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Twitter users rally around Tom Daley after abusive messages

British diver Tom Daley was the subject of abuse about his dead father after finishing fourth

By Jessica Dane 30/07/2012 20:02

Tom Daley has received abuse after finishing fourth today.A single imperfect dive resulted in Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield dropping from first to fourth in the synchronised 10m diving this afternoon, but despite this fantastic effort, the 18-year-old was met with horrific abuse on Twitter.


A user caused infuriation around the world on the social website after sending Daley an abusive tweet, which claimed Tom had let down his late father.

Daley retweeted this, saying "After giving it my all... you get idiots sending me this..."

@rileyy_69 TwitterHowever, this wasn't the only thing @Rileyy_69 had to say. A series of obscene attacking tweets sent the diver's way have prompted fans of the diver on Twitter to jump to his defence, and #GetRileyy_69Banned began trending number one in the UK.

It wasn't just one abusive tweet directed at 18-year-old Daley:

@rileyy_69 Twitter@rileyy_69 Twitter@rileyy_69 TwitterThe user in question, who's been labeled on Twitter as "pathetic" and "dirty scum", then made a u-turn, making several apologies to Daley after seeing the outrage he's caused.

@rileyy_69 TwitterCelebrities also joined the campaign against @Rileyy_69:

Ian Wright - TwitterTweets

30/07/2012 20:30
Scum like him do things like this for the attention. I don't care about the Olympics one little bit but no-one should be allowed to send things like this to anyone for any reason. The problem is that with articles like this he has got his wish for attention. Tom and anyone else who receives this kind of rubbish should just ignore it, that's the best way to get to these people.
30/07/2012 20:30
This is simply apalling.
On the day this guy did his best and I salute him.
What is this nonsense all about?

30/07/2012 22:09
If trolls on FB can get taken to court so should this numpty. thumbs up if you agree

This prat should be excluded from twitter. If this is what social networking is all about I am glad I have not joined, however I am so incensed by this idiot I have to make a point.

30/07/2012 20:43
I bet your dad would have been so proud of you Tom, you did amazingly well. And the Olympics aren't over yet either. Looking forward to what you have in store for the singles!
30/07/2012 20:51
Tom Daley has done his dad proud by carrying on with his diving
30/07/2012 20:36
Tom.  You've done a great job representing our beloved West Country.  This idiot is probably jealous of your followers.  Ignore him and the rest of idiots who have a go at you and do your best in the individuals.  Good luck my handsome. xxxx

Obviously @Rileyy_69 has never lost somebody close to him, when he does maybe he will realise what pure evil he has spouted, shame on you, you pathetic moron............

Well done Tom, lost my Dad too recently, worse thing ever mate, you have made Plymouth Team GB and your family proud, keep up the good work, your medal is just around the corner.

30/07/2012 20:41
we love you tom daley the **** that has sent messages about your dad hasnt obviously  had to deal with such a loss well i lost my dad two years ago and its still so raw you were brilliant and your dad would be the proudest dad in the world now and especially when you win gold in your solo diving as will all your true supporters.....forget this **** he aint worth it ....GO TOM DALEY YOU CAN DO IT AND WE LOVE YOU WHATEVER HAPPENS !!!!!
30/07/2012 20:43

The fact this twit, tweeter mentioned Tom Daleys' late father is abhorrent, let alone Toms' performance......................someone has to win gold and it just wasn't Tom, so bloody what, he did his best on the day !!


30/07/2012 20:42
what horrid people you get in this country, hope they rot. Tom, your Dad would be proud of you in any competition. You Rock ****.
30/07/2012 21:57


Your family are proud of you,

Plymouth is proud of you

And your country is proud of you.

More importantly for you - Your dad would be so proud.


Ignore those who troll and snipe

They; are wastrels and losers and I hope their hurtful comments come back and haunt them tenfold


Well done Tom

30/07/2012 20:55
This is why social networking (in this case Twitter) is such a menace. It allows lowlifes with no talent, prospects or guts to slag off high achievers. They are very sad people. But I'm afraid it's social networking that's let them out of their cages. Why should we be surprised at attacks like this, which would never happen if the poster had to say it face-to-face. He would not have the guts.
30/07/2012 20:43
For thosr who gave tom  a verball if you can do any better then you try it. so shut the muck up.
30/07/2012 20:51
Obviously this person has nothing else better to do than post sad comments on twitter. Well at least Tom Daley is trying to represent our country unlike the poster on twitter who only represents a very sad individual!!!!!!
30/07/2012 20:59
and this little runt has done exactly what for 'his' country?  At least Tom gives his best and to mention Tom's father is downright nasty and cruel.
30/07/2012 20:50
It takes two to synchronise.  How about a bit more attention to Peter Waterfield.  He probably also feels disappointed. t how many of us could do anywhere near what they did.  The trouble is we are all experts after 10 minutes.   Well done Peter and Tom - maybe next time.    
30/07/2012 21:16
The difference between Twitter abuse and bullying and face to face bullying is that with Twitter you get away with it.  @Rileyy_69 should have his photograph printed on all the front page of the daily newspapers so everyone can see what a bullying coward looks like.
30/07/2012 21:13


I suggest that @rileyy_69 be tracked down, taken to the highest diving platform, and made to 'walk the plank' in front of full TV coverage. Lets see how well this prat performs ! This is my first ever MSN comment but I am incensed by this story.  Another classic case of Twitter being abused by mindless fools who do not deserve the public forum. They should be exposed to the rest of society as the morons that they are and we should know the faces behind their cowardly Twitter names.


Tom.... My wife and I sat and watched you doing your very best today....things don't always go to plan but we know you put your heart and soul into your dives. Well done ! We shall be watching all of your jumps and wishing you well at every one.


30/07/2012 22:56

I think it's the opposite...Tom Daley's dad would have been very proud....and  Rileyy 69's dad embarrassed he has such an idiot for a son.

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