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What to expect from the Olympic closing ceremony

By Samantha Herbert 11/08/2012 20:48

The Spice Girls have been pictured rehearsing for the Olympic 2012 closing ceremony. It’s been a closely guarded secret for years, but details of the Olympic closing ceremony have finally started to emerge.


Kim Gavin, Artistic director of the ceremony has described it as the "best after-show party there has ever been," revealing that "it is about British creativity in the arts. There is a hell of a lot of talent and music and a hell of a lot of show in the show.”


The two hour and 45-minute party is said to begin with Elgar at 9pm and will involve more than 4,100 performers, including 3,500 adult volunteers and 380 schoolchildren from the six east London host boroughs.


Rumour has it that the ceremony will begin with performers unwrapping London landmarks which are covered in newspaper.  


There is later said to be a routine based on London’s daily rush hour, with cars, scooters and bicycles hurrying around the main stage while lollipop ladies direct traffic and road workers drill the pavements.


Accompanied by a rendition of the national anthem it is then thought that performers will strip off their costumes to remain union jack bodysuits.


The ceremony is then looking to be a bonanza of British musical and comedic talent. Here’s what could be coming up in the show:




The names batted about for the ceremony are numerous. Roger Daltrey has hinted his involvement along with Annie Lennox, Pet Shop Boys, Madness and Brian May.


Pictures of the Spice Girls rehearsing have fuelled excitement that they will be reuniting for a performance , while Muse, Kaiser Chiefs, One Direction and Tinie Tempah have also been mentioned.


George Michael, Kate Bush, Jessie J and Ed Sheeran have also been rumoured to appear.


If just half of this lot are there on the night it’s sure to be an unforgettable show.


Pop Culture


Comedy is also set to be a major feature. Derek and Rodney Trotter are set to appear dressed as Batman and Robin in the Robin reliant before it is blown up.


Eric Idle is also said to be making an appearance singing the Monty Python classic ‘Always look on the bright side of life’.


After the Sex Pistols declined an invitation to perform comedian Russell Brand is expected to perform a comedy version of their song ‘Pretty Vacant’ with a punked up Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.


British supermodels are said to be adding glamour to the show with top names including Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell rumoured to being uniting to appear.




The closing ceremony will end with the symbolic handover from London 2012 to Rio 2016 along with the extinguishing of the Olympic flame to signal the end of the games.


Team GB

Ben Ainslie has been announced as the flag bearer of the ceremony who will lead Team GB.


Athletes are expected to walk through the audience to the centre of the stadium where they will stand proud after an incredibly successful Olympic Games.

what a let down.  After such a wonderfull games we roll out so much old stuff....most of which was terrible the first time ( the spice girls!!)  Then again if the best of the future is Russel Brand and One Direction.....we are all doomed
12/08/2012 09:18

Russel Brand, role model yeah, this week there showing how he used to be a smack head, good role model eh,

Spice Girls, for Gods sake, Posh as unhappy as ever with all that fame as well, bet they mime cos they carnt sing.

Are they getting paid for this, I wondered why Becks was hanging around London for so long, and now we know, she has to rehearse, they couldnt sing then so what makes them think they can do it now 15yrs on. 

12/08/2012 07:24
god i cant help my self but russle brand.....big role model the guy that rings up grandfather and leaves a message about having sex with the guys grand daughter nice!! real classy the mupets!!
12/08/2012 10:45
Why would anyone want to involve Russell Brand in the closing ceremony.Whats he going to do,make a crank call to somebody and hire somebody to laugh at his jokes?.
12/08/2012 09:37
I saw Russel Brand in a so-called discusion program a couple of nights ago, all he wanted to do was bully and interrupt everyone else who tried to speak including the lady who's show it was. Please don't allow the obnoxious, foul mouthed overbearing drug addict on the closing ceremony. Apart from that I'll sit back and enjoy it.
12/08/2012 00:32

what has naomi campbell and kate moss got to do with it anyway? 

the closing ceremony should reflect the olympians and look forward to 2016 and not drag out these parasites

12/08/2012 01:03
FGS.......not the bliddy spice girls.......out of all the talented musicians we have in this country they pick this bag of rubbish to close what has been a memorable Olympic games.....I wouldnt care if they were currently at the top of the charts  but they are mostly a set of has beens who have been brought together for the occasion. Probably wont watch it now because I am so disgusted....and to top it all they are going to use Russell Brand....that's the final straw.......another talentless prat. AND to crown all, Roger Daltry of The Who one of the greatest bands ....the author of this report cant even get his name right
12/08/2012 08:54
OMG . . . . . More dreary and talentless rubbish at the closing ceremony from the names that get trotted out at every event like this.  Britain is better than Spice, Brand, French, Saunders, Campbell and Moss.  Bring on real people who are real people, the people who made the opening event (Except Macca, bless him!).  When do  organisers realise  that these people have only one thing in common . . . .Complete  lack of any talent whatsoever !
12/08/2012 00:49
one direction? **** off!!! how do they repersent britain? a bunch of young dicks who know nothing 
Would it kill Posh Spice to smile??????????????????

12/08/2012 07:35
The real stars are the athletes and their trainers, why oh why do so called celebs always have to take the spotlight? I suppose this sums up the world we live in today
12/08/2012 07:49
Please not theSpice Girls are we desperate   Ann
12/08/2012 14:12

So we have the Moss and Brand junkie appearance, Naomi Campbell receiver of blood diamonds and to add to the weird selection of non representative British acts we have the totally manufactured and toneless Spice Girls.  All of the above being media publicity vampires with no relevance to either the real Britian (how many of them actually live here?) or the Olympics apart from the publicity!

We have far more talent in this country than these tired failures and has beens!

12/08/2012 10:27
Some things never change.......the spice girls still wont be able to sing and victoria still looks like a miserable minger!!!!! Why spoil a successful olympics with this crap?
12/08/2012 00:34
12/08/2012 08:41
12/08/2012 10:20
What an insult to British music considering it was to be a tribute. All day long yesterday MSN had The Beckham 5, Beckam and the Beckham Boys on the homne page. Are they the only People in this country. Talk about worldwide free publicity Beckhams have certainly milked it in these games. They have had almost as much coverage as the the people that these  games are about. The Olympians. Give us a break MSN their are much more talented people than the Beckhams & co in this country
12/08/2012 09:58
Goodness me after all our athletic role models project the name of GB to outstanding what do we finish up with "THE SPICE GIRLS" what a let down.  Game on as usual then.
12/08/2012 07:47
Please don't drag these comediennes out to represent the UK especially that emaciated sour face coat hanger
12/08/2012 12:37

What superb planning and execution by all involved. Credt to Lord Coe,Danny Boyle, the thousands of unpaid helpers, the olympic infrastucture designers and builders, the masses of spectators, and finally those brilliant athelets who took part and in their own sporting world delivered for their famiies, freinds, coaches, and of course themselves. Real sucess was down to the Great British patriotic support for both Team GB and the cheer they gave for others. The support from the Royal family was great to see !! Politicians take note ! It was hard work, dedication and experience and a sense of British pride that delivered  not idle badly thought out words, not personal financial gain. If the country was run like the Olympics was planned Great Britain would really be GREAT again.

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