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Villas-Boas impressed with Levy

Andre Villas-Boas is excited by the future at Spurs

Andre Villas-Boas is excited by the future at Spurs

Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas is confident his new project can succeed at White Hart Lane with the full backing of chairman Daniel Levy.

The 34-year-old Portuguese coach came to Stamford Bridge last summer full of ambitions to take the Blues forwards. However, he was sacked by Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich just eight months into the job, with his team outside the top four of the Barclays Premier League.

Villas-Boas, however, has no doubts his fresh relationship with Levy will allow their plans to take Tottenham forwards flourish, and he said: "I met the chairman, and saw the way he goes about his business at the club. He knows what he is doing, approaching the market in a different way, is a person of great football understanding and he had the effect of giving me the assurances I wanted in terms of building something."

He went on: "Tottenham are linked with great football in the past. It is something they have always valued highly. There is a wonderful history of attractive football, and Bill Nicholson left these messages of football well played and doing things in style, which is what I want to achieve as well.

"With an owner that is involved on a daily basis at the football club, with his knowledge, that is the main difference.

"The structures that surround Tottenham are extremely good. There are competent people in and around the football club. The club is driven towards success, and everybody knows they must play a part in achieving that success.

"They are not looking for certain scapegoats, and when so many people are striving forward, it makes your job easier."

The manner of Villas-Boas' dismissal at Stamford Bridge in March continues to sit uneasy with the former Porto boss.

"The thing is that what we were doing (at Chelsea) in terms of the project, words did not meet the actions, so I think I was cut short," he said.

"All of us are emotional, and we all respond in a different way to sentiments of ambition and revenge, but it would be a wrong step if I were to take it that way. This club is much more important than me and what I have to do is try to take them to success and not make it a personal issue."

15/07/2012 08:09

A lot of good words for his Owner ( as expected !! ) Now let us see what he can do with the players. I agree that Chelski should have given him more of a chance, but they wouldn't wait to stop the downward spiral they where in. Really hope for Spurs sake he is as goos as Levy thinks!! The jury is out and awaiting more evidence!!


15/07/2012 10:09

Yep A.B.Levy is no fool, and certainly a man of his word. Won't be blackmailed - Ask Harry amd Modric - and puts his money where his mouth is.

 Every club wants a proven inspiring young manager with an back ground of expierence. In that he has A.V. Levy will work with him. A.B. will keep in touch and show him where and why they are going forward. Money?! Yes of course is of an importance. Sucess is all i8mportant to both, AND the infrastruture of a solid frame work to build on for the future. Both will be aiming and backing each other.

 A.B is a very intelligent man, if one listens to his answers, and when snide remarks were aimed at him he was very quick and truthful with great answers.

 So R.M didn't live up to his word, and player power and ego's, the allowed tittle tattle in the boss's ear tickled by ego's and a determination to distroy A.B. as their manager will have only improved A.V.'s mind set and he will have learnt a great deal.... and have implanted a searing goal to prove himself right. To justify Levy's faith in him, and prove to all that R.M. was wrong.

 P.s. the Lampards / JT/ Coles etc. will soon be had their day as age takes it toll - if not already, and R.M may well rue the day he didn't back A.V as promised.


15/07/2012 09:20
Would like to think he is more than able to take the reins from our previous manager, Spurs played some great football in the earlier part of last season, are they capable of doing the same with AVB not so sure..........
15/07/2012 09:47
what? stuart levy ? get him on the coaching staff! he'll keep them in line!!
15/07/2012 21:27

Yes Ross, I'm sure RA (not RM) will rue the day he got rid of AVB. Had to put up with all the hassle of going to Wembley to see his side win the FA cup and as if that wasn't bad enough he got dragged halfway round Europe just to end up in Munich to see them lift the Champions League.


He must surely regret getting rid of AVB.........

16/07/2012 10:40
It is good that AVB has taken an interest in the traditions of Spurs and that he will try to carry on playing on the silky style that epitomises the club. They have always managed to avoid being too over flamboyant which has been the downfall in the past for West Ham. They aim for a slightly more direct approach and achieve mediocrity.
16/07/2012 10:36
15/07/2012 09:14
Bet he's really impressed by trains that travel underground!!!!
15/07/2012 09:10
youd be impressed with a dead cat mate.....stop wasting your time slagging off your old employers,just cause youve found new ones...we went on and lifted 2 trophies last season,no thanks to you,and will win more than youll ever win mate
15/07/2012 07:25
looks like top 16 again!!! HARRY was the man to do it!!
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