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Khan 'excited' about the future

Amir Khan announced the split from his trainer on Twitter

Amir Khan announced the split from his trainer on Twitter

Amir Khan will in "due course" announce the name of the trainer he hopes is going to mastermind his route back to the top of boxing.

The 25-year-old on Saturday parted company with Freddie Roach, regarded by many as the best trainer in the business, in the wake of damaging defeats to Lamont Petersen and Danny Garcia.

The Bolton fighter revealed the split on his Twitter account in the early hours of this morning, confirming what most had expected to happen since his July 14 loss to Garcia which saw him lose his WBA and WBC light-welterweight titles.

At the time he wrote: "Officially iv left freddie roach. Just spoke to his and had a good professional chat and maybe in the future we work together."

He then teased fans by saying he would announce his next trainer in "10 minutes" before checking himself and changing that to Sunday morning.

However, in a more considered statement released on Saturday evening, Khan has thanked Roach and altered his timescale for the appointment of a new trainer.

"After nearly four years together, in which we enjoyed some great success, I part ways with my trainer Freddie Roach," he wrote. "I would like to thank him for all his hard work and help during this period and express my gratitude to him for the progress he helped bring about whilst I was under him.

"I would also like to thank his team. I loved every minute training in LA at the Wildcard Gym, learning and sparring alongside some truly great fighters and meeting some fantastic people.

"I feel now, however, is the right time in my career to make a fresh change and bring in a new trainer. I'm looking forward, and am excited, about the prospect of working alongside someone new. I will make an announcement in due course of who this will be.

"There are some specific aspects of my game I'm looking to work on and hopefully improve. My next training camp begins in early October and I will have everything in place by then."

15/09/2012 09:55

There is an old saying in boxing, and it goes..."you can't put muscles on chins".

It doesn't matter how good you are going forward, if you can't take shots from the top boys, you won't last very long.

I thought Khan outclassed Garcia in every round, but Garcia was just tougher, it's as simple as that.

.......Remember Naseem Hamed.........??????

makes no difference who trains him he will still have a glass chin.
15/09/2012 14:08
scapegoating seldom works amir you were well and truly whooped last 2 fights so accept you aint all that.
15/09/2012 08:57
From what i have seen of Amir he does not take any notice of his trainers.
15/09/2012 09:44

Danny Garcia Had practised the punch he knew would take out Amir,He had studied Amir's

style and was measuring him up for it in The first  few rounds. Amir's corner men should have spotted this. It was all Danny had, he was slower and behind on points.and was gertting hurt by

 Amir  but the Americans had a plan and we didn't. End of story.

Amir Kahn = A mere con. Freddie is the best trainer in the world but even he cant rebuild a chin made from glass. 
15/09/2012 09:23
As predicted 5 yrs ago Khan would rise to the top via fighting bums but when it came to the REAL fighters he would burn like a cheap cigar. Roach is no dummmy and could see it coming Hell we could  all see it coming if you were unbiased. next thing up will be a Khan Hatton fight lol Hangem up boys your days are over!!!!!!!!
15/09/2012 08:33
its not the trainer its you buck your ideas up train more
15/09/2012 11:41
I have lost all faith in Khan. He talks too much.
15/09/2012 10:43
king kahn??? he's a joke and thats it. he fought and beat a few no bodies then got his **** handed to him. the big boys figured him out and ok he'll come back win 3 or 4 fights then lose a big fight which we would have had to pay 15 quid to watch. amir kahn is an average boxer, put him the ring with pac man that would be worth watching.
15/09/2012 14:05
A good tradesman never blames his tools.
15/09/2012 17:48
dont make sense.you cant blame the trainer if you lose a fight.its down to you not being goog enough
Khan came up fighting Patsies,and shouting his mouth off,once he got among the real fighters it showed what a **** he is.   I have said from day one he could'nt fight his way out of a wet paper bag and he still can't.Now what does he do Blame his trainer and sacks him,somebody should tell him that when that bell goes,it's him who as to the fighting not his trainer.!!!!
15/09/2012 11:58
if you have no defence like khan then even the strongest chin wont help you from getting ko'd . 
15/09/2012 09:55
It's a shame he can't find a British trainer.
15/09/2012 10:39
Good tactics, he loses whilst being trained by the best so he ditches his trainer. Next time he'll get KO'd in the 1st.
15/09/2012 09:19
khan is no good when he fights the top boxers he will never be a full blown world champion


15/09/2012 12:15
Big mistake Amir,Roach is one of the best trainers in the business!
15/09/2012 12:27
@ (S4J1D)

If khan has no defence then why hasn't he been knocked out in all of his fights?
Some people on here who cast aspersions on Hamed seem to forget that he only
lost one fight in his entire career,and that to a fighter regarded as one of the all time
greats.Hamed beat some fine fighters in his day ,the majority of them inside the

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