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Zamora criticises former boss Jol

Bobby Zamora, pictured, claims he 'didn't see eye to eye' with Martin Jol at Fulham

Bobby Zamora, pictured, claims he 'didn't see eye to eye' with Martin Jol at Fulham

Bobby Zamora has claimed "the vast majority" of Fulham's squad do not get on with Martin Jol, suggesting that was partly behind the exodus of players from the club.

Zamora left Craven Cottage in January to join QPR, one of several departures under Jol in 2012. The 31-year-old striker reportedly fell out with his manager over his lack of game time and believes he was not the only one to have a problem with the former Tottenham boss.

Asked by the Evening Standard whether he felt the trend of high-profile exits was due to an issue in the squad, Zamora said: "Yes. I left because I didn't see eye to eye with Martin Jol. I think that is the case with the vast majority of players there now."

He added: "A lot of the lads aren't happy. But that's that. There were a few bits and pieces but we just didn't see eye to eye."

Mousa Dembele, Dickson Etuhu, Andrew Johnson, Danny Murphy and Clint Dempsey were among the players to leave Fulham this summer and Zamora did not say which of them had also fallen out with Jol.

The Cottagers refused to comment on Zamora's claims when contacted by Press Association Sport on Tuesday afternoon.

However, new signing Giorgos Karagounis praised Jol in an interview with the same newspaper, saying: "He is a very experienced coach, who wants to play football the right way."

02/10/2012 17:41

Really showing your lack of class Zamora. Jol has more class and talent in his little finger than you have ever had in your entire, mediocre career.


Jol is the man - He seems to have gotten Fulham playing well without you Zamora. You are ****

02/10/2012 19:30
regretting the move yet Bob? No cos aslong as ure getting paid thousands a pound a week u dont care what happens. Berbatov twice the player anyway
02/10/2012 19:11
qpr going down mark hughes most over rated manager ever,where ever he goes his teams r rubbish mediorce players
02/10/2012 19:14
That's why you signed for a lesser club with a worse manager, I hope you enjoy playing in the championship next season, it's where you belong.
02/10/2012 21:00
What's it got to do with Zamora,anyway?
02/10/2012 20:49

We used to sing at Fulham.."If the ball hits his head and it lands in Row Z...It's Zamora".

True to say he had a couple of good seasons at Fulham whilst generally flunking a hatfull of chances but it was a great move flogging him to QPR!

02/10/2012 20:23
We have made a good start to the season so stop bleating zamora i am sure you left fof money
02/10/2012 20:47
02/10/2012 19:18
Zamora is not exactly a world class player, more a sunday league player who was so far out of his depth, it's a miracle he didn't drown when playing ror a top manager!
02/10/2012 16:34

More heading rott from MSN

MSN Twaddle again.

03/10/2012 06:40
a very average player with a very big ego ,sadly he is not the only one 
02/10/2012 23:49
03/10/2012 08:23
Well you aren't exactly doing well at QPR are you Bobby???  Fulham are doing great. Another case of over paid, over egoed, under effective..
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