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Gemma Gibbons wins silver

Gemma Gibbons has enjoyed a fantastic run today to see her clinch silver.

By Jessica Dane 02/08/2012 14:59

Gemma Gibbons has won the silver medal, losing to the USA's Kayla Harrison in the final of the women's -78kg category.

Gemma Gibbons wins

The American was easily the more dominant opponent, but despite her loss, Gibbons has proved herself to be an incredible Olympian. As an outsider ranked 37th in the world, she has today beaten three of the world's ten top judoka and won Team GB's first judo medal since the Sydney Olympics.


David Cameron, who missed the 25-year-old's earlier fights, was there to witness her fight for the silver medal.


It was also a historic final for the USA as Harrison's gold is the nation's first ever in judo.

02/08/2012 17:09
02/08/2012 20:26

excellant performance she did well,kept her cool when need to 




02/08/2012 20:45
02/08/2012 22:18
Well Done Gemma. The girl did good. Beating the current world champion as well as two others in the top ten is a feat that you can be very proud of. You have done us all proud.
02/08/2012 22:01
well done Gemma , great for british judo, it needed a lift. and you did it , look forward to seeing you at the next olympics.
02/08/2012 23:02

Well done Gemma. I know nothing about Judo but I am so happy for you.   xx


03/08/2012 00:32

well done gemma

i have followed judo for years

great achievement

and you also won me £10   thanks

but mostly   well done   

02/08/2012 19:06
all powa thru u gemma

brilliance becomes u

~ vil ~
path of no path
02/08/2012 23:34

Kayla has male legs & arms. Seriously there is no way 'she' was born a she. Plus her boobs are way too perfectly sculpted. Has anyone seen her inside elbow, in women this area usually bows out a bit. Some people can be born male & come back with a female gender test result, so that counts for very little. Plus Gemma's semi-final oponent cheated all the time- stomped on her injured hand & kicked her visciously in her side while she was kneeling & not in play. Had Gemma been anyone but British her oponent would have been disqualified & probably banned from the sport for life. Plus Gemma had her hands tied because British Judo Federation does not allow her to defend herself as her oponents were allowed too, that's highly unfair!!! Makes me wonder why any Brits bother to do Judo at all, they have virtually no chance!!! Gemma in my mind was the clear 1st place winner, f*ck Kayla!

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