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Walcott to leave Arsenal?

Theo Walcott has reportedly failed to reach an agreement with Arsenal over a contract extension

Theo Walcott has reportedly failed to reach an agreement with Arsenal over a contract extension

Arsenal have reportedly failed to reach an agreement with England winger Theo Walcott over a contract extension.

The 23-year-old, whose contract expires in 2013, is said to want to stay and is willing to continue negotiations.

However, various newspaper reports claim Arsenal will sell him before Friday's transfer deadline unless he signs an improved five-year deal worth £75,000 a week.

Walcott joined Arsenal from Southampton as a 16-year-old in 2006.

He started the home draw with Sunderland on the opening day of the season but was left on the bench for Sunday's draw at Stoke, eventually coming on after 72 minutes in the Gunners' second straight 0-0 draw.

Walcott's departure would come as a blow to the Gunners after he scored 11 goals last season and was one of the main suppliers of Robin van Persie's 37 goals.

However he has often been criticised for a lack of consistency and at both club and international level and Arsenal colleague Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was preferred by England manager Roy Hodgson at Euro 2012.

If Walcott does leave he would join an ever-increasing list of high-profile players to depart the Emirates a year before their contracts expired.

Earlier this month Van Persie joined Manchester United for a deal thought to be around £24million, while Gael Clichy and Samir Nasri moved to Manchester City last summer and midfielders Cesc Fabregas and Alex Song have both joined Barcelona in the last year.

29/08/2012 10:30
I have never understood why players are paid more then £50 a match??? most good players in the sunday leagues or with amateur clubs would play for nothing .... just for the sheer love for the game ...... to be a footballer is not exactly difficult ...you do not require intelligence, which in most walks of life you are valued for having....and to run about aimlessly , cheating at every opportunity, looking like girls most of the time and acting like them more-so ........ Walcott is a prime example what is wrong with our once beautiful game.
To be offered £75,000 a week and want more is the greatest insult any footballer could ever give to the guy ( the football supporter) who can ill-afford his ticket to watch and who has to work every hour god dammit to make ends meet...I stopped watching the game I once loved because I hate what footballers have become.
29/08/2012 09:06

I think we need big changes at Arsenal. Theo has pace, thats about it. Like peter llyod said, he has never reached expectations. We have the Ox who already looks a better player than him and is a lot younger. If we get £15 mil for him I will be happy. I just hope Wenger uses the money to strenghthen elsewhere. . . .

put a cap on the wages /then you will see how many want to go up to dreary wet manchester.
29/08/2012 09:15
No surprises!!!! Theo is probably in a huff because his 'best friend' v. Per$ie has left... good riddance to the glory hunter, we don't need him & he's a player who been playing at the same level for years, he just never grew up.

ps. Their are too many under preforming players in the squad who are on fantasy football salaries, it's time Wenger sold them & the rest of the deadwood aswell.
29/08/2012 08:43
I don`t want him to go,but he has never reached expectations.
29/08/2012 11:07
75,000 a WEEK,?thats  ridiculous at 23 years old for kicking a football ! this is whats wrong with this sport. my husband used to WORK up to 70 hours a week digging roads and he never earned that much in a year ,OBSENE.
29/08/2012 09:39
Walcott is a light weight ponse who was always over rated. Just because he can run a few yards with the ball he was rated as an exceptional prospect. Occasionally something comes from his possession, so he is a genius? He plays like an effeminate nancy boy and if Wenger gets a decent price for him, he should flog the waste of space. 
29/08/2012 10:00

It just goes to show how good Walcott really is, the 2 Manchester clubs or Barca are not breaking their necks to sign him.

Theo, be a good boy and sign, because you won't get a better offer after being a bench warming has-been for a season. 

While you are at it Arsene, do a buy 1 get 2 free offer, perm any 3 from the 7 or 8 bozos getting paid, just to turn up. IF A PLAYER HASN'T GOT PRIDE IN THE SHIRT, DUMP THEM!!

29/08/2012 10:54
I agree with most people's assessment here that he has not really developed as a player but that's hardly surprising giving his favorite position is up front and he has only ever been used as a right midfielder both at Arsenal and for England.  He's not really a winger.  So far every player under Wenger has or is allowed to play in their best position except Walcott.  It must be frustrating for him.
29/08/2012 11:57

£15 Million for a player who puts in at best half a dozen decent performances a season is good business. Far too inconsistant to be a top player. However, he can do a job for Arsenal. Would be a disaster if we sell him and get no replacement. If we sell and bring in a top winger then I will be a very happy man. The lack of service from wide positions, on the ground or in the air, to our strikers is what cost us the wins against Sunderland and Stoke. Walcott and Gervinho are both terrible in this part of the game and unless the service to the forwards improves we will not see too much improvement from Arsenal's attacking play. Selling Walcott for someone who can actually play a pass in the opposition 3rd and dumping waste-of-space Gervinho to the bench for the Ox would, in my opinion, greatly strengthen our forward line. Besides, Walcott is an idiot. He should sign any contract Arsenal offer because there is no way in hell he's gonna get into the starting 11 of any club better than Arsenal. If given the choice, I would rather keep Walcott because I doubt Wenger would be too quick to replace him. However, getting £15 mil for him and reinvesting in a consistant winger would be the best bit of business Arsenal have done this summer. I don't mind players going if we get replacements in but we already have a huge Alex Song-shaped hole in our midfield and we don't need the same thing on our right wing.

29/08/2012 11:19
Anyway, Football became a business, players just want more and more money. 
29/08/2012 11:54
We are losing players because of one thing and one thing only. Money. Yes, players say they are leaving because they want to win trophies and they feel AFC can't do that. But none of them have left for less money have they? So, if all these players had stayed on the reasonable contracts they were offered, AFC would probably have won something by now so the trophies argument isn't valid. AFC don't pay players over £100k/wk as a rule and Man City, Man U, CFC, Barca and Real do. That is why our players leave for them. Talk of Wenger losing it is nonsense. He still finds these players no one has heard about, buys them for buttons and sells them for huge amounts. Meanwhile Fergie is seen as a genius for siging RVP? What's genius about that? IMO Fergie should have put that money into buying a real top class midfielder if he really wanted to improve Utd. No one knows IF the levels of spending City, Utd etc are doing is sustainable long-term or will cause ruin to themselves and football in general. AFC have clearly stated they feel it is wrong and dangerous and refuse to risk their long term future for short term glory. Yet, they are criticised and ridiculed for it.
29/08/2012 13:29
You know, some of you Arsenal "fans" really make me sick turning on their club in this way. How any of you can say a word against Wenger is way above my level of understanding. When are you fools going to wake up and see it is not Wenger destroyibng the club, it is the board. Who here honestly believes Wenger would sell his best players if he had any choice whatsoever in the matter? Nobody could produce anything like the success Wenger has over the years with such terrible financial constraints. Over the last 15 years Wenger has brought more success to this club than we ever had before. We have consistantly finished near the top and challenged for silverware almost every year Arsene has been in charge. Who else could do that while having to often sell the clubs best players? Now, if you look at Arsenal's squad of last year, you will see that other than Van Persie it was a fairly average side with one or two exceptions. There is absolutely no other manager that would have finished 3rd with that squad no matter who they are. In fact, I highly doubt Arsenal's squad would have been within a million miles of the top two over the last five years with anyone other than Wenger. You idiots call yourselves Arsenal fans, yet all you do is blame the one man who has done and is still doing more for our club than any other manager ever could. Nobody, not even the great Mourinho, could produce a title-challenging team year in-year out on the shoestring budget Arsenal have. If your going to blame someone for christ sake blame the fools at the top who force Wenger to sell and give him pennies to find a replacement. Don't blame the man who is giving 100% every day to hold this club together, especially when he is doing a much better job of it than any other manager in world football could.

who has got at theo walcott/ 19 million pounds gauranteed over 5 years/

get rid of him arsen  /and he claims to want to stay at arsenal.

 the stupid  fickle arsenal fans should respect venger for making a stand against these mostly medeocre one footed players.its time the clubs woke up and saw the road they are going down.

29/08/2012 10:16
Good riddance Theo, I've waited too long for you to produce consistant performances and fed up with your demanding attitude. You can't even get into the Arsenal first team, where are you going to get first team football? SPURS maybe! Give us a break and leave!
29/08/2012 12:27

A as "closet" Gooneer, this seems to be a good time to make a change of ball supplier. Walcott has pace, but not much delivery. Getting 15m for Theo, and maybe pick up Scott Sinclair for 10m makes good sense.  Sinclair is too good to warm Citty's bench, and Walcott needs motivation to be more consistent.


No team will ever get 100% from anyone playing for the wages! Arsenal lack passion in their play, and in some of their players.


at least fabergast and van persie gave arsenal some good years of service and a nice profit.

unlike the other clowns.

I really do not think that it is a great loss to Arsenal if Walcott goes, they have plenty of cover in that department. Where would he go is the $64.000, question ? I say : Sunderland.
29/08/2012 12:26

Arsenal were so crap last year they spanked Chelsea 5-3 on their own ground and we were understrength.

Bit of a silly comment 'telling the truth'.

How can we be crap and finish above Chelsea in the league. What does that make you ???


I admit you did have a couple of embarrassing wins in the semi and final to make you CL winners.

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