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Khan: I'll be back

Amir Khan, pictured, has said he will not retire after losing to Danny Garcia

Amir Khan, pictured, has said he will not retire after losing to Danny Garcia

Amir Khan has vowed to return to the light-welterweight division once he has taken a break to reassess his defeat to Danny Garcia.

Khan suffered a fourth-round stoppage by Garcia in Las Vegas on Saturday night, slumping to the second brutal knockout of his career, and has faced calls to retire, most notably from IBF super-middleweight champion Carl Froch.

However, the 25-year-old released a statement on Monday afternoon saying: "Well done to Danny Garcia on his performance, but I promise that I'll bounce back stronger than ever as I look to regain my spot at the top of the 140lb division."

He added: "Many fighters down the years have bounced back from defeat to prove their greatness and that's exactly what I intend to do. I've never shirked any challenge or refused to fight anyone in my division even though it would have been easy for me to do so.

"Some say that attitude is the wrong one to have but I've always wanted to please the fans and be involved in exciting fights.

"I'm going to spend the next few weeks relaxing during Ramadan and recharging my batteries after what was a 16-week training camp for me. I'll then sit down with my team to assess the options in front of me."

David Haye, who flattened Dereck Chisora in five rounds at Upton Park on the same night, believes Khan remains a box-office attraction.

"People are writing Amir Khan off, but they do that at their peril," Haye told Radio 5 Live. "He's been written off in the past when he was knocked out by Breidis Prescott. People said he was finished, that he was chinny and had no heart.

"But he came back and won world titles. Lennox Lewis was knocked out twice by Oliver McCall and Hasim Rahman, should he have given up then? He will still get the big fights, guaranteed, because he's Amir Khan and puts bums on seats.

"It was just an off night for him and he'll make everybody eat their words, just like he did after losing to Prescott."

17/07/2012 09:14
Steve Hughes... I disagree with you.  Natty Dread was simply telling it like it is.  Most British Sportspersons are good... but not great.  We've never had a Pele or Maradonna, a Boris Becker or a Muhammed Ali.  We don't hold the monopoly in cricket and the closest we usually come to making any sort of claim with regards to football is that we created the "Beautiful Game".  We're nowhere near competitive enough - my vote goes to Australia.  As a nation we have no natural collective rhythm, flair or passion as per the Latinos or Caribbeans.  We're raised to be lazy, expectant and cossetted (no four year old still being wheeled around in a pushchair is EVER going to break the 100m world record!).  Most of all we just don't have the mindset required to dominate, or be a consistent major player in, any sport.
16/07/2012 18:00

Khan is a great guy and very fast boxer, but he cant take punches, it is very obvious now.

Powell and the idiot who calls himself the doctor (probably because he has fantasies about nurses).  Typical morons.  We build people up as sporting hero's in this country....just to take pops at them......David Beckham and Steve Davis spring to mind.  Yet we glorify real losers.....
Paul Gascoine, a drunk, a bully and a wifebeater who threw his career down the pan......a bit like Alex Higgins did.  Khan will back. He's young enough and good enough. 

16/07/2012 16:00
Feck off Khan you fight bums, then when your faced with really quality, like Garcia, you soon get found out. As for you fighting Maywaether, forget it your simply not in his leauge, and if you were to have a rematch with Garcia, which you won't do, because you wouldn't give Prescott one, you'd have the same result a fecking hiding.
17/07/2012 10:27
Amir..... get your defence sorted mate, you was all over the place, start listening to your trainer, I can`t believe Freddie Roach taught you those tactics, if he did he should go!
Natty Dead......obvious from the name he's either a bit of a kid....or has a mind like one.  A case in point, loves to knock our sportsmen.
 Of course Khan was confident in saying he can beat anyone. He's a boxer. A boxer doesnt say....
" I'm good, but there are some out there who can beat me at my best, and I know my limits"  A boxer has to believe he's the best....or can be the best, or he shouldn't be in the ring.
16/07/2012 19:53
think khans went as far as he can go now, good boxer but think he has reached his peak.....
17/07/2012 00:30
OMG, lets not knock poor old Amir Khan off the pedestal that he so belligerantly climbed upon!!! Are you guys for real? Did he not talk about dethroning Mayweather, only days before the fight? That Mayweather, the pound for pound king, was ready to be handed a defeat by the awesome Khan? Khan like Hatton before him is a good boxer and had the potential to be a great boxer, but he has flaws, excuse after excuse comes from him, I began to believe after the Prescott fight that he would become the fighter he claimed to be, but then came Peterson, and yes you die hard Khan fans are all going to claim no contest, drugs cheat blah blah blah, but he tested positive several months after the fight, and there is no proof that he was taking them at the time he fought Khan, but hey ho, give the boy the benefit of the doubt, however, his next outing, boom boom boom, knocked down 3 times, maybe Garcia is the hulk in disguise, and a genetic mutant, or maybe, just maybe, Khan isn't quite as good as some think.

another silly boy who cant stop talking crap

what did he say on camera

i,m gonna knock him out

he must av got his english mixed up

he meant he's gna knock me out

theres a handfull of boxers who come out with ****e before a fight

saying i'm gna do this and that

hamed was the same until he met barrera

also its daftness looking ahead to your next fight like khan always did

Laughed my **** off wen he got beat

if you read this queen khan just keep it shut before the fight as u just embarrased yerself

tyson never used to trash talk his opponent nor did holyfield

same as klitckos(the gentleman of boxing who know how to conduct themselves)

unlike the hayes and chisoras of this world

another pair of **** who talk a good fight

could u honestly see them two idiots in with the likes of tyson or holyfield or any of the top heavyweights of that era

17/07/2012 10:12
at what level though because you are well below the top class lads in the game so is it a good idea when you look at it in the cold light of day.
17/07/2012 00:15
These British boxers are full of it. I am English by the way, but they are full of it. Amir Khan saying he could beat Floyd Mayweather made me laugh long and loud, he wouldn't last 3 rounds. It's all  well and good having dazzling speed but if you have a glass jaw to go with it you won't last. Fighters like Morales and Mayweather, De la Hoya and those guys are in a different league. David Haye is another trash talker, he can beat the likes of Audley Harrison, Chisora and the big lump he chose to fight for the title instead of Klitchko, but when it came to fighting the ukranian he was like a fly being swatted away, a mere inconvenience. The truth is British boxing hasn't had a decent fighter since Lennox Lewis, even Prince Naseem was made to look a prat by Marco Antiono Barrera. All these guys are the best of the rest but no match for the big fish I'm afraid. And I have to say I love watching them talk it up then get their arses wooped! 
16/07/2012 17:42

And as for ed an the doctor talk is cheap. u wana sit behind ur computers and talk nonsense. while Amir's out there boxing and tryna become world champ. hes probably had more fights in his pro boxing carrer then both u guys have had in your whole lives. these guys wana talk about Amir gets caught out when he fights guys with real quality. well hes boxed som of the best in his divison and was also champ. ok he lost but so have all the best boxers of the past lost b4. i think u guys should try and box som of the guys Amirs fought, try and last a round. then u can come bak and talk. 

17/07/2012 00:21
Nad G it's not our job to fight, that's his job. Our job, and our right, is to have an opinion. In this country we have what's called Freedom Of Speech - the right to disagree. So Salaam all u want, it don't change the fact he got knocked the f**k out and I loved watching it happen. 
16/07/2012 17:25
So you got football and snooker covered then Steve?hahaha
21/07/2012 22:11
technically he's improved a lot and watching the first 2-3 rounds thought he had the fight in his favour, the way he has been trained is correct but will take time for it to adapt as he's gone from knock-out punches to tactical so his trainer is doing it right, I'm sure when he looks at the first few rounds he'll think he did good but once he works on defending and timing he'll do fine, I think he will definitely be the one too watch in this division and for the future definitely.
C Francis...never had a Pele or a Maradona?   You obviously never never saw Bestie or Duncan Edwards.  Tennis and cricket?  We will never be consistant world beaters at it cos our climate doesnt lend itself to those sports. How much cricket have todays teenagers managed so far this summer?  I can also remember, us not too long ago, having an 100m Olympic gold medalist. So your arguments dont hold water.  What about our domination in the field of cycling?  And our swimmers are pretty successful.  For a country our size......we do pretty well. Despite all the knockers.
17/07/2012 16:52
He now knows that every opponent has a different flavour, I think he was not himself in there, cos' I noticed that he dropped his hands when he threw not just hooks but even jabs (he was generally alot more careful but not this time cos' I maybe he was already planning for his next fight). I mean Im an MMA guy I tell you at least you were not kicked in the head. Anyways, David who defined his Haye-maker is right about Amir's come back (he's been there before), & just like Bernard said, he has to go back to the drawing board and start all over.
16/07/2012 16:37
I bet you will fight someone who's never won a fight lol as for fighting anyone who's known in boxing then you have no chance (chin) hahah back to the drawing board mate an start fighting unexperienced  kids "
16/07/2012 20:38
i think he needs rio and anton as agents and jt in his corner. garth crooks can throw the towel in.  (a white one)
16/07/2012 17:23
Salaam 2 my bro Amir. was hard seeing that fight the other night but im glad u r ok. u done good 1st couple of rounds but credit 2 Garcia he got a juicy punch in that would of dropped most never mind gettin bak up which u did. bro  u took som heavy blows after that knock down and kept getting up and wouldnt quit.. thats why i have 2 say u r  a great warrior. if i could offer some advice i would say dont think 2 far ahead with fights for example with this fight i heard more about wats going to happen after the fight such as moving up weights and fighting maywether rather then focusing more on Garcia. Amir ur dream is 2 become the best boxer and u will b if God wills but never underestimate ur opponents dream 2 become the best. 
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