follow soccer ?When ever low life start to get interested in a sport they always manage to drag it down to a very low level. People like Matheison, normally use council owned public golf courses, and just destroy the game with their oafish and low life behaviour. They turn up on the course in Doc Martins, boots, a beer can in one hand and make life intolerable for all other golfers. I would give anything to eradicate chavs, like Matheison, from the world.
03/07/2012 21:47
The word on the street is that Harry Redknap is eyeing up the vacancy at Barclays!!
03/07/2012 15:45



do you know how to turn your caps lock Off ?????


and how are you to judge who deserves triumph and how should fail ??


03/07/2012 16:01

Well done Mr Levy. You have appointed a young bright manager who can share your vision for this great club. Yes Harry Redknapp did a good job but we need a long term future and if AVB is there for the long term then who knows what we can achieve. Lets see what all the doubters are saying at the end of the season.

03/07/2012 16:01
now we just might  see how good this bloke can be , without player power  ( the terry club ) ..stabbing him in the back every five mins ,... good luck to him ,and Spurs

Good luck to AVB, over at The Lane. He could have sat on his derriere doing sweet FA, as we're still paying his greengages, but opted instead to give The Premiership another crack. So fair play to him.   He's too be admired for that.


Go well and be lucky.


Carefree......we've won the Champions League!




Good signing, cant understand all the negativity, got sacked by cheslski in 8 months, sorry but thats not even enough time to kick those primadonna's with there ultra egos into gear or even take his coat off.


At least he will be able to do his job at spurs.


All the best mate, put those doubters to shame.

03/07/2012 22:40

Guys, as an LFC fan, I would just like to say, I think AVB is not bad coach - but he will NEED time!!! I can't help but feel that the moment things don't start going well, AVB will not be backed - hope I'm wrong. Football is just crazy right now.


I also cannot understand why HR got the sack - he did a great job. Good luck for next season guys. YNWA

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