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Greatest sporting comebacks

Team Oracle USA win the 2013 America's Cup

Team Oracle USA win the 2013 America's Cup (© PA)
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Where does this victory rank in terms of greatest ever sporting comebacks?

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Sir Ben Ainslie has helped steer Oracle Team USA to the 34th America's Cup, completing one of the most remarkable sporting comebacks of all time.

Only last Wednesday the team were 8-1 down to Emirates Team New Zealand, who needed just one race win to secure the trophy.

However, San Francisco Bay witnessed an incredible comeback as defender Oracle won eight consecutive races on match point to close out the series.

Great Britain's four-time Olympic gold medallist Ainslie played a key role in turning the event around after being called up from the warm-up crew.

Drafted in as tactician in place of John Kostecki, he was one of the catalysts as Oracle produced the most incredible comeback in America's Cup history.

"It was a fantastic race - we wouldn't have it any other way," skipper Jimmy Spithill said after only the third winner-takes-all final in the event.

"We came from behind, the guys showed so much heart. On your own you're nothing, but a team like this can make you look great.

"We were facing the barrel of a gun at 8-1 and the guys didn't even flinch.

"Thanks to San Francisco, this is one hell of a day."

The hosts faced an uphill task after being docked two penalty points, meaning they were 8-1 down on Wednesday despite having won three races.

That Oracle clawed their way back was in no small part thanks to Ainslie, who was brought in when the team ditched tactician John Kostecki.

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01/10/2012 15:14
So happy.....cannot bare to watch the Ryder cup in USA as they spoil it with chants of "birdie time" and "USA,USA"!!.......Why do they say "get in the hole" on a par 5 512 yard tee.......no wonder they are the most hated race on earth...Idiots!
01/10/2012 13:44
watched it couldnt beleive it I bet them yanks are sick!!! lol
01/10/2012 14:01

I'm not into sports but what an achievement. Yesterday the Americans were gloating that they would win and then WOW!

What a year for sport. Olympics, Paralympics and now this.



01/10/2012 15:38

A superb example of why you should never give up, in spite of the odds (and a disgracefully un-sporting US crowd).

And on the subject of the Ryder Cup US crowd, doesn't it yet again show how gormless and childish so many of the citizens of that country really are, unless they are overwhelming a smaller opponent? As to shouting 'get in the hole' at the tee of a par 5................???? 'Gee mom! Aren't our guys swell, and so cool, like. Wicked'. Trans-Atlantic gobbeldegook which infects our 'streetwise' sheep.

Well done, again, our lot and Seve must be pirouetting in Paradise!

01/10/2012 15:14

This may not be the gratest comeback in sport, but it takes some beating! I was unable to watch the live coverage (no Sky TV) but I watched every minute of the three late night highlights on BBC TV.( with no knowledge of the state of play) and I felt the highs and lows as great shots were followed by poor shots by the European team. Even the great Peter Alliss let slip the word "pathetic" after a particularly poor shot by a very much below par Lee Westwood, pun intended!!! It looked as if the USA would trounce Europe and easily reach the four and a half points required from the 12 singles matches on the last days play and regain the Ryder Cup. NO WAY JOSE! The team talk given by Jose Maria Ollazabel (apparantly bringing tears to the eyes of many) installing the "Seve spirit" into every man jack of the Euro Team and, what an amazing, possibly miraculous turn around! The very partisan and vociferous home crowd, (some of whom at times were extremely un-sporting crying "get in the water" and "four four four" when putting for a three) were soon quieted to some degree after a strong start by Europe.  The points for europe were building with no reply by the US until the sixth match. However well we were going we still needed points from the later matches and unbelievable individual performances from Lee Westwood,Sergio,Martin and Molinari all added to those of Luke, star man Ian Poulter,Rory Rosie  and  veteran Paul Lawrie a winning points total to  win.

                                   The American players,captain and most of all the home crowd weren't high fiving, whoopin an hollering and body checking any more. They were left stunned,shell-shocked and speechless. What a tremendous scene for "everyone, unless you are American" to quote Peter Alliss. Well done and congratulations to all involved in this tremendous European achievement 

01/10/2012 13:54
Well done to all concerned to retain the Ryder Cup on American home turf is something to brag about,once again congrats all round.
01/10/2012 18:42
The Americans got what they deserved - Nothing , when will they learn not to celebrate before they win. Fatal error.
01/10/2012 15:25
Well done lads. I'm sure Seve Ballesteros was watching over you and blocking the hole when the Americans were putting (Ha!ha!) Ian Poulter was magic.
01/10/2012 18:15
Wow, unbelievable, even if you don't like Golf. I think the Ryder cup is so intense mainly driven by the unsportmanlike behaviour of the Americans. It is truly disgusting to boo opposition players and cheer when they mess up, typical of their behaviour and definetely stirs the blood. What a performance of grit , determination and passion. Simply awesome.
01/10/2012 15:07
It just proves that you should never give up and clearly the newly inspired team played so much better yesterday when thinking of legend Seve Ballesteros. Sensational golf played by everyone participating. Thank you
The Chicago spectators got their just deserts as they unwittingly put the USA team under pressure by their unsporting chants.  
01/10/2012 16:12
i am slightly biased because i am a golf professional, but i am a Manchester United fan and this was like Man United beating Barcelona 12-0 !!! it simple cannot happen!! . but this did happen, absolutely the greatest sporting achievment i have ever seen. Well done lads, and well done Seve.
01/10/2012 14:29
It doesn't matter if its the best, it was a great comeback, Manifique!
What an incredible comeback, it is usual for the Americans to make a charge with the singles but this time it was Europe that came roaring through. What a tremendous performance, congrats to all the players and backroom boys.
01/10/2012 17:01
Miraculous victory, inspired by the memory of Seve Ballesteros being at the forefront of the European team Spirit! I loved Ballesteros and this victory, in his memory, has to be the greatest comeback of all time.
01/10/2012 14:38

It was a fabulous comeback in the Ryder cup, but then didnt the US come back from a similar 4 point deficit a few years back to win it?


I'm not a Liverpool fan, but i do think their comeback against AC Milan in the Champions League final warrants a place in the top ten.

However, I personally voted for the England v Australia Ashes match. At one point the bookmakers had odds of 500-1 for England to win! that was a miracle!


haha, lawrence duff in reply to your joke of a comment, you have to play all 3 days of competition to win the ryder cup, you turned up for 2 of them and then rested on your laurels and thought they cant beat us now, so you deserved what you got, a good old fashioned whooping from our euro boys. everyone said it couldnt be done but somehow i had a feeling that in the singles the americans wudnt match up, because they arent as good individually and dont have a butt buddy to bail them out when they hit a bad shot.

you make your own luck in this game son but what i'd be more concerned about is how your so called best players let it happen, woods was unbelievably shocking all week and gave u nothing (world no2? i dont think so), i felt sorry for stricker being partnered with him and i dont think it helped his game, all of your team apart from dufner,d.johnson and z.johnson bent over and took one up the a** on the last day.

the euro boys saw an oppotunity and took it, playing great the last day and poulter was amazing all week, thats a true ryder cupper right there, you americans should learn from him as you only sing when your winning.

im glad u got spanked and in 2014 the same will happen again as we now have and have had the best players in the world for the last 2 years and the balance of power has shifted.

oh the bliss to see your american faces when that putt went in, the silence was deafening and we loved every minute of it!!!!!!!!

oh and this along with the man city triumph at the end of last season have to be top by miles.

01/10/2012 14:15
Sylvester Stallonne Rocky IV .smile.
01/10/2012 16:20

First there was God and then there was the dirty dozen from Europe. What a sporting year for Europe and GB in particular. Now we need England to win 20/20 and Hamilton to be F1 champ to conclude this amazing 2012!


01/10/2012 20:24
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