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Ticket alert website blocked by LOCOG

A free website that alerts followers when tickets become available has been banned

By Rob Neil Jones 03/08/2012 09:45

Empty seats at London 2012 - PAA website that alerts followers when Olympic tickets are available has been blocked by LOCOG.


One of the big issues of the London Olympics so far has been the empty seats across many sports. The uproar that this caused led to organisers releasing more tickets through the official website.


However, there is no way of telling when tickets become available or for which sports.

Thousands of people have expressed the difficulty in getting these rereleased tickets.


Adam Naisbitt, 32, set up a free website - -  to help people find out when LOCOG released tickets, but it has since been blocked with no reason given by the organisers.


The alert system that sent a tweet to followers of the account @2012TicketAlert, became incredibly popular hitting almost 9,000 followers, and reaching over 150,000 people in total since Monday morning.

Ticket alert @2012TicketAlertOn Thursday night alerts suddenly stopped and since then there has been uproar amongst followers relying on the free service to get tickets.


Nearly 3,000 tweets have been sent overnight criticising LOCOG for banning the site.


Naisbitt, who owns a technology company in Milton Keynes, initially only set up the website to alert his fiancée when gymnastics tickets became available, but soon realised the system could benefit thousands of people doing the same.


“The bad thing is that I’m actually in the doghouse now, as my fiancée didn’t get the gymnastics tickets, and with the site becoming so popular she has even less chance now. And now we’re blocked she has to sit there refreshing her screen all day!”, he told MSN Sport.


Adam believes that the official website not been built in a sufficient way to cope with vast traffic, “Their website is really, really bad. It’s the Olympics of 2012 and the website has been coded like it’s 1995.”


“We were frustrated like thousands of other people. It took us just eight hours to build and with no benefit to us. We just wanted to help people get tickets.”

Ticket alert @2012TicketAlert

 “It gained traction very very quickly and we’ve just been blown away by it.”


LOCOG have not explained to Adam why his site has been blocked.

Ticket alert @2012TicketAlert

03/08/2012 11:01

LOCOG are terrified that anyone who hasn't paid them will benefit in any way from the games.


The games could have been a great opportunity for many small businesses throughout the UK to get back on their feet and in doing so help whip up enthusiasm for the UK Olympics but any way they could have been involved was blocked by LOCOG greed.

03/08/2012 12:59

So much for a free and democratic country. What and who gives LOCOG  the right and power to block someones website? The sooner that clown Coe and his cronies clear off the better. I'm sick and tired of seeing him.

And to his quest in finding who is the best Olympian ever, it certainly is NOT Mr. Coe

03/08/2012 10:37
Who are these people that are in,' LOCOG',??  They should be named and shamed!.. Faceless wonders that are destroying what could have been 'Flawless' games.
03/08/2012 10:33
Once again the bosses and locog are boing there very best to keep fans away from the OLYMPICS and along with the trains are doing there best so good luck with 2012TICKETALERT, DO YOUR VERY BEST TO COME BACK ON LINE, good luck. 
03/08/2012 11:04
On track to be remembered as the ticket games chaos!!!! Well done Coe!!!
03/08/2012 10:44

Well, future generations will know this as the empty Olympics...Way to promote sport LOCOG

03/08/2012 11:09
it's all about money and keeping you out .. like greedy kids, which is what they are greedy selfish kids, they want all the cake to themselves, even if half is going to be wasted.
03/08/2012 13:59

LOCOG, all members of the board should at the end of the day be billed for

all the empty seats at the end of the games.


It should be easy to work out and being billed out of their own pockets will be

a saving for the UK tax payer, and hopefully a lesson learned that no matter who

you are 'being a prize pillock' is not just the domain of the underdog!!!!

03/08/2012 13:46

MSN, do your job and stop these stupid ads.  They are like cards in phonebooths!!!!

03/08/2012 14:48
locog should never organise anything again its been a right circus from security to tickets,throw them out,a school child could have done better.
03/08/2012 14:45
Yet another QUANGO that no one can control or make accountable for the farce that they create.
I doubt they even understand how a 'quality' web site works, let alone tender for the correct system. It was probably designed by one of their mates or one of his friends?
Democracy is such a wonderful thing.
let us just hope that one day we will have a government, of any party, that can actually govern our rapidly failing country, and not clean our bank accounts out to cover their incompetence.

03/08/2012 15:16
For heavens sake Seb -get a grip!!! Wimbledon yesterday was half empty for the Murray Robson match!!! Blocks of empty seats at the volleyball!!! The beaucrats are spoiling the spectacle.  Ask Danny Boyle for his thoughts!!!
03/08/2012 15:17
Does anyone else get the impression that there's a jobsworth at the end of all this?
03/08/2012 13:49
The headline should be "LOCOG given power to control the internet!
Well I've told Anonymous now and they will not forget this nor forgive it.
03/08/2012 11:41
Tried very hard to buy tickets on official Olympic website ; said tickets were  available , selected , tried to reserve and buy , held on and then they were suddenly not available.Tried various prices -same story .How can they show as available , then you hold on for 15 minutes , to be told these are not available .Same response for all choices that I made -very odd .Hope you had better luck securing at least one of the phantom 75000 released tickets -I did not ; tried for many hours over 2 evenings!
03/08/2012 15:31

Yes Ben! Lord Coe! There was/still is, issues with ticket allocation, 18-20 months ago!  Lordy Coe, ( Yes the people will have tickets ),  well done Seb!  However, we as people don't understand the complex nature of buying a ticket.

03/08/2012 20:15
Why can't MSN introduce captcha, to try and curb some of these computer generated dating posts. MSN, your real audience are really fed up with them. Please sort it out.
03/08/2012 13:41

It's certainly an Olympic Games that will go down in history.

Like The Titanic!!!!!


The board members are:



            Chair Lord Coe

             Sir keith Mills - Deputy Chair

  • HRH Princess Royal
  • Dr Muhamad abdul Bari MBE
  • Sir Phillip Craven MBE
  • Paul Deighton
  • Jonathon Edwards CBE
  • Tony Hall CBE
  • Andrew Hunt
  • Justin King
  • Stephen Lovegrove
  • Lord Moynihan
  • Tim Reddish OBE
  • Sir Craig ReedieCBE
  • Martin Stewart
  • Neil Wood MBE
  • Sir Robin Wales          this is a list of the board of locog
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