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Young sidelined as Rooney nears return

Ashley Young is facing up to three weeks on the sidelines

Ashley Young is facing up to three weeks on the sidelines

Ashley Young is set to be unavailable for Manchester United and England until mid-October with a knee injury, but there is better news for club and country on Wayne Rooney.

United manager Sir Alex Ferguson revealed on Friday that Young was suffering from bruised cartilage and will be out for two to three weeks, but said Rooney was in line to return from a gashed thigh at some stage next week.

On Young, Ferguson said: "Ashley Young has a bruised cartilage that is going to take two or three weeks more. We're taking our time with that one. You can easily play and train with it but we are not going down that road. We have a lot of experience of these injuries recurring when they come back too quickly."

Young suffered the injury against Fulham last month, and Ferguson's prognosis would keep the United man out until after the next international break, meaning he will miss England's World Cup qualifiers against San Marino and Poland.

It was suggested earlier this week that Rooney was set to make a rapid return, either in Wednesday's Champions League tie with Galatasaray or this weekend's encounter with Liverpool at Anfield.

Rooney was not involved in midweek and Ferguson has confirmed Sunday is not a possibility either.

However, with a Capital One Cup tie against Newcastle looming on Wednesday, followed by an eye-catching Old Trafford meeting with Tottenham next Saturday, Rooney's absence will not continue for too much longer.

"I know there were reports about Rooney being a possible, but that is not the case," said Ferguson.

"He is not far away. He's doing a lot of great training and has been working hard.

"It's just a matter of getting him into the full football training side of things which he has done part of. I think he may be fine for next week."

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21/09/2012 16:23

Manchester Blue- you are just showing that Man City have no class. The club AND the fans have a complete lack of it. On the week when Manchester United and Liverpool, the biggest and most poisonous rivalry in football, agreed to lay down arms in remembrance of tragdies that affected both clubs, (Hillsbrough in particular as its the anniversary) here you are, a City fan, referring to United fans as Munichs. And you wonder why City fans are fast becoming the most hated in the world. Please dont mistake my comment as biased as believe me, I call it how I see it. No class or respect whatsoever!

21/09/2012 15:03
This disappoints me as I am sick of Nani now. He dives, makes bad decisions, is rash, tries stupid tricks that never come off, his shots end up in the stand, and his ego is bigger than his array of footballing talent. YOU ARE NO RONALDO NANI AND YOU NEVER WILL BE! God I hope Young makes a quick recovery.
21/09/2012 15:50
i see chitty are building a new training ground near to the stadium ,, it was formerly a car park that was always empty on a weekend anyway ..  mancinile said it is ideal as it will only be a short camel ride for the players from the stadium ,,, tevez has refused to travel with the others as he gets camel sickness and is afraid of heights ,,,,
21/09/2012 16:53
I would rather see Kagawa play on the left and Rooney as a second striker! Fed up with the poor displays from Nani and Young!
21/09/2012 18:18

Rooney may be good for his club, but an England player he is Not, too much hype and when it matters he has little to offer.

21/09/2012 18:04

Why do people insist that the likes of rooney and co deserve their england places the way they have worked in the past all they deserve is the sack and start with a complete new squad who are coming into form not going over the hill.

I say worked as on the money they get none of them are players.

21/09/2012 14:33
We are coping well without him presently and therefore given time he will be back. Rooney is coming back with something to prove now so it will be interesting to see wht he is made of now. he is no longer the golderen boy of United.
21/09/2012 17:29
High wages for diving, can't hit the target etc.etc. what do these guys get their money for? I have a boy who is as fit as a butchers dog,an athlete, great left foot and can hit the target and make the keeper work, but can he get a club to show interest? No. Not sour grapes but it is so frustrating when you see the money the boss spent on Young ,Nani and a few others and they hav'nt produced the goods. Time to move them on along with Evera, Vidic, Carrick.
21/09/2012 16:26
21/09/2012 19:57
there are 10 reds for every 1 mercenary in mcr . man city are a small club, and i suggest you go back to playing the burys and stockports, i mean then youll be the same size clubs
21/09/2012 16:41

Yes, no matter about the diving. Man U are allowed as the  Referee and FA gives them full support and backing. Personally I don't mind which one turns out for Man U.  AS long as niether turn up for England.

21/09/2012 15:07
"... he will miss England's world cup qualifiers against San Marino and Poland" ... wwhhoooo what great news!

What is a "bruised cartilage" anyway?

21/09/2012 13:43
We need Young back in the squad, he adds a bit of flair and creativity to the midfield. He just needs to cut out the diving and he'll be a top asset.
21/09/2012 21:28
salford red you are thugs and cop killers
21/09/2012 15:26
the PL diving coefficient will drop through the floor...
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