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Team GB win gold and silver in the canoe slalom

The gold and silver medals in the men's canoe double have both been won by Team GB.

By Jessica Dane 02/08/2012 15:40

Tim Baillie, left, and Etienne Stott on route to winning the men's canoe double.Tim Baillie and Etienne Stott have taken gold in the men's canoe double, closely followed by David Florence and Richard Hounslow in second to grab the silver medal.


The winning pair led from the beginning, having qualified sixth in the semi-finals, but they set a time of 106.41 that proved touchable by only the second Team GB pair. Florence and Hounslow, who won the semi-final and therefore went last in the final, were up on the clock at one point, but couldn't keep up the pace, finishing in 106.77.


Baillie and Stott have won Team GB's first ever Olympic gold medal in this event. Slovakia's Pavol and Peter Hochschorner won the bronze medal with a time of 108.28. Up until now the brothers, who are ranked the number one pair in the world, had never been beaten in an Olympic final.


"The run we had, I was hoping it would be good enough for a medal, but I didn't expect that," said Baillie.


When asked how it felt to beat the Slovakian brothers, Stott replied: "they're amazing athlethes, this takes nothing off them, they are an amazing crew."

02/08/2012 16:03
Absolutely wonderful - was there to see the heats and shouted myself hoarse - obviously paid off - congratulations to a brilliant pair.
02/08/2012 18:58
Gold and Silver,Fantastic result...Keep going Team GB...
02/08/2012 17:46

Whats wrong with all you creeps that have hijacked this thread.because you are looking for a man.

Who cares? this is about the Olympics,go back to dreamland!

About time the Moderators deleted these Posts,which is obvious some of them are Dating Agencies touting for business. 


02/08/2012 16:34

Row,row,row your boat,

Quickly down the stream,

If you see the Slovakians,

Don`t forget to scream............

GOLD !!!!!!!!


(and Silver too but I couln`t work that achievment in)


02/08/2012 16:17
02/08/2012 19:59
02/08/2012 17:59
well done to team GB in thecanoe slalom
02/08/2012 20:04
Well done Guys be happy Proud and Celebrate''
02/08/2012 20:36
Looks really difficult, but they trained hard and did well ;)   Another Gold :D
02/08/2012 18:02
02/08/2012 16:36
will done ,good  joob,  very happy

02/08/2012 17:56
congrats to them all, especially richard :) i get to tell people i went to school with a olympic silver medlist now hehe
03/08/2012 04:17
As a brit living overseas for the first time in long time these guys and all the other competitors have made me proud to be British.  Congradulations to UK for the brilliant staging of the games and for our competitors, who have won and lost for putting on a hell of a show for team GB.  People around the world are talking about the tremendous venues and how good London looks.  For once GB be proud of yourselves and to all the doubters you where wrong, its terrific for the Great Britain to be seen like this around the world I havent enjoyed an Olympics like this for years a GOLD to GB for great games.
02/08/2012 20:24
well done boys, gutted I could'nt be there. hope the water was better than when we first did the trial runs back in feb, what a cold day. hope to be back in blighty for the close.. laterz Dave
03/08/2012 07:48



I hope you dont mind, if I take some of your sentiment, I agree with you totally. I as an "Irish Man" living in England for the last 40 years am equally as proud of team GB. Great going, well done, I'm so proud of you all for Trying, Competing and winning.


Best of Irish Luck for the rest of the competitions.



02/08/2012 21:41
..... home advantage pays off  ..... slovensko slovakia #1 
02/08/2012 17:55
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