17/04/2012 11:30 | By Lee Harvey, content editor, MSN Sport

Paula Radcliffe: London isn't my best chance for Olympic gold, but it’s still a chance

Paula Radcliffe insists that her disappointing performance in the Vienna half-marathon will not change anything about her preparation for the Olympics and, with 100 days to go until the start of the Games, her goal of winning a medal in London remains "realistic".

Paula Radcliffe (© AP Photo-Michael Sohn)

Speaking to MSN Sport, Radcliffe admitted: "Mentally and physically, it would have been much better to have run well. I had been training well but the performance [in Vienna] didn't reflect that at all. I wouldn't have run if I'd known things were going to be that bad."

Radcliffe had been suffering from a bout of bronchitis prior to the race but conceded pulling out of her duel with Ethiopian distance legend Haile Gebrselassie wasn't an option.

"The way the race was set up, it would have totally destroyed it for the organisers if I had pulled out," she explained. "With illness, you always feel like you're going to feel alright tomorrow. I'd been on two lots of antibiotics that I finished on Saturday (the day before the race). I was thinking I'd be over [the illness] but I found out very quickly in the race that I wasn't."

Radcliffe now faces a week of "real recovery" before heading off the Pyrenees where she will join up with the British team and start her full altitude build-up for the Olympics.

Paula's ambition to win a medal in front of her home crowd burns fiercely, but she's not placing as much pressure on herself as she admits doing in previous Games.

Paula Radcliffe running in the Vienna half-marathon (© AP Photo-Ronald Zak)

"You have to be realistic," Radcliffe explains. "When I went into the Olympics in 2004, I really felt like I should have won it. The whole aim was the gold medal. Now, being realistic, there are a lot of people who have run faster than me in the last couple of years. It's about being smart and getting myself into the best shape I possibly can. Either that's good enough or it isn't, but I will have given it my best shot.

"I know it's not my best chance in an Olympics but it still is a chance", she continues. "Past Olympics show, especially in the marathon, that it's not about who runs fastest [that season], it's about who gets it right on the day."

Atlhough Paula is now 38, she acknowledges age is no barrier to success in the marathon. In 2008 in Beijing, Romanian Constantina Dita struck gold in the Olympic marathon, also at the age of 38. Can Radcliffe replicate Dita's victory?

Paula Radcliffe shows off her marathon gold medal at the 2005 World Athletics Championships (© John Giles-PA Archive)

"I think it's true that as you get older your endurance keeps improving whereas your speed might start to tail off. I'm not going to be running personal bests for 1,500 and 3,000 metres any more but I feel I can stay a lot closer to my marathon PB", says Radcliffe. "At this stage, I just want to get there healthy and race as well as I can."

For Radcliffe, the fact that the Olympics take place in London provides an allure of its own. The marathon will take place on a looped course that takes in many of the capital's most famous buildings and tourist sights.

Paula is looking forward to it: "It's a challenging course. I love that it finishes on The Mall. I like that it takes in lots of London's iconic landmarks. That makes it a special event instead of a run out to the stadium."

Would London 2012 have the same allure for Paula if she had already struck Olympic gold in Athens or Beijing? Would she even be competing? "If the Games weren't in London, possibly not," she muses. "But had I already won and the Games were in London, I'd still want to race. There probably wouldn't be the pressure on me from myself this time if I'd got it right in the past, but I'd definitely still want to do it."

Success at the Olympics isn't the only challenge in Paula's life. She works hard to juggle her training with her family commitments, but admits it isn't easy. "It is hard but it's also rewarding," she reveals. "But having a family is what I always wanted to do. I'm really proud of my family and they are a massive support for me. That alone makes sure you find ways to work things out and make sure the children always get every bit of attention and love that they need."

Paula Radcliffe with daughter Isla (© Errol Griffith-EMPICS Entertainment)

Would she encourage her children Isla and Raphael to become professional runners? "I would just encourage them to get involved in all sports at this stage and keep involved in sport through their lives. What level they do it to would be totally up to them, but if they wanted to become professional runners I would totally support them. But I wouldn't push them, it's their choice."

But for now, the next generation of Radcliffe runners will have to wait. Come August, all eyes will be on mum as she tries to finally fulfill her Olympic dream.

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18/04/2012 08:57
Most of these posts clearly show a lack of knowledge and ignorance!  Every athlete has to meet the qualifying time before they can even be selected!  If she beats that time and is one of the top 2-3 she will be selected.  There are no women marathon runners better than her that is British!  If she qualifies then great let her run and see how she does, she can't do any worse than most of our athletes and we are only aiming to get 8 medals in the track and field.  So all those armchair critics, get off your fat arses and run a marathon, you will soon change your tune!!!
02/05/2012 21:40

All wrong , This is a humble athlete who is more than capable of winning it........and i hope she does, having set a world record for the distance , whats the point of saying anything bad about her. Nothing the critics say has any substance to it, she is a decent human being who has a very good chance of victory. Lets not get like the media,


18/04/2012 11:38
Andrew Ryan, Britain is spelt Britain, not britton, that is actually a native of France and you really should seek help.
02/05/2012 19:03
Hope Paula rams it down the throat of the typical critic out there,  athletics is a very hard sport and i take my hat off to these guys and realise what a sacrifice they make. All the best Paula , medals are metal but defining runs are never forgotten.
18/04/2012 11:20
The olympics is just for london enough said
18/04/2012 08:41

100 days to go before the worlds best athletes descend on London (I hope someone tells them that it is attached to the rest of England, because our politicians don't yet know)


100 days and already you people are posting negative comments about one of our all time greats. Paula Radcliffe may or may not win, we wont know until its over, but she has a realist chance and is there on merit. Those such as previous poster 52893 (did your parents not name you, or are you just ashamed to be named?) who say give new blood a chance obviously talk without ant knowledge of the subject. Everyone the length and breadth who wants to take part has a chance to qualify. if anyone was a better chance then Paula would have not been given a shot.


So come on people, stop being negative, for once stop slating people for the sake of it and lets try giving some support to the people representing you before the world. Heaven knows why some of you deserve to be represented in anything,  let alone before the world at the worlds greatest sporting event.  

18/04/2012 11:32

How can she say that her chances are realistic of a medal? In the Olympic competitions she has competed in (remember Greece) she has struggled to even finish, so if she is taking the chance away from a more capable entrant she really should step down.  At each major competition she has "suffered" from some problem that has prevented her from actually achieving a place in the top 5 let alone a podium place.


While I admire what she has done, it really is time for her to admit that hse is no longer competitive.

18/04/2012 08:44
I think you should seek profesional help sunshine. You got major problems
07/05/2012 18:14
Let`s get this straight people, we are talking about a world class athlete who holds the world record for the distance, how can the anyone judge this . What i say to the critic is this, have you ever run a marathon? well try to do that first, and have you ever met or spoken to paula? again try doing that before you post negative comments . This particular person can win and why don`t we get behind her . ??? Paula is a great runner, i would prefer to see her win it ...................................
I don't know what the fuss is about. I did a marathon easy. It's when I did a mars bar, a bounty and a twix when I started to feel sick. 
04/05/2012 19:30

WOW how easy to criticise , a world record holder a failure , " gutless "  "a cry baby" do you realise how hard top athelete's train and the sacrifices they make, sadly probably not .

Still i guess when your as successful as you all obviously are its hard for mere mortals like Paula radcliffe to live up to your high standards.

Especially that guy suggesting she "get a proper job'"  and get a  "BERGER " van its Burger you

 F*** ing **** , i wonder what your job is ,  you probably applied to drive the gravy train  your that stupid.










18/04/2012 11:04
Fair play to Paula Radcliffe. So what , she's 38...I'd like to see myself that fit at 38 to be perfectly honest. It's less about age and more about determination...my boss is 51 and runs a marathon just about every other week and in good time too. Paula has talent, she will have to qualify against many others to make the olympic team and so if she gets in, she is not "depriving" someone of a chance - she IS the chance!!!
18/04/2012 13:17
I shouldn't think that she will get a medal. From what I can see she prefers profit to glory. Give her a large purse and she might get Gold. I have raced with Paula in the past. 
18/04/2012 12:37

she's a has been... and prior to being that she was an appalling, gutless cry baby with a proven track record of not finishing races where she was struggling to bully other contestants.

Aside from that she's a thick moron. I'll never forget her ranting on after the 2002 Commonwealth Games about how the stadium should be kept as an athletics stadium because it was where she won her first major games medal...I I I, me me me... daft cow should've noted that Manchester would never have hosted the Commonwealth Games in the first place if MCFC hadn't agreed to move to the stadium after the games had finished.

18/04/2012 21:36
Hope she doesnt do a juicy one in the street again
18/04/2012 19:24

Oh for heavens sake---Paula Radcliffe-is so interested in herself----it the same of riubbish shes talks every interview

We are absolutely fed up with it---how many Olympic medals has she won ...answer ZERO

makes you wonder with all the drug tests they have to take ???????????


anyway please stop reporting on a FAILURE !!!!!!!!!!-let concentrate on our wonderful hopefuls

Jessica Ennis and other real cnances PLEASE !!!!!!!Crying

18/04/2012 03:05
for goodness sake stop it off give it up at least give her a chance everyone should have a chance gb selectors should not object to  anyone whos done well amemica sends more people hen we do in many event`s which i think ww should do the same but what i object to his all the game should of been  spread out to other places then just london football should be spead out to the privence`s such has leeds  liverpool  and i dont just mean the mens game  but the womens too who ever gets the chanc to play for gb lets hope we have the go line tech in place nd cheating  his cut out too but  i will also add that gb football team should be in all olympic `s  and when it come to commonwealth games too  england northen ireland wales scotland  should go they  should send their youth teams it be a learning curve for our young uns       
08/05/2012 09:41

ive got a question, has paula radcliffe run the british qualifying time this year

like the other athletes had to. or has she been selected cos shes paula radcliffe ?


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