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Bolt and Farah: legends together

Champions team up on podium

By Mike Robinson 11/08/2012 22:47

Two Olympic legends came together at London 2012as Usain Bolt broke another world record in the 4x100m relay and Mo Farah made history by winning the 5,000m.

Mo Farah and Usain Bolt were united on their podiums, celebrating exceptional evenings at the end of unforgettable Games for both.  While Bolt has been credited with singlehandedly reviving athletics, Farah’s latest achievements mean that he is has progessed from British hero to global icon.

Bolt has been the poster boy for sprinting since he burst onto the scene and past the fastest men in the world in 2008, but at London 2012 he has an athlete at the other end of the distance spectrum with whom to share the limelight. And for once the extrovert Jamaican was happy to do just that.

Farah collected his first gold medal of the games last Saturday when he sprinted clear of the field in the final of the 10,000m – a victory that could not even be overshadowed by the incredible achievements of Jessica Ennis and Greg Rutherford.  One week later and Farah was top of the podium once again, having wound up the pace of his 5,000m for the final two laps to leave his rivals trailing and fighting for the minor medals.

Bolt was in final action for the first time on Sunday, recording the second fastest time in 100m history as he stormed through his field to defeat training partner Yohan Blake and Americans Gatlin, Gay and Bailey.  He was in medal-winning action again on Thursday, showing previously unforeseen speed endurance to run away from Blake to complete his own double in the 200m.

Bolt has now made it a second hat-trick of Olympic golds as he anchored the Jamaican relay team to a sparkling new world record, running away from American Ryan Bailey down the home stretch.

The pair may stand at opposite ends of the track events in terms of distance but are equally peerless in their own disciplines and have inspired spectators around the world with their heroics at these Games. 

Both have overcome the odds to make it to the very pinnacle of their events and their commitment both to personal excellence and the promotion of the sport that has given so much to them has meant that they are these multi-medaled athletes are the twin stars of London 2012.

12/08/2012 06:34
Compared to the Olympic Competitors that we have seen, most Premiership Footballers should be Ashamed! The years spent training by the Olympians, time away from their families, the effect on their employment prospect,s or having to train, hold down a job and cope with family responsibilities, all without little monetary reward, is to be Really Admired! It's time for footballers take a massive paycut and for fans to boycott matches until wages are lowered, the pathetic football celebrity culture/behviour changes, and players become the wholesome and positive Role Models for young people that they should be!
12/08/2012 05:33
Mo Farah, You are a true inspiration to your peers, I have rarely seen such humlity as you have displayed over the last 2 weeks,and as people leave the olympic stadium to return to their everyday life, they have been given memories that will live with them forever. You deserve to be called a super star, but your achievement as a human being towards your fellow man will always be the thing that sets you apart from so many others. A star in every sense of the word.
12/08/2012 01:49
having been glued to these games for 2 weeks and witnessing guys and girls who have shown discipline, dedication and sacrifice for no £££ reward i am now more staggered that prem footballers on £180,000 per 7 days can parade themselves as sporting icons. ive been footie fan for 35 years yet the new season is insignificant now. ill give what i can in ££ and time to assist local athletics club. truly humbling how they focus and achieve but only cos others assist. finally...sorry... the non class divide on the tubes,buses and in the stadiums is a rare showing that without tangable trophies in cars suits or houses, all of us brits are proud decent people who are only thrown back into synical brit misery mode when we divide with showing of who has and who has not...... wonderful olympics though..      
11/08/2012 23:49
Well done Mohamed "Mo" Farah and Usain St. Leo Bolt!!!! You have both inspired and greatly entertained the whole world with your amazing achievements. You two will forever remain Olympic legends! The world needs more people like you.

Also many congratulations to all others from Team GB on their wonderful achievements, you made us immensely proud!!
11/08/2012 23:57
For a change, our kids have had the chance to see true role models who can inspire them to be clean sportmen and women and not always dream of becoming an overnight celebrity because of big boobs like Jordan, shagging men and giving oral sex on tape like the Tulisas of this world, so called big brother celebrities like Jade who shot to fame for being thick and daft or the overpayed and ungrateful footballers.Now this is what Great Britain should be like.Welldone Team GB and welldone Mo and Bolt.Carl Lewis, in your face mate.You will be forgotten for ever.
11/08/2012 23:53
Two great athletes making both their countries proud! London 2012 has witnessed history in the making. Well done guys!
11/08/2012 23:53
My first sporting icon was Ali add two more ,Well done gentlemen,
12/08/2012 01:20

I have 2 children, A girl of 9 and a boy of 6 and up until now I have despaired as to who my children look to as role models.  My daughter especially, she was impessed by lady gaga, rihanna et al. Not now jess ennis, nicola adams and jade jones they are her new heroines! fan - ****- tastic!!!!!!!!!


12/08/2012 02:25
12/08/2012 00:14
I am 59 now and after seeing all the past Olympics,  this LONDON Olympics have been the best ever by miles. Makes me really Happy proud to be British. Well done to all the GB men and women. 
12/08/2012 02:08
Great pictures of 2 athletes. Yes it's about winning that's the pay-off for hard work, and they deserve their success, all the competitors do. It's good that at least we can have an event where racial, religious and political difference doesn't matter. However seeing them adopt each other's poses and smile, and with the closing ceremony ( not Macca and The Old Spice Girls) where the athletes smile and unite, that's what is good to see, You can't wait till the next one in Rio 2016, hope it's just as good.
Also liked the story about Bolt partying till 3.45am with the Female Swedish Volleyball or Handball team, and the German discus thrower asleep in a train station. Work hard, train hard, play hard! Lesson for life, but don't end up sleeping in train stations, I wouldn't sleep in ours.
12/08/2012 00:18
Two of the most well liked sportsmen in the world, Two great athletes that show that hard work really does pay off,  well done to you both, and to all of the GB team, these are people to look up to, thanks to you all, just  shows us that BRITAIN is GREAT.....
12/08/2012 01:29
Well done to Bolt and Mo. Each is legend in his own right. Mo you filled my heart with pride, and you made feel proud to be British. You deserve a Knighthood. I would like it if you are addressed as Sir Mo. God bless you son.
12/08/2012 01:17
awesome gives pride back to britain. well done mate.
12/08/2012 00:46
12/08/2012 01:26
Thank you to everyone who had anything to do with this Olympic games. No matter how some may dress it up, it really does represent all that is great about humanity. If I wasn't already, I am now inspired to do my very best, because it's worth it. Anyone else?
12/08/2012 00:45
Blossie Blossie

Liked your comment, I heard Carl Lewis questioned ability of Jamaicans doping. Jealousy and no doubt down to the fact that he feels a tiny Island like Jamaica ( 2 miliion population) shouldn't dare to knock USA off their perch. Michael Johnson seems ok about it.
Always thought Lewis, though a great athlete was pious and sanctimonious. Never liked him.
Also regards great role models, girls and boys take your pick, you are spoilt for choice. You're are absolutely right, no need to lower standards and look up to Tulisa, 
Jordan or those idiots off T.O.W.I.E. There are winners to look up to, raise your standards.
12/08/2012 09:58
Do not forget that Mohamed Farah  is also the ONLY person on ITV SHOW The Cube to beat
the cube and win for his charity Well done MO.


A united world! All coming together under one flag...Sport!!!

If there is a god .. I have a feeling he would be looking down and saying

  ''Do you get it now?''!


12/08/2012 03:31
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