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Wilkinson charged over Balotelli clash

The FA has charged Andy Wilkinson with violent conduct

The FA has charged Andy Wilkinson with violent conduct

Stoke defender Andy Wilkinson has been charged with violent conduct by the Football Association following an incident with Manchester City's Mario Balotelli in Saturday's 1-1 draw between the sides.

Wilkinson was involved in an altercation with the City striker which was not seen by the match officials but was caught on video.

Balotelli went down after an apparent off-the-ball clash with Wilkinson, the pair having shadowed each other most of the afternoon.

Referee Mark Clattenburg spoke to the players but took no action and replays did not suggest anything serious had occurred.

Wilkinson now has until 6pm on Wednesday 19 September 2012 to respond to the charge.

Based on Balotelli's punishment last season this should mean a four match ban. Not much good comes out of this sort of incident, except the mature way Balotelli reacted, or to be more accurate, didn't react.

Yet another example of the officials failing to keep a watch on the game. With this, the Everton missed goals, Welbeck's dive and  Crouch's hand balls it was a pretty grim three days for the "don't bring in technology" brigade
18/09/2012 17:59
Hang on!!! They used a video??   Everton will be so pleased that  video evidence shows the ball, over the line and therefor awarded all 3 pts.
18/09/2012 19:09

im afraid its no more than he deserves,he is always at it, about time someone twatted him,he might shut his trap a bit now and get on with what he is good at, playing football

18/09/2012 16:17
Balottelli's response wasn't an act of maturity. It has been proven before that if you stand up to a bully like Balotelli, they will cry like cowards always do.. Wilkinson deserves his punishment, what he did was disgraceful, but  Balotelli rolling around on the floor and crying like a girl shouldn't be seen as an act of moral supremacy.
18/09/2012 18:31
david jone,s 
i fully agree with you if they can use video to see what the referee did not then why can they not use it to  other incorrect  decision,s
think they do it to collect fine money
the fa is bent and alway,s has been
18/09/2012 19:35
A stoke player charged with violent conduct... no surprises their then. :D
Think he overplayed the sympathy card. I think the world of Balli.... but he is a plonker lol. But could it be he isn't trying to amend his bad- uncalled for often - reputation and thinks as such he has to play up to officals to make a point? That elbow wouldn't have knocked the dummy out of a baby's mouth. So of course he was playing the sympathy card. Now wether Wilko should be punished is A. yes of course.... but then I thought that if a ref has seen, been drawn to an incident it has been dealt with and over and done with rgardless what anyone, fa included thinks. and taken

It was at very best cowardly what he did, if you have seen the incident then you will see there is no physical provocation from Balotelli all though we dont what  if anything was said between the 2 players.


As Grim as pointed out that the reaction from Balotelli was as  mature as you could expect from someone who has a hair trigger temper,


I hope the punishment does fit the crime in this case because it will send out a message to those who want to commit off the ball scenarios that you will be dealt with retrospectively based on video footage

18/09/2012 19:58
another incident involving ballotelli and his easy fallings down no surprises there either! lets hope what goes around comes around and somebody does same to him!  vile little cheat!
18/09/2012 20:43
outrageous if the same tech used last season Balotelli should not have been on the park after stamping scott parker and three points deducted from the cheating arabs
18/09/2012 22:23
exactly the same tech was used last year ref did not see it
and on the monday they used the video evidence and balloteli was banned for 3 game,s
so what,s your problem
18/09/2012 20:10
im glad balotelli doesnt play for liverpool or he would be sent to the tower
18/09/2012 22:26
ste99 no one went down easier than wellbeck on sat
fergie good at finding good divers

18/09/2012 17:11

what a t!t you really are williams.

18/09/2012 17:43
whats new with stoke players, its the way they play, they are crude and play like animals, its about time the FA jumped on them 42 bookings last season and god knows how mnay red cards, say it all!
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