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Aidan Burley, Tory MP, faces backlash after criticising opening ceremony

By Duncan Hooper 27/07/2012 23:12

Aidan Burley, the Conservative MP who was chastised by David Cameron for participating in a Nazi-themed stag party, has sparked a Twitter campaign to unseat him after launching an attack on the London 2012 opening ceremony.


Aidan Burley (left) and David CameronThe MP for Cannock Chase tweeted: "The most leftie opening ceremony I have ever seen - more than Beijing, the capital of a communist state! Welfare tribute next?"


Footballer Stan Collymore, who was brought up in the community quickly responded to more than a hundred thousand followers: "@aidanburleymp I'll happily stand against you at the next election.You have no clue about our town or its people.Game on."


Other Twitter users pointed out that the MP's majority at the last election was only 7%.

28/07/2012 00:25

Why is that then Burley? Could it be because we paid tribute to our fantastic NHS, the FREE OF CHARGE Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital, our truly wonderful industrial heritage or our representation, during the ceremony, of ALL colours and creeds in modern Britain?  Personally, I thought the opening ceremony was incredibly moving, emotional and very British. Then again, YOUR comments were just what I have come to expect from a maggott who covertly admires Na**'s and constantly attempts to harrass and browbeat the poorer sections of society. You Sir, are not fit for your postion (and never have been), you must be removed from local office and Government with immediate effect for the good of society.


P.s Listen to the John Cooper Clarke poem 'T*AT'. He probably wrote that about you Burley.

28/07/2012 00:45
Non of them have a clue in the real world, not a clue ... since when was the NHS free?  we pay national insurance for that ...   
28/07/2012 01:14

Stings doesn't it Burley?


The truth that is!


You make me sick!


The rich, corporations and the famous, will make money from these Olympics! Yet how many of those people who participated in this event, did it in the true mantra of Tory doctrination, of doing it for free!


Yet this is 'A Leftie Opening Cermony'?


The truth is, that you and your nasty Party and it's policies, have caused  utter destruction, misery and despare,  with your scorched earth policies, sooner than admit, your nasty Party's policies have failed miserably!

28/07/2012 01:13
proud to be British , perhaps the countries leaders should take note from the common man then there would be less trouble in the world
28/07/2012 01:46
I thought the ceremony was awesome until Paul McCartney shuffled on. Couldnt we manage a better closing singer than that old has-been. He could barely remember his own song. Pathetic.
28/07/2012 01:02
I was so pleased to see the normal working people represented so well in the opening Ceremony, Aidan Burley would do well to remember that this Country's wealth has been achieved on the backs of hard working normal people, I salute Danny Boyle for his vision, and truthful portrayal of this Great Country's History,. The likes of Aidan Boyle are two a penny, and i'll back Stan Collymore to unseat this idiotic fool.
28/07/2012 03:18
MICROSOFT! How hard can it be for the world's biggest computer company to stop stupid dating website spammers on every comments page?!
28/07/2012 01:21
Ha! Now I've heard everything. A Tory calling the Olympic opening ceremony  the most  leftie he's seen. Presumably for portraying aspects of Britain not  to his liking it seems. Well I've news for this silly prat of an MP. Britain belongs to all of its people, not just a few who think it's theirs. The NHS is a wonderful invention born out of a British sense of justice and fairness. A fairness that many like him would again presumably like to see eliminated and given over to the kind of commercial interests he sees as better.  I won't call him a typical Tory. Unfortunately he's one of Thatcher's children. The on yer bike fcuk you hard-nosed no such thing as society variety. The kind in fact that so appalled good old fashioned One Nation Tories like Ted Heath.
28/07/2012 01:14
Collymore .. a loud mouthed girlfriend beating, dogging, morally bankrupted, mentally unsettled and self server... yep the next Labour MP for Cannock.. Another nail in the coffin of western civialisation..
28/07/2012 00:01

i was going to make a statement about cammeron but then i thought why waste typing on a low life waste of space who hasnt got a clue on how to run a bath never mind a country it just seems to me that fat bastards at the top get fatter pay packets while the already struggling family get the picture above it   looks like he is worried where his next meal comes from or where i can get my sons new uniform from to start his new school doesnt it ,honest people TRYING TO MAKE A LIVING ALWAYS GET  OVER .DISHONEST PEOPLE WELL BASICALY BECOME A POLITION SO THEY CAN SCREW EVERYONE ELSE rant over

28/07/2012 05:44
Something tells me he'd much rather watch the opening ceremony of the 1936 Olympics.
28/07/2012 04:57
It wasn't leftie.
(a) Conservative ministers have for years pumped millions  of pounds into the NHS, (as have Labour ministers).  (b) The Victorian imagery was one of entrepreneurship, e.g Brunel, with ordinary people having to work hard. (c) The Queen was featured, The Bond film  franchise got a plug.   (d) The music industry got a plug.  (e) Votes for Women? - well. we'd never have had Mrs Thatcher as PM if they hadn't won the vote. 
If that was a 'leftie' ceremony, I'd hate to see what the MP thinks is right wing.  He must have been looking at some other ceremony , because I don't recognise his description. A lot of people worked their socks off on a great occasion so he should apologise.
27/07/2012 23:58

I'd take communists over the conservatives anyday.

28/07/2012 01:51
Was enjoying the games opening ceremony untill i saw,  free entrance cameroon and im gonna stick my hooter everywhere beckham.End of show then.
28/07/2012 01:12
who made the industrail bitain not london the stell mills of the north and the mills trhe ship builders of scotland n ireland  newcastle the cotton mills of  lancs the wollen mills  of my beloved yorks and  wales gaves slates coal like us  in yorks and newcastle englebard kinkdom brunel uilt the great western railway and ss great britain ss great eastern  it was brilient show and the queen was  brill and anybody not liking that show peice of showmanship  he was paying tribute to thiose who wrote books and it waas brill   
28/07/2012 00:30
Most MPs' majorities are there or thereabouts. Is this more MSN bias against anyone speaking out against the leadership. Seems so.
28/07/2012 06:10
Every one has a right to an opinion. My opinion is that all Tory MPs are spoilt brats with no basic sense of what is good or bad. Collectively they could not run a burger bar never mind a country. Shame on all you Tory voters.
28/07/2012 06:31
Whilst I thought the Olympic opening ceremony was impressive-was it really necessary spending £millions when many are stuggling here and throughout the world? Brazil should change this expensive trying to outdo other countries and devote that money for it's poorest citizens.

Sadly i turned it off after only half an hour, and went to bed. !!!!!!!!!!

It was boring, and politically motivated.

And although i am not that fond of our so called, royal family" only the queen herself is

someone who deserves our praise, The bond /qeen stunt, was a bloody insult to the


"Give me the chinese opening as a g ripping festival, any time.

and yes, what a huge waist of money.

While I was not the slightrest bit impressed with the extraganza of the opening ceremony and think it was a reat waste of money. I disagree with the MP for Cannock Chase. Is he another one of these ex public Schoolboys.  they all want lined up and shot!!!!  
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