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Wenger irked by Van Persie questions

Arsene Wenger growing tired of questions regarding Robin van Persie's future

Arsene Wenger growing tired of questions regarding Robin van Persie's future

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has denied the club are any closer to selling striker Robin van Persie after becoming irritated by questions about the Dutchman's future.

Wenger was pressed about Van Persie by journalists after his side had lost 2-0 to Premier League champions Manchester City on the latest leg of their Far East tour. City and rivals Manchester United have been linked with a move for the unsettled Arsenal captain and Wenger has become annoyed by the speculation.

Several newspapers quoted Wenger as saying: "We have talked about Van Persie. I have talked about Van Persie and I'm not talking about that question any more."

The Dutchman has missed Arsenal's tour and is instead working on his fitness following Euro 2012.

Wenger added: "Van Persie is close to fitness. But we have not had any more contact from City or United about him."

City manager Roberto Mancini backed up Wenger's claim that no bids had been made.

"If he said this, I think it's true. Van Persie is one of the best strikers so it's difficult to buy him," said Mancini.

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28/07/2012 11:33
the sign of a great coach buys developes a player sells him for a huge profit arsenal have no complaints,lets him go,buy a younger player sell him its a no brainer.
28/07/2012 11:10
rvp had one good season, just like nasri did just like clichy did etc etc. i feel sorry for arsenal fans and for wenger, he buys players develops them, then loses them. arsenal need one man more than anyone at the min and that is david dein. seems to be issues at the top of the club coz wenger doesnt control contracts does he? just let rvp go if they get 10 - 12 million thats a good deal certainly better than nothing. all these players going to man city to sit on the bench will soon realise they have wasted their careers. obviously cash more important. dont see rooney giggs gerrard carragher terry lampard letting contracts run down do you, loyal to the club even in tough times.
28/07/2012 13:28

Cant say I blame him. It's as if there is nothing else to talk about and that the club will die because RVP is leaving!! Total rubbish of course.

Yes us Gunners fans (or gooners as some like to refer to us as)  are frustrated that we have not won any trophies but again, we have to be proud of the fact that we've not been supported financially by some people with bottomless pockets!. The club is in good shape and that is the most important thing.

RVP can go and I think many of us will be happy at the end of the day. It is the Nasri saga rolling over again and we do not need it.

I hope that Wenger and the team will get closer to winning something this season. Apart from a dreadful start last season which saw many baying for Wenger to go, they finished in a very credible position. Hopefully we'll do better this season with players who are hungry for success.

28/07/2012 10:52
When will Arsene just let it go, he's deluding himself if he thinks RvP will stay, he behaved a similar way towards Fabregas... if a player wants to leave then he will leave, also the PL kicks off in 3 weeks & we're still talking about this, I think it's time to end this nonsense & sell him & buy a younger striker. ASAP!!!

28/07/2012 13:48
so what if one season wonder goes?i didnt want charlie george to go,or chippy brady,but they went,and i still go to see the arsenal after nearly 50 years.rvp will be forgotten,afc wont.
28/07/2012 11:15

if we sell robin, let us sell him to a club over sea's. the last thing arsenal will want to see is robin scoring

goals against his old club, so i say it's a no! no!  so stay away man-u and city.

28/07/2012 21:59



I see it's day release time for the jealous envious Arsenal/Wenger haters!


Which Arsenal supporters were begging a few weeks ago for RvP to stay???

It surely wasn't me or any of the true gooner non-plastic glory hunting supporters.

RvP or any other person and that includes wenger is not necessary for Arsenal's survival.

Arsenal FC has sucessfully existed for over 100 years and the transitional period AFC is currently going through will ensure they will successfully exist for many a year to come even after the football financial bubble bursts, the spend spend clubs have lost their sugar daddies and the banks start to ask for their money back from the big debt clubs.

Now 'transitional period' look the term up in a dictionary, maybe it'll sink into a few thick skulls why Arsenal haven't won the EPL in a while.

There really ought to be a compulsory IQ test before people are allowed to leave comments on here!!!

28/07/2012 22:39

watch this space rvp stays at arsenal. because they win the title. now they have a stronger squad.

they gave some teams a beating with a depleted squad last year. i.e. chelsea/spurs/man-c/liverpool.

before we go there not man-u. thats because they needed help from the f.a. to keep in touch with man. city. if robin wants to go. then sell him abroad. why should wenger help other premier teams to beat the arsenal. it would be a kick in the head to all arsenal fans.

mmmmmmmmmmmm, 'close to fitness' ?? this really means 'i'm not playing and risking injury, which will affect my move away from this un-ambitious profit orientated club'

we're not stupid Arsene, just do the deal and stop being greedy .............................................
I don't get this " let him go now  for whatever you can sell for and buy someone else" message. With a year left on his contract and his injury record that would probably mean £15-£20m tops.

 If he plays as well next season as last [questionable] and gets Arsenal into the knockout stages of the CL it should earn you, I guess, about £20m and up  to £50 if you make the final; more if you win it. And if you  get a top 4 slot again, you'll have that revenue for 2014 as well.

So letting him go for free at the end of 2013 will possibly earn you more than twice as much as selling him now. And if you do sell him what likelihood is it that you won't even get a top four spot when you look at the investment your competitors are presently making?

29/07/2012 09:45
arsene wenger is a bloody good manager there is no doubt about it. not so long ago he was under pressure to buy & his policy was to build the team with raw talent until he listened to the fans & look where it got the club into the CL again. he,s a top man alright. you arsenal fans are very lucky,play great football but no cups,what do prefer to win a trophy or CL every year,l supose that is a prize being in it every year,? still great a achievement.
29/07/2012 08:23
I'm telling you....If United really want him they will get him....so suck it up Arsenal fans....because the ones that dont have any money is clearly arsenal.....Arsarvin being your record signing speaks volumes......you sell class.....don't buy class.....and what have you won?????? NOTHING
29/07/2012 10:55
RVP good player who had an outstanding season can he repeat it time will tell he didnt exactly have a great european championships
29/07/2012 10:42

Attention David Reid!

You are trying your utmost to get the decent and true Arsenal supporters to decend to dirty scum level.

With every writing you come out extremely vile, rude and idiotic. People have been ignoring you and I wish they will continue. But the situation of things at Arsenal demand that the true  and greater majority of Arsenal supporters who have have been largely quiet should now speak out.

You have been defending the status quo and claiming that Arsenal could not have done better than the present outcome. You have been bleathing about the project at Arsenal and claiming to know Wenger and Gazidis better than the Arsenal's last 4 captains who were sold to our rivals in England and Europe.  David, each time I see your write up here I feel extremely disgusted because you are more of the old same and you claim absolute perfection of the knowledge of Arsenal fc and also the English language.

Truly speaking, you and Zulu(Danny clarke) are in the same camp. In truth you could be a clever Spurs fan who is viciously determined to cause a rift in the Arsenal ranks by playing on the minds of the genuine fans of AFC. Even Gazidis and Wenger never lay claim to absolute authority and perfect knowledge of all matters and projects relating to Arsenal as much as you do. You have severally resorted to psychological bullying of the genuine Arsenal supporters who dared question the progress and ambition at Arsenal. Bullying is evil. David , you are full of disrespect and extremely intollerant.

Mr. David Reid, you are not an Arsenal supporter. You are a fraud and fake.

Arsenal for life.

29/07/2012 09:27
Interesting to know whether most Arsenal fans want him to stay, after which he goes for nothing next season, or get the best deal they can for him now and invest in a good replacement.
29/07/2012 07:34
Very few players leave Arsenal and go on to better things. RVP has had 1 good season in 8 at Highbury/Emirates and now he wants out. Well Mr van Persie If thats what you want then I hope yo get your ''dream'' move. Just remember, be careful what you wish for because sometimes you might get it. Players come and go. Arsenal Football Club just keeps going.
Presumably these dating sites  try to push their message  in areas where they'll get the best response. 33% of the posts on this article  indicate they think  that Arsenals  supporters are feeling lonely or in need of some form of physical comfort. Don't you find that worrying? I mean surely their footballs not that bad.
29/07/2012 08:05

Actually Kevin I'm with you on this one mate!

I've had a sneaky feeling all along that RvP will stay at Arsenal because no one will pay Arsenal's asking price for an injury prone one season wonder and I think RvP has been trying it to force the club's hand to spend more money on the squad to mount a credible challenge for the title/trophies.

29/07/2012 00:28

Manchester have no money to buy Van Persie now. Maybe the are going to wait a year to have him for free.


That what you call rich club like city when the run out of money. The media may need a new story to selling their news papers. If any one want Van Persie Arsenal have a price for him. Pls pay it or Shut Up and let Arsenal to get on with it their football.


Mr Wenger help Van Persie all the way to became better player and Van Persie stubbing Mr Wenger in the back. If he want to leave Arsenal tell me who want buy him and nobody has made any offer yet.


Who you think you are kidding Van Persie or Arsenal. We can not let Van Persie be sold cheap. If any club can afford to buy other player from other club by paying the higher amount of money the can afford to buy Van. Give us the right money and you can have him full stop  

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