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Iconic images from London 2012

Awe-inspiring photography and magic moments from the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Iconic images from London 2012 (© John Walton-PA Wire)
  • Iconic images from London 2012 (© John Walton-PA Wire)
  • David Weir came away with four golds to be one of Britain's most successful 2012 Paralympians (© PA)
  • Ellie Simmonds and Jonnie Peacock light their torches from the Paralympic Flame at the closing ceremony (© PA)
  • Matt Stutzman uses his feet and teeth to take part in the men's compound archery (© PA)
  • Britain's T42 200m gold medallist Richard Whitehead on the victory podium (© PA)
  • Houssein Omar Hassan, Djibouti's first ever Paralympic runner, won huge applause for his perseverance as he finished over seven minutes behind in the 1500m race (© PA)
  • Ex-formula 1 racer Alex Zanardi won an emotional gold medal in the H5 hand cycling time trials (© PA)
  • Face of Paralympic GB, Ellie Simmonds finished the games with two golds, a silver and a bronze (© PA)
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London 2012 has come to a glorious climax. Tell us your highlights of the Olympics and Paralympics and your message of congratulations to TeamGB and ParalympicsGB and we'll have them printed into a special one-off book to present to the British Olympic Association and British Paralympic Association.

13/08/2012 18:17

Proud to be a human not just British. Why can't we all get on like this all the time.

13/08/2012 16:30
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It it really beyond the technical expertise of the MSN editors to delete these at source, as most of them appear to link to the same unwanted websites anyway?
13/08/2012 20:06
I believe that Mo Farah was the greatest face of the Olympics and maybe the greatest athlete as the winner of the 5,000 and 10,000. It must be much easier to find the energy to race for 10 or  35 seconds than to find the energy to sprint faster that anyone else after running 5,800 or 9,800 metres. And finish with such a smile of happiness. Roberto 
10/09/2012 16:04
Highlights for me were not the gold winners or the well known faces - the GB shooter who was in the middle of an interview, saw his father and yelled DAD before running towards him.... The GB table tennis player who ran across the playing floor to his coach and jumped into his arms....   The participants who were crying with joy at doing their personal best....  the thousands and thousands of people who attended these games..... the dancing policeman..... the marines who were drafted in to help.... and most of all the 70,000 volunteers who assisted the spectators, visitors and attendees get to their chosen seats.    These are the memories I will have of the Olympics and the Paralympics.    Well done to every one of you... memories to cherish.....
13/08/2012 21:25
These last two weeks have made me feel very privileged and  proud to be British.  The people who make up this United Kingdom of four countries, have over the last 70 years been supplemented by immigrants coming here to make a better life for themselves, and without them and their descendants, our tally of medals would have been considerably less.  Our acceptance of a persons right to political and religious freedom is what makes GREAT BRITAIN the great  place it is.
Rex Harvey
13/08/2012 15:50
London has put on a great show, but there is a Great Britain North of Watford Gap where many of our Olympians live, train and have got us medals, so instead of having the Medal Procession just in London, our Olympians should do a Coach Tour of the Country say up the East coast to Scotland cross into Northern Ireland back down the West Coast into Wales and across to the Midlands down into Devon and Cornwall then back to London making slow procession through various towns. That would give everyone a chance to see our olympians and give them a well earned cheer, because we have all played our part these games, though I think sometimes the powers that be seem to forget that.
13/08/2012 18:57
Mo and Usain are absolute ledgends. So proud of them both, also not forgetting all the other amazing countries who took part in the Olympics. Well done London, you did a great job hosting such incredible games. :) x
13/08/2012 19:32
I was there people, doing firemarshalling at the main Olympic stadium, I know the main stadium better than my own house!! As a firefighter it was the best decision that I have ever made to offer my services as a fire marshall to keep the public safe, and to ensure that the plan with London Fire Brigade was seamless, awsome!!!
The noise and atmosphere when we won three golds in track and field I will never forget !!
As a nation we should be justly proud that we put on such a show, for me now it's marshalling at the Paralympics , for every one else....let keep this tremendous legacy going.
13/08/2012 21:35
Could we afford it?...NO! Was it worth it? ...Most definitely YES!!
13/08/2012 17:14
Empty seats. Disgusting........All the people who could have paid for these seats on the gates and look, nothing, just empty. 
They should have said "If you are not in your seats 15 mins b4 the event starts, we will then sell the seats on the door, first come first serve" 
13/08/2012 17:05
well done team GB :) you brought a tear to my eye. Im very proud!
13/08/2012 16:57
The Jewel in the crown. Well done Team GB, and Great Britian
10/09/2012 11:48
I can't believe it's all over.  What a summer!!  The Olympics were fantastic, from Jess to Mo and all those in between, but the Paralympics have been an absolute revelation.  I must admit I was not expecting to feel such emotion and was filled with trepidation at the thought of how the Paralympics would come across after such an exhilarating time with the Olympics.  I shouldn't have worried - it was beyond anything I have ever experienced - I am just sorry I was not able to travel down to London to experience some of the atmosphere.  However, the TV coverage has been sensational and I cannot thank the presenters enough for the way in which the Games have been screened.  I can only hope that the "feel good factor" running throughout the country continues and that the athletes of the future can feel inspired.  WELL DONE EVERYONE!!!
10/09/2012 13:27

Well done everyone of you, I enjoyed it all very much indeed.  Could you all now go and teach other sporting professionals, footballers in particular, the natural art of good sportsmanship which you all showed.  More proof that pride of competing is worth more than money.

Wendy Dacombe

13/08/2012 22:17

Now its all over ,how about having a new lottery where all the profits go to training our next superstars

for the next one in 4 years

10/09/2012 14:23
What an amazing Summer 2012 of Olympic Sport it has been great to be one of the many spectators. The UK has given the World a wonderful Olympics, when both watching  the Olympic 2012 Athletes and the Paralympics Athletes have been amazing. It is impossible to say which has been the best. All concerned have given us such a memorable 2012 Olympic Games, and all must be congratulated once again. Well done GB it has been fantastic!

How can one pick A highlight?

Every moment was the ultimate achievement in someone's sporting life. Recognition of the amount of work put into the training, preparation and  personal courage needed to even be included in the Olympic event is phenomenal!

The London preparations for the events were as good as they could be. It has been a summer to be proud of...Her Majesty's Silver Jubilee, The Olympics and the success of all the events is something that will be remembered by all.

My highlight, if I had to choose one is the transformation of the torch as all the arms were raised to become one. That was simply stunning.!! A symbol of many becoming one!!!


London became an international village for all who were there to share in the ultimate Sports event of the year.

Congratulations to everyone,not forgetting all the volunteers who gave their time so selflessly. x

10/09/2012 11:18
What a fantastic summer of sport, feeling proud to be British!
10/09/2012 13:03
The Olympics have been with out a shadow of doubt the best i have ever seen, and have Re-installed national pride in our Great Britain !!!
Well done to all competitors of Olympics And Paralympics, What amazing people we Have around us !!!!
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