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Usain Bolt: London 2012 will be my fastest race

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt said 400m training is too tough

The sprinter predicted he will be at the top of his physical form at the the London Olympics.

However, he all but ruled out trying the 400m, saying he didn't fancy the "hard work" involved.

"I definitely think I can go faster. There is always room for improvement and I will peak at 26-years-old, so I think I have scope to go faster," he told MSN Sport.

"You never know, I may be the one to run 9.4secs. I'd really like that."

Bolt's 26th birthday comes less than three weeks after the 100m final on 5 August. His presence at the Games has proved to be the major selling point with more than a million people applying for just 40,000 tickets to the event.

But the Jamaican, famed for his languid running style, indicated that he won't be giving fans the opportunity to see a clean sweep of all the short distance races, including the 400m.

"It is such hard work and I do not think I am ready to work that hard," he said.

Carl Lewis told MSN earlier this month that it would be "ridiculous" for Bolt to attempt to emulate his feat of collecting long-jump and sprinting golds, because of the technical difficulty of the former discipline.

Bolt love running in Jamaica and London, but admitted his favourite place to compete was actually the French capital partly because of the quality of the chicken nuggets there.

"There is a lot of things that I like about Paris, the weather is often good - I never really had a bad time in Paris weatherwise - the food, the KFC, is good there also [and] I like the clubs."

Usain Bolt profile

Bolt is a role model, not just for Jamaicans but, the world over. But when asked who did he look to he replied, "When I was growing up, it was Michael Johnson, Herb McKenley, Don Quarrie. Those are the guys I grew up on and wanted to be like. They inspired me."

Usain Bolt and Tyson Gay (© PA)

The world 100m and 200m world record holder is a step ahead, literally, of his competitors, but he is wary one more than any other, "Everybody used to say my main competitor was Tyson Gay.

"I have heard him do some interviews where he is saying he is in good shape and he is ready and he is not scared at all of Usain Bolt and stuff like that, so I know he is ready. When two fast individuals come together it is always going to be a good race."

However, Bolt told MSN Sport his compatriot Yohan Blake was his main competitor at London 2012, "Yohan Blake is going to be competitive. I have been training with him, I have seen him perform in training on the track and he is going to be extremely good."

Usain Bolt, the current 100m and 200m World Record holder, was speaking in Jamaica on behalf of PUMA.Usain wears the new PUMA Faas collection - see www.puma.com/running for details.

Usain is the man - I hope he gets faster and wipe the smile off Tyson Gay's face.
02/06/2011 10:46
He seems to have added muscle this year, but his performance last week was decidedly ordinary (if you can call 9.91 ordinary) he struggled to beat Asafa Powell, who only lost because he seemed to tie up in the last 15 metres - Bolt is a great athlete though. I wouldn't listen to much to Carl Lewis either - Long Jump isn't that technical if you can run that fast and as long as you jump from the right side of the board -
Bolt wil run a lot faster this time with the weather gettting warmer
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06/08/2012 15:25

Bolts Jamaican so he cant stand the cold.

youl'd know that if you paided attention before the race, most Jamaicans are wearing gloves and hats.

is this what Great Britain call summer? Jamaica's summer is approxamatley 37 degrees, trust me im a full Jamaican. he may win, he may pose and he might just break a world record but he cant stand the cold. whats so great about the kfc and the chicken nuggets in Paris, the kfc in Mandeville ( Jamaica ) is better trust me. personally the kfc in Paris is average, atleast the drinks are ice cold.


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