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Australian Sports minister will row Olympic course in GB colours after losing bet

Kate Lundy loses bet and must now row the Eton Dorney course in Team GB kit

By SportUK 08/08/2012 13:42

Australian Sports Minister Kate Lundy will don a British rowing kit and take to the waters of Eton Dorney to row in front of a crowd of jeering Poms after losing a bet to her British counterpart Hugh Robertson.


The pair had arranged forfeits for the country that finished lower in the Olympic medals table. With Team GB sitting proudly in 3rd and the Australians having one of their worst Games in recent history with only four gold medals, Canberra conceded defeat last night.


The bet was agreed during a meeting in Melbourne earlier this year, with humilation in the rival teams colours very much part of the deal.


Lundy must now row the entire Olympic course in Team GB kit, and she tweeted the photo of her new strip which was presented to her by Channel 4 news presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy.


Had Team GB ranked behind the Australians, British Sports Minister Hugh Robertson would have had to dribble a hockey ball, wearing the gold and green of the Wallabies, around the perimeter of Australia House in central London.



A bit of good harmless fun.  Well done to the pair of them for entering into the spirit of things.
08/08/2012 17:17

Nice to see a politician keep to their word for a change.

08/08/2012 15:03
Sporting, and refreshing! good on 'Ya-Cobber'!... The Aussies, don't  hate us that much!     ???
08/08/2012 18:20

it would be good to see it on tv! lol

08/08/2012 22:59
Does that mean " jeering poms" that there will  be a crowd of "Prisoners of Mother England" and "not British" that will be jeering,as it is not the "British that are POMS",we still live in Mother England we have not been deported ..............yet, though we could be with overcrowding of Immigrants
08/08/2012 23:24

As if things aren't humiliating enough for the Aussies, thier own sports minister has to rub it in as well ! :) Ah well there's always 2016 in Rio !

09/08/2012 09:46
Very sporting!  And what great fun! 
09/08/2012 10:48
Surely as an Australian it would be better if she rowed in a ball n chain while being pursued by two boats filled with peelers while the crowd throws bread and water. Just a suggestion!
09/08/2012 09:09
Will there be any real brits in the crowd, think most have left and some gone to live in  Australia, UK now full of non brits.
08/08/2012 16:08
She might aswell wear the British team kit, so many other foreigners are.
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