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Wrestling - Greco-Roman

One of the world's oldest sports, it is hard to imagine an Olympic Games taking place without wrestling as part of the programme.

The discipline featured as a part of the ancient Games dating all the way back to 708 BC in Greece, with the Greco-Roman events having provided some of the most intense action of the Olympiad since then.

Contested only by male athletes, Greco-Roman wrestling sees competitors allowed to use their arms and upper bodies to grapple with each other.

They must not use their legs to make contact with an opponent, or use the arms below the waist.

As a result, there is more throwing than in the freestyle variety of the sport, with the object of both being to pin an opponent's shoulders to the floor for two seconds.

Points are also scored for executing throws and takedown moves, with a bout declared over immediately if a wrestler opens up a 10-point advantage.

Fights take place over the course of three, two-minute rounds of action, with the central circular wrestling mat being eight metres wide.

A battle of strength and skill to try and subdue an opponent, wrestling has become more sophisticated over the years in terms of the techniques employed by fighters.

The wrestling competition at London 2012 is staged as a straight knockout format, involving seven different weight categories from up to 55 kilograms to the 96-120kg class.

Iran and Turkey have enjoyed great success in the Greco-Roman events over the years, but Russia are the more recent kings of the discipline, having claimed three gold medals at Beijing 2008 courtesy of Nazyr Mankiev (up to 55kg), Islam-Beka Albiev (55-60kg) and Aslanbek Khushtov (84-96kg).


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