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How Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France

The key moments from the British cyclist's historic victory

How Bradley Wiggins won the 2012 Tour de France (© PA)
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Team Sky leader Bradley Wiggins has become the first Briton in history to win the Tour de France. We take a look at the key moments of the race that secured his historic victory.

23/07/2012 09:03
well done wiggo and the rest of the sky team
23/07/2012 10:09
what a great sportsman congratulations to the whole team
23/07/2012 09:25

Well done to Bradley and the Sky Team

Also well done to Chris Froome and Mark Cavendish

23/07/2012 11:07
Well done by someone who has given his life to a sport he loves. Overpaid footballers take note what dedication means.
23/07/2012 09:25
fantastic achievement well done wiggins, cavendish, froome and the whole sky team.
What an achievement , the first British team to win the Tour, Note I wrote British. Be proud, be British, congrats to all the team including the back room bods and sponsors. 
23/07/2012 10:17

Congratulations, the ultimate sporting achievment, 3 weeks of agony, shurly the fittest sportmen in the world.


23/07/2012 09:46
Fabulous success for Team Sky and especial congratulations to Bradley, Chris and Mark for a superb Tour de France and a nail biting last lap
23/07/2012 09:36
so pleased and lovely for the uk to have something to be proud of again !
23/07/2012 12:54

with regard to the comments made by Gordon Shephard. Bradley may not deserve a knighthood but you can't dispute his achievements in the past 12 months 3 major tour wins 2012 Tour du Romandie, the 2012 Criterium du dauphine  and now theTour de France.


I would like to see how you cope spending a total of 85 hours in the saddle up and down some of the highest mountains in europe so be proud to be british and give credit where credit is due.


WELL DONE BRADLEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Carl Coley

Tour de france fan

23/07/2012 11:39

I am not really a cycling fan BUT the TOUR DE FRANCE come on!! We never beef up our nations great sportsmen and achievements. BE PROUD TO BE British and win AT LAST. Well done Bradley- hope you do get a Knighthood-fly the flag!!

23/07/2012 10:20
brad wiggins IS BRITISH. he was born in ghent but his ENGLISH mother brought him back to london when he was very young and thats where he grew up and remained ever since
23/07/2012 10:51
Good on ya Bradley,  got me hooked on the Tour de France!
23/07/2012 12:15

So very very proud of what Bradley and the rest of the sky team achieved .Amazes me it doesnt get more coverage of what an achievement a British team and sportsman have achieved.If this had been football i would be plastered eveywhere yet the most grueling sporting compeition in the world get so little. shame on the British media.

BBC sports personality of the year will give us a chance to show how proud we are.

23/07/2012 11:24
great achivement only comparable to England winning the football world cup in l966. Jorge Bandirali freelance journalist
23/07/2012 13:11
congrats to Bradley wiggins and all the sky team for a magnificent effort at the Tour de France. True sporting hero's the lot of them,the country can be very proud of them all. 4000km around france with only 1 day off in three weeks,thats what sport is all about,not like these over paid,over hyped footballers who have no scruples or morals. Bradley Wiggins,Christopher Frome and team show that sportsmen can be eloquent and humble. They are amazing athletes,bring on the Olympic road race for mark cavendish and the time trial for Bradley,and the whole cycling team to be successfull in london.
23/07/2012 12:57

what a great win well done brad. all you whinging people out there get a life. a great british sporting hero. its great to cheer on a true chapion and lift the spirits a bit in this doom and gloom country

as the aussies say fair go mate and whinging poms which some of you out there are.. awesome bradley wiggins tour de france champion 2012 woooohooooooo  

23/07/2012 21:45



"With the greatest respect..... if "Sport is never ever going to be that important, in fact it doesn't register at all with me..." then why are you reading this article or more to the point, sharing your opinion with the rest of the world?

Everyone has to live within a budget, if you are that upset about how little money you have to provide food for your family then might I put forward that for one thing you could stop the payments for your internet connection? That would put an extra few meals on the table a month. It may not be much but it would be a start.

Attacking some one from the comfort of a keyboard is a very easy thing to do but if you feel that strongly about voicing your concerns then please feel free to read the following and take it from there...

world wide web (dot) foe (dot) co (dot) uk/resource/how_tos/cyw_59_protest law (dot) pdf

I hope that you could find it in your heart to applaud this achievement from every single rider in the Tour, it is a very real human achievement to even take part, let alone to finish it.

Have a nice day".


Mr Someone.


I have no doubt that your a decent enough chap,but i rather think you assume too much about me.


What makes you think i have the luxury of a home pc?.I maybe using a library pc or a friends (which is the case,because i couldn't keep up the cost of the internet connection.Thanks to this tory/dem goverments austerity measures i'm on the bones of my arse).

Also i don't need any pointers from you;i was very active on a number of political debating sites,but not as much now,for reasons stated.


And you may call it "a very real human achievement",but,what i see is a man on a bicycle fulfilling a very selfish dream and in no way benefits me or the rest of humanity;however the media and the likes of people like you say it is a great achievement.


You understand,i've never been one for this "we're all a team" sh*te,and it fills me with "national pride" and i'm so proud to be British -"let's pat eachother all on the back" rubbish.

The truth is i despise all forms of nationalism.It's what causes the hate and intolerance of "the other". and a plaque of endless conflicts and  wars perpetrated by those in the west who feel it is within their right as a democratic  country to subdue and rape another country of their natural resources and wealth,just because they believe they hold the moral high ground (says who?).Bullsh*t!..

All i have passion for is equality and justice;both sadly lacking in this "green and pleasant land".

There are those who have everything and those who have nothing,but,still those who have it all think it is their God given right to lord it over the rest of us.

I say no!-their no better than you or me.And if it takes a revolution to stop them,then so be it.


One last point:the reason i post on this site when i can is:In the vain hope that people will actually absorb what i and others are saying.


Good evening to you.



23/07/2012 10:28
23/07/2012 11:21

Great Brad--Sooo deserved----- Now all you cyclists in GB ( Wet world )-- come outand cycle the alps of Provence @Chez-Ray. Best value cycle holidays in France.

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