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Wenger admits United are stronger

Arsene Wenger, pictured, thinks Sir Alex Ferguson may struggle to juggle his strikers

Arsene Wenger, pictured, thinks Sir Alex Ferguson may struggle to juggle his strikers

Arsene Wenger accepts Arsenal have made rivals Manchester United even stronger with the sale of captain Robin van Persie, but feels Sir Alex Ferguson is a "bit too confident" with talking up another Treble like in 1999.

Red Devils boss Ferguson believes his formidable frontline next season will be just like it was when Andy Cole, Dwight Yorke, Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer drove them on to domestic success, which was then capped by a remarkable late comeback in the Champions League final against Bayern Munich.

Wenger, though, feels juggling the likes of Javier Hernandez and Danny Welbeck alongside Van Persie and Wayne Rooney will not be as straight forwards as it sounds, and said: "Alex Ferguson is a bit too confident when he says 1999, but of course it increases their potential offensively because they got a world-class players."

He went on: "However, they also have a number of players - like Hernandez and Wellbeck - who have a restricted chance to play."

While Arsenal were prepared to make the 29-year-old Dutchman the highest-paid player in the club's history, it was again a case of being unable to match what was on offer elsewhere - with Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri also moving away last summer.

Wenger, however, firmly believes the days of clubs being bankrolled beyond their means are numbered, as UEFA look to implement financial fair play.

"It is a short-term problem, that the world cannot go on like that," said Wenger, who admitted midfielder Alex Song could yet join Barcelona before the end of the transfer window.

"You cannot imagine that the world will go on just splashing money out without any return, people will get tired of that because you will have just a few teams competing with each other.

"When you have lost the standard of living in life for normal people, the football world always gets higher and higher - that cannot last because people will not accept it."

The Arsenal boss added: "Financial Fair Play will make a big difference, how quickly I cannot answer because I am not responsible for putting it in place."

18/08/2012 11:06
its utd for the title city will steal it if utd slip up again, now watch city fans rant, you lot aint that good yet,
18/08/2012 14:24
If Wenger removed his anorak you would see he has been working out and preparing for action. I believe he could have Fergie in a scrap. Fergie would try to find a weapon out of desperation. Wengers wizardry in buying Giroud and Podolski will pay off and they will get a top three finish.
18/08/2012 13:37




Normally I'd leave a comment but I really can't be asked.....the usual idiots with the same season after season dumb predictions!

We'll see this time next year who's laughing and who's crying.


19/08/2012 07:17
until city win the CL a few times shut the fcuk up,utd will always be the team everybody wants to beat, face it city you,ve no history like utd,thats why your forever jealous,& you,ve never had the players like them,:} nobody is interested in your pathetic little boy replies,because its true,you only got this title because utd slipped up,win the league a few times couple of doubles & CL,  then you,ll be a half decent team.:} haha!!
18/08/2012 22:05
yea i said SUE LU not zulu , RORKES DRIFT
18/08/2012 21:59

meet me face to face suelu so i can kick your f'in head in.


18/08/2012 18:34
Wenger need to stop worrying about other teams and sort the mess out at Arsenal, selling there best players, can't even beat Sunderland at home and i would think the moral
 is not very good in the dressing room, maybe its time he resigned.

18/08/2012 21:22
i think football has gone mad and those who question who is the best Manager in the Prem should think about things with a clear mind,Wenger has found brought through and then been forced to sell enough talented players to build 2 squads to win the prem,they leave and another replaces them and they are still top 3/4,until something is done regarding the few teams who just spend unbelievable amounts of money financed by multi-millionaire owners who wave their cheque books at players to get loyalty  and  then to sit on the bench as a bit player 3/4 is all Arsenal could hope for,they either have to break the bank or sit tight until these rich owners get bored buying success,a smart multi-millionaire would give Wenger the money to keep his best players knowing that his manager can also find other players to build up to offload to cover the cost,the problem is the players and over the top demands not the manager
18/08/2012 10:13
Wenger has just revealed his gameplan when he said "You cannot imagine that the world will go on just splashing money out without any return"... it's now quite clear he's only trying to claw back some of the money he spent from this summers transfer signings by selling some of his key players, Arsene is the 'Bob Diamond' of football, PROFIT PROFIT PROFIT!!!
18/08/2012 17:14
tell us you didnt miss the van man today....a points a good thing tho.....lol
18/08/2012 15:33
Ferguson was referring to the Fantastic Four of 1999 NOT referring to the Treble. In another article Mancini claims United have the best front four in the world. So which is it, over confident or the best in the world?? What's for certain is that on both stories the anti United posters are out in force. Why things are so bitter and twisted I don't know, I was in tears (seriously) when United lost the title in extra time but good luck to City and we will see you again this term. It seems the most natural thing in the world to me to be 'sporting' but maybe I'm showing my age or my strict upbringing, I just don't get all the **** and hatred on so many posts. Sad. First day of a new season, best of luck to everyone.
18/08/2012 09:16
*United are stronger????,,,,,,,Vidic fit......Cleverley fit......Anderson fit.......and the addition of Shinji Kagawa....and Van persie. ...MSN no s.hit Sherlock
18/08/2012 11:26

 "Alex Ferguson is a bit too confident when he says 1999"


Yes, Arsene . . .the usual arrogance of which we are all too familiar. 20? Not in my lifetime, lol.

18/08/2012 12:30

Yep, I think another great bit of hidden slant regards Alex and his mind games.  Wenger is up to him and has pulled another flanker.

He is his own man that's for sure. Certainly no dummy, not that Fergie is either, just that he, like mancini they are upto his games and phlights.

 Will be nice to see how he blames Money, refs and others when he loses this year lol ESPECIALLY when not in top four ...

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